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The guys confer ~ above the beach. Piggy can’t believe that Ralph, Jack, and Roger actually experienced the beast. Ralph is unsure just how they should proceed, given that the beast is squatting in the place they desire to make a signal fire. As soon as Jack argues that his hunters might...

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The guys confer top top the beach. Piggy can’t think that Ralph, Jack, and also Roger actually saw the beast. Ralph is unsure how they should proceed, provided that the beast is squatting in the place they desire to do a signal fire. As soon as Jack argues that his hunters might challenge it, Ralph denigrates them together mere “Boys equipped with sticks.” This angers Jack, who supplies the conch to contact a meeting.

Ralph very first tries to collection the agenda of the meeting, however Jack interrupts him. Jack cases that since he blew the conch, he should run the meeting. Ralph begrudgingly relents. First, Jack describes their encounter with the beast. He compares the beast to a hunter. Then, Jack assaults Ralph’s leadership. He tells the other boys the Ralph is a coward, and also that that ran away when they observed the beast. He claims Ralph is prefer Piggy, and also that that doesn’t believe Ralph need to be leader. The calls on the others to poll Ralph out of his position of authority. As soon as no one votes come unseat Ralph, Jack is furious and also humiliated. The cries and says, “I i will not ~ play any longer. Not with you.” He says anyone who wants to hunt should sign up with him, and he leaves.

Everyone is surprised by Jack’s departure, though Piggy states they deserve to do there is no Jack. The meeting continues. Hesitantly, Simon argues they walk up the mountain again to face the beast, which sends out a chill v the assembly. Piggy find the idea absurd and also suggests instead that they do their signal fire on the beach. The guys agree over this idea, and also they collection to occupational gathering timber for the fire.

They occupational cheerfully, and when they construct up a huge fire the littluns dance and also the mood is festive. However, castle soon notification that there room a variety of biguns missing from the group. Most of the larger boys have actually left to sign up with Jack without informing anyone. Ralph and also Piggy shot to make the finest of the situation, saying they can “do without ’em,” and that they were constantly causing problem anyways. They also an alert that Simon is missing, and also wonder if he’s climbing the mountain. In fact, that is lied in the forest, watching butterflies.

Meanwhile, Jack speaks gruffly come his new crew. He states he’ll it is in the chief. He says they i will not ~ worry about the beast; they’ll hunt and also leave some meat because that the beast to appease it. He states they might go come the castle rock later, but for currently they’ll hold a feast in order to draw an ext biguns far from Ralph and also the conch. They go out and also brutally kill a nursing sow. But they establish they don’t have actually fire to chef it, and Jack decides they’ll paint themselves and raid the other team to achieve fire. They placed the head of the pig ~ above a stake together a a gift because that the beast.

After the team leaves, it"s revealed the Simon has actually been hiding in his distinct place, angry the killing and also beheading of the pig. Having currently been hot and also thirsty, Simon becomes dazed and disgusted. He has actually a hallucination in i m sorry the pig’s head on the stake seems to speak to him. It describes itself together the “Lord of the Flies.” 

With repaint on your skin and couple of clothes, Jack and also his boys confront Ralph’s team on the coast in order to steal their fire. Jack announces that his group is having actually fun and also feasting. That invites the Ralph’s group to a feast the night in an effort to guide boys to sign up with his crew. Once he leaves, Ralph reiterates the prestige of the signal fire, and the team speaks longingly that meat.

The pig’s head speak Simon that he is the beast. That calls Simon a silly boy and also says, “‘You knew, no you? I’m component of you. Near close close.’” Simon, who is epileptic, knows that “one the his times to be coming on.” The lord of the paris menaces him, warning, “‘We’re walk to have actually fun top top this island. Understand?’” The chapter ends v Simon staring into the darkness the its mouth and losing consciousness.


Several far-reaching events happen in this chapter, the very first of which is Jack"s separating the boys right into two groups. Having failed to gain the guys to vote Ralph the end of authority, Jack cries and leaves the group, saying he won"t play through them anymore. This statement represents the primary difference in between the two factions: Ralph"s group of fire makers know they space not playing and also must be responsible; Jack"s team of hunters desire to play, gain themselves, and also not worry about rescue.

Ralph"s team struggles after many of the boys conveniently leave to sign up with Jack"s group. Ralph proceeds to try and lead, yet without Piggy"s aid he has an obstacle expressing the require for the signal fire. Both Ralph and also Piggy still cling come the conch as a prize of authority and also order, despite they both have actually been affected by Jack"s perspective: Ralph has experienced the thrill of hunting and also Piggy has actually been devilish to Simon, the only boy the has displayed him any kind of kindness.

Having left Ralph"s group, Jack is cost-free to assume the mantle that chief. His purposes are significantly hedonistic: the boys will certainly hunt and feast. He renders no mention of rescue no one the signal fire. Roger reveals himself to be important sadistic. Through the killing and also mutilating that the sow, it becomes clear that i get it enjoys inflicting pains on others, even more so than Jack.

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Perhaps the most far-reaching event in this chapter is the brutal death of the parenting sow, the mounting that its head ~ above a stick, and Simon"s conversation through it. In Simon’s dazed perception, the head is described as the "Lord the the Flies," a name for the devil Beelzebub. The mr of the flies confirms what Simon has already suspected: over there is no beast other than the beast within the boys. This statement connects to Simon"s earlier insurance claim in thing five around the beast: “‘maybe it"s just us.’” Simon"s experience with the head serves as the defining moment for among the novel"s key themes: that darkness exist within everyone.