Nestled in the hills simply off path 20 in, brand-new York is just one of"s most unique destinations - the rock Quarry Hill arts Park. Dorothy and also Bob Riester began developing the site in the 1950s to be your summer home, later making that their irreversible residence in 1965. The Riesters plan the an are to be linked with the beauty, beauty of the nature that surrounded it. Over the years, their repertoire of art and also sculptures grew, together did their plot that rural floor atop the hill. Considering how they might have a positive affect on the community, the Riesters incorporated the arts Park as a non-profit and made it officially open to the public in 1991. Today the stone Quarry Hill arts Park is composed of 104 acres, four miles the trails, and roughly 70 pieces of outdoor art, and also an at home gallery. Open during all four seasons, 365 work a year, the park welcomes by virtually 10,000 tourists each year. The art Park"s main programs incorporate artist residencies, artist-led workshops, juried exhibitions, and also educational tours. The Riesters" house is listed on the nationwide Register of historical Places and is accessible for tours, enabling park tourists to have actually a true, detailed look in ~ a mid-century artist"s home. Leading the ever-developing art Park and carrying top top the vision that Dorothy and Bob Riester is executive, management Director Emily Zaengle. Zaengle started working for the arts Park as an intern and was advocated to her present position in 2015 after ~ earning her Masters in landscape design from SUNY ESF and Museum researches from Syracuse University. Zaengle defines that one of the key goals of the art Park is to attach art through nature v the similarities they share. "Just like the setting is unpredictable, so is art," claims Zaengle. While some of the the end sculptures room permanent and some revolve to other locations, each item is preferred with care. "We emphasis on exactly how the pieces will communicate with the landscape." This attitude can be seen with the various pieces of distinctive sculptures ~ above the property. Zaengle shares that each job is different for her, i m sorry she describes as both funny and complicated at the exact same time. On any kind of given day, she divides she time in between executing programs, taking care of the financials, doing the communication and promotion because that the park, applying for grants, and also helping control the facilities. Among Zaengle"s continuing goals is to increase the affect and joining of the art Park through the neighborhood community. In enhancement to the countless exhibits and also works of art, the art Park is also home to many events transparent the year, such together the kite Fest held each May and Syracuse Ceramic Guild"s pottery Fair every August. Due to its pristine and also picturesque setting, the arts Park additionally rents locations of the park for wedding ceremonies or distinct events. The Artist-in-Residence routine serves emerging and established artists, providing them lodging and studio space to produce site particular installations. Connecting this residency come the community is a vital part that the experience and helps make both the park and also the area a far better place.

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Zaengle trust in the prominence of including value come the neighborhood by connecting people, place, and art. If friend are in search of an activity on a pretty day, or just a location to relax and connect through nature, the art Park is constantly open. Situated at 3883 stone Quarry Road, there"s always plenty of art to admire and also areas to explore. Written by Dylan Poore "17