Sometimes a song has a second life, albeit in an unexpected way. The was the situation with “Stuck in the middle with You” by Stealers Wheel. As soon as it was initially released in 1973, the attractive pop track ear-wormed its means into the top ten top top both the US and the UK charts. Climate in 1992, the song was thrown earlier into the spotlight as soon as it to be featured in a memorable (and grisly) step in Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut, the crime drama Reservoir Dogs. Certainly, when co-writers Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan came up v the tune, they had actually no idea it would acquire a very different sort of visibility nineteen years later.

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Despite confident reviews, the group’s sophomore effort wasn’t really successful sales-wise. Due to cultivation tensions between Rafferty and also Egan, and also contractual problems with their label, Stealers Wheel issued simply one more album, Right or Wrong, in 1975. By the moment that document was released, the group had currently disbanded. Gerry Rafferty went on come have further hits as a solo artist with songs like “Baker Street” and also “Right under The Line,” from his 1978 bowl City come City, while Joe Egan additionally recorded a couple of solo albums, including 1979’s Out the Nowhere. The duo reunited when Egan contributed vocals come Rafferty’s On a Wing and also a Prayer, which was released in 1992. Egan at some point retired from the music business, and also Rafferty passed far in 2011.

“Stuck in the center with You” has remained a constant entry top top oldie’s playlists. Thanks to the song’s inclusion in that iconic sequence in Reservoir Dogs, the song got a sort of cinematic pop culture notoriety. It’s been extended by a variety of artists end the years, including Jeff Healey, grace Potter, Keith Urban, and Eagles of fatality Metal. Over there was also a dance version of the track released in 2000 by british artist Louise Redknapp. When “Stuck in the center with You” might be the tune that it s okay stuck in her head, the rest of Stealers Wheel’s music is definitely worthy the rediscovery.

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-John Visconti

Photo: Stealers Wheel, 1973 (Wikimedia Commons)


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