You probably understand that a box is an attached square, or rectangle-shaped structure.This page will assist you to uncover out a bunch of mathematics things about boxes.Notes about boxes: A box is many often characterized by its height h, and also its width, W, and its size L. The width, height, and also length the a box have the right to all it is in different. If they room the same, then the box will become a perfectly square box. The volume, or amount of space inside a box is h × W × L. The outside surface area the a box is 2(h × W) + 2(h × L) + 2(W × L)What would certainly you like to know?I recognize that the width of a box is,and the height of a box is,and the size of a box is.From this, show me just how to calculation thevolumesurface areaof the box.

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