“Lightsaber Lost” is a good adventure episode that allows us check out Coruscant further and also give Ahsoka an excellent character development. The makes great use that the restricted time come tell a an excellent story, though several of the quotes from the Prequels space problematic and they come up below at the end. I’ll obtain into what I typical later.

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The illustration was command by Giancarlo Volpe and written by attracted Z. Greenberg.

The story entails Ahsoka’s pursuit to take back her lightsaber ~ a pickpocket top top the reduced levels selling it. Together she investigates in her search from it Jedi master Sinube works with her as he has not gone on an adventure for a lengthy time and he specialization in the study of Coruscant’s criminal underworld.

The Pros: The action – This is a great action illustration as we see Ahsoka chasing a bounty hunter throughout the underworld that Coruscant and even right into traffic as they jump from floating plank to floating board. It’s a yes, really cool action sequence.

Jedi master Sinube – Sinube is an old Jedi that is super smart and also slow. We see him number out the the girl friend murdered the boyfriend and also he helps Ahsoka uncover them and also learn patience. He is a great Jedi Master.

Ahsoka – Ahsoka is presented to it is in a lot choose Anakin, from her attachment to her lightsaber, her willingness to strike for information very first rather than question and also how she jumps into every little thing without looking. She learns to step ago from every one of that though thanks to Sinube.

Palpatine’s decided – This is a tiny note yet I chosen it. ~ above his video to the public Palpatine is saying part suspect the the Jedi room trying to take over the government due to their widening power throughout the war, the disagrees and also asks for an ext wartime powers for himself and the Jedi…it’s a an effective sequence the is setup up the later fall of the Jedi yes, really well. The general public is already questioning them if castle think they setup a government takeover.

The Cons: The Minor personalities – anyone in the underworld isn’t meat out. The pickpocket is simply a coward and has no an inspiration beyond greed, and the woman who killed her boyfriend and the bounty hunter room never given reasons for stealing the lightsaber and why castle think that is so important. I never acquired reasons because that anything castle did, so even though they did the murder we never find out why past the lightsaber. This was poor writing on Greenberg’s part.

Your Lightsaber is her Life – This is a messed increase idea and one the Ahsoka tells the younglings. That is this mentality that renders the Jedi much more of a army order 보다 anything else and with it likewise cult choose tendencies too. Your life is her life and the lightsaber is a weapon to defend your life and the resides of others. This was first mentioned in illustration II and also I hate that the made a comeback too. Yoda in ~ Dagoba was huge on weapons not being the way of the Jedi and also wars not making a person great, though ns guess the Prequels readjusted that…in mine opinion for the worse.

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This to be a fun episode that is precious checking out. The murder an enig could have been a lot far better but Ahsoka and Sinube have a great dynamic and it was funny seeing Ahsoka’s recklessness obtaining her into trouble the she had actually to gain herself the end of. She’s a failure Jedi and also that is part of what provides her so interesting as a character.