God works in secret way. i truly believe he puts friend in details situations at precise times to allow you to thrive in trust and faith in Him. As members of the Church militant we are referred to as to it is in in communion v the saints in Heaven—the Church triumphant. End the course of the previous several months, I think God called me come learn much more about St. Bonaventure. Having a lift in theology, mine inclination towards the Seraphic physician of the Church renders sense.

Rarely, does God act in together a level or shallow sense. In addition to being elevated to the status of doctor of the Catholic Church, St. Bonaventure is likewise the patron saint of something quite ordinary, yet awkward at the same time—bowel movements. As a young son Bonaventure had a life threaten sickness influence his bowels. This sickness nearly took his life. The intercession of St. Francis the Assisi cured him. Due to the fact that of this, the Catholic Church well-known Bonaventure together the patron saint of people suffering comparable illnesses.

My youngest child struggles v digestive and also bowel issues. Throughout a particularly rough evening, my wife and also I prayed come St. Bonaventure, together we tried whatever else median to assist our son. Our pleas for aid to the 13th century saint forged the beginning of what ns hope to be a lifelong friendship.

While St Bonaventure composed on various subjects this post will exclusively focus on maybe his best work—The trip of the Mind into God. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in St. Bonaventure: literature Work and also Doctrine calls this work, “a manual for mystical contemplation.” Providentially, Bonaventure pondered this occupational at the same place by which St. Francis of Assisi obtained the stigmata—Mount La Verna in Italy!

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Stepping up the Ladder that Learning

As a teacher that theology, St. Bonaventure offers a gradually and also steady path, specifically six steps, to prosper in awareness and knowledge the God. Bonaventure puts it this way,

For with those six wings there deserve to be rightly taken six suspensions that illumination, whereby the spirit as if to details steps or journeys is disposed, to pass over to tranquility through ecstatic excesses of Christian wisdom.

no 3. The trip of the Mind right into God

A prerequisite for start this journey is praying v Christ crucified. Jesus acts as a bridge; or, to use the imagery of Bonaventure, a ladder connecting us to the divine Trinity.

Creation together Reflection of God

In thing 1 of The trip of the Mind into God, theSeraphic medical professional tells united state that the very first rung of the ladder come God is thecreated world. Once we don the glasses of faith, we watch nature pointing to theglory the God. Bonaventure refers to the created world as “the college ofthings” as a sort of stairway to climb towards God (Chapter 1 no. 2). Later inthe thing he describes the civilization as “a mirror v which us passover toGod. Plants, animals, mountains, oceans, the moon and stars over point come aCreator—because that the beauty and order within nature.

Bonaventure draws united state up the divine ladder in his next chapter.

It have to be listed that this human being (the universe), i m sorry is dubbed the macrocosm, enters ours soul, i beg your pardon is called the microcosm, through the gateways of the 5 senses…Man, that is referred to as the microcosm, has 5 senses like 5 gates, with which acquaintance with all things, which space in the cautious world, enters into his soul.

(Chapter 2, no. 2)

Catholicism values the developed order as not something to it is in jettisoned. The sacramentals make use of various creates of matter (things) since they organize intrinsic value and suggest had a higher order that being.

Human Mind—Mirror of the Trinity

Bonaventurebrings the reader up an additional rung ~ above the ladder that mystical contemplation byfocusing top top the herbal powers of the person soul. According to the 13thcentury saint, the three highest possible faculties of humanity are memory, intellect,and will. That saws these three powers together a organic reflection that the HolyTrinity.

The Seraphic Doctorplainly declares, “According come the order and also origin and also characteristic ofthese strength (the soul) leads into the many Blessed Trinity itself!” (Chapter 3no. 5). Together a perfect spirit, Bonaventure argues, God has actually memory, intelligence,and will. In the staying chapters of TheJourney of the Mind right into God, Bonaventure details exactly how grace guides the soulin knowing and also growing in knowledge of God, see God’s unity v Hisbeing, and also finally city hall God as a communion of persons in the divine Trinity.

I had to review this work-related at the very least three times before I can write this have fun on St. Bonaventure’s gem of a work. This is no an indictment ~ above his ability to write clearly or my ability to discern (at the very least I expect not!) Instead, any and all works on the topic of God, in particularly a Trinitarian understanding of God has to be mysterious. “When you contemplate these, see, that you do not take into consideration yourself may be to understand the incomprehensible (The holy Trinity). For in this six problems (steps) friend still have to consider what leader the eye of ours mind vehemently into the stupor that admiration (Chapter 6 no. 3).

Journeying right into God is not straightforward task, however it will absolutely end with both wonder and awe. St. Bonaventure’s closeness come the God is quite evident in this spiritual treatise. If you room a parent of young children, such together myself, perhaps you might not have time currently to check out this holy book. Bonaventure have the right to still assist you on your spiritual and also parental journey, because at some point your kid will acquire severely constipated. Questioning the Seraphic physician for help.

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Believe me, that arrives.

If friend have an ext time available for spirituality reading, i strongly recommend you include The trip of the Mind right into God to your peak ten list!