When that was first introduced, American citizens automatically fell in love with the stand Liberty Quarter. Playing off the name of the previously Seated Liberty, the was standing Liberties boasted a beautiful style that was as complex as any kind of coin the its day. Also though this coins were minted for less than 15 years, they have actually staked their case in history as one of the most beautiful quarter designs ever thought up.

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Minted indigenous 1916-1930, the was standing Liberty had only a quick stay in circulation. Nowadays, these coins room being bought up by collectors. Accessible in a wide selection of conditions, the standing Liberties are being to buy up at a high rate. That course, it is those coins that are in extremely an excellent condition that capture the eyes of collectors an initial and foremost.

What You will Pay because that a stand Liberty Quarter

The asking price that a standing Liberty is dependent on a whole host of different factors. As is frequently the case for older coins, the very first thing a collector will look at is the problem which the coin is in. If the piece has actually been excellently preserved, than it is virtually a guarantee that the asking price will supersede the of a comparable coin in worse condition. Except that, collectors should take into consideration the type of coin that they are looking to buy. Increase to 3 different species of stand Liberties were produced each year, and also in some cases different coin varieties from the exact same year have the right to boast drastically various values.

In addition to those two vital factors, friend must additionally take into consideration overly rarely versions the the standing Liberty. Part versions of this coin, because that one factor or another, have come to be extremely complicated to uncover over the years, and also if girlfriend do discover them this day you can bet that the price will be exorbitant. In part cases, standing Liberties that space in for sure horrid shape will offer for hundreds of dollars simply since they room extremely an overwhelming to find.

The most Sought after Standing Liberty Quarters

Because was standing Liberties were produced not also a century ago, it is no so an overwhelming to discover coins that have actually been well-preserved end the years. V that said, great quality was standing Liberties are only going to be increasingly difficult to uncover simply due to the fact that fewer and also fewer of them exist every year.

Apart native those coins that room in excellent condition, the other most sought after ~ versions that the standing Liberty are those with rare dates and mintmarks. The “S” mintmark, for example is one of the rarest and additionally one that the coins the collectors will certainly do practically anything to gain their hands on.

Standing Liberty soldier Future Value

The future worth of a specific coin is not so simple to determine because anything have the right to happen in between the present and the future to transform the value of this coins. Generally, however, girlfriend will notification that as time passes these coins will only become much more valuable. Together collectors acquisition them, leaving fewer and fewer ~ above the market, the mean price of a coin will shoot upward. This increase price motion will it is in even much more dramatic because that the coins that are already rare to begin with.

Being that these coins were minted for just about 15 years, there yes, really aren’t every that plenty of still around. Uneven coins that were produced for decades and also decades, the standing Liberty’s short period of time being minted was much shorter and therefore these coins will certainly be daunting to acquire.

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Standing Liberty Quarters

1916 was standing Liberty Quarter$2,600$6,750$10,000$11,500
1917 stand Liberty 4 minutes 1 (Variety I)$25$65$110$200
1917 stand Liberty quarter (Variety I) (D)$30$80$200$250
1917 stand Liberty 4 minutes 1 (Variety I) (S)$40$10$210$285
1917 stand Liberty quarter (Variety II)$25$55$100$150
1917 standing Liberty quarter (Variety II) (D)$45$85$150$210
1917 was standing Liberty 4 minutes 1 (Variety II) (S)$45$90$160$225
1918 was standing Liberty Quarter$20$30$55$90
1918 stand Liberty 4 minutes 1 (D)$25$75$145$200
1918 was standing Liberty quarter (S)$20$35$60$120
1919 was standing Liberty Quarter$35$60$100$135
1919 stand Liberty 4 minutes 1 (D)$85$200$600$800
1919 stand Liberty quarter (S)$80$175$550$750
1920 was standing Liberty Quarter$15$30$55$100
1920 stand Liberty 4 minutes 1 (D)$50$80$165$225
1920 standing Liberty 4 minutes 1 (S)$20$35$65$140
1921 was standing Liberty Quarter$175$475$800$1,150
1923 stand Liberty Quarter$15$30$55$100
1923 was standing Liberty 4 minutes 1 (S)$280$740$1,500$2,000
1924 stand Liberty Quarter$15$25$55$110
1924 was standing Liberty quarter (D)$55$100$195$230
1924 was standing Liberty 4 minutes 1 (S)$25$75$145$200
1925 standing Liberty Quarter$7.50$10$45$100
1926 stand Liberty Quarter$7.50$9$45$90
1926 was standing Liberty 4 minutes 1 (D)$7.50$22$80$140
1926 stand Liberty quarter (S)$7.50$15$110$225
1927 standing Liberty Quarter$7.50$9$35$80
1927 was standing Liberty quarter (D)$15$30$150$220
1927 standing Liberty quarter (S)$40$130$1,100$2,800
1928 standing Liberty Quarter$7.50$9$40$80
1928 standing Liberty quarter (D)$7.50$9$35$80
1928 was standing Liberty 4 minutes 1 (S)$7.50$9$40$90
1929 standing Liberty Quarter$7.50$9$35$80
1929 standing Liberty quarter (D)$7.50$9$40$80
1929 was standing Liberty quarter (S)$7.50$9$35$80
1930 was standing Liberty Quarter$7.50$9$35$80
1930 standing Liberty 4 minutes 1 (S)$7.50$9$35$80
Source: Red Book

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