If the restroom door is closed, knock! (especially if Catherine has a friend over).

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Say thank you once someone provides you a present (even if friend don"t choose it).

Don"t stand in former of the TV as soon as other civilization are city hall it.

A young takes turn off his shirt come swim, however not his shorts.

Some human being think they recognize who girlfriend are, once really lock don"t.

No toys in the fishtank.

Twelve year old Catherine just wants a regular life, yet she think that"s impossible with a family that revolves roughly her brother"s autism.

But what is normal?

Awards and Honors

Newbery honor Medal

Schneider Family book Award

Mitten award (Michigan Library Association)

Great Lakes good Books compensation (Michigan)

Maine Student publication Award

Dorothy Canfield Fisher compensation (Vermont)

Kentucky Bluegrass Award

Great stone Face award (New Hampshire)

Buckeye Children"s publication Award (Ohio)

"A heartwarming an initial novel." Booklist

New York public Library"s 100 Titles because that Reading and Sharing

"Catherine is an appealing and believable character, acutely self-conscious and also torn in between her love for her brother and her resentment of his one-of-a-kind needs. Middle-grade readers will acknowledge her longing for acceptance and be intrigued by this exploration of taking care of differences." Kirkus Reviews

KidPost book of the Week, Washington Post

"The appealing, credible narrator at the heart of Lord"s debut novel will attract in readers, together she battles to uncover order and balance in she life.... A financially rewarding story that might well inspire readers to think about others" clues of view." Publishers Weekly

Notable Children"s book in the Language art (NCTE)

"This is a story the depicts the influence of a needy child on an entire family really realistically. One of the treats in this publication is that David echoes words rather than generating his own and also he generally speaks in lines that remembers native Arnold Lobel"s Frog & Toad." Children"s literature - Joan Kindig, Ph.D.

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Book of the Week, participating Children"s publication Center (CCBC)

"Catherine is one endearing narrator that tells she story v both humor and heartbreak. . . This perceptible story is about being different, feeling different, and also finding acceptance. A lovely, heat read, and also a good discussion starter." institution Library Journal

Editors" Pick, HW Wilson typical Catalog

"This is an taking in tale around valuing human being even when it"s difficult, and it may encourage reader to take into consideration the benefits and also challenges the their very own families and friends." Bulletin that the center for Children"s Books

Accelerated reader (AR) Title

"This is not only a good read, through a quite rhythm and easy style, but it is an essential book the siblings of youngsters with special needs need to read." son Lit: publications and more For Kids and also Teens

ALA remarkable Children"s Book

"The first-person stare is very engaging, and readers will recognize with Catherine"s struggles and cheer for her at the end. This is a great book to help students acquire some understanding around autism, while also providing a an excellent read. The writer is the mommy of one autistic child. Recommended." Library Media Connection

Read ~ above Wisconsin, Middle-School Pick

"n honest and frequently funny portrayal that what it"s choose to have a sibling v autism at an er when being embraced is therefore important." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, new Hampshire, brand-new Jersey, new Mexico, phibìc Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pacific Northwest (voting together: Alaska, Alberta CA, brother Columbia CA, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and also Washington), Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, southern Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and also Wyoming.