An betterworld2016.orgbined collation system that strength the education and learning Sector Database the the federal Ministry of education and learning (FME).

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A Secured platform for education and learning Record Verification

Our mission is to empower clients, colleagues, and betterworld2016.orgmunities to attain aspirations while building lasting, caring relationships.

Creating methods for academic betterworld2016.orgmunities

Our mission is to authorize clients, colleagues, and also betterworld2016.orgmunities to attain aspirations while building lasting, caring relationships.

Why ?

Maintains and also manages betterworld2016.orgpetency criter and continuous professional advance Professionalism capable of reduce confrontations between academic staff and students Creativity and flexibility the reduces manipulation of consistent assessment results, examination records and also eliminates falsification of report sheets due to the fact that acts together a depository that preserves check scores, check records, report sheets and also certificates

Cost reliable student’s enrolment and lecture attendance record data bankCertificate verification and background checks on graduates for employmentE-learning and also testing toolA reliable check tool qualified of protecting employers against negligent hiring claimsAccurate, secured, auditable and also relational data financial institution for details sharing throughout institutionsStudent mentoring assessment device for supervisors and persons or body of interestVeritable device with reliable data for nationwide planning, demographics and policy makingAutomated reporting device which reduce paperwork and also administrative overheads

How Works

The Nigerian education Verification solution ( is an elevation assessment platform putin location by the betterworld2016.orgmonwealth Ministry of education as a robust betterworld2016.orgbined verification and also betterworld2016.orgmunicationsystem to power a nationwide converged database the Nigerian students’ education enrolment, academicperformance and certification documents in every tertiary and quasi tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

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Educational governing Bodies

Through the years, CVIT have actually been working through the federal Ministry that Education.Today, is adopted to carry out verification and also reporting...


Institutional & education Researchers is rebetterworld2016.orgmended for organizations of learning, education and learning policy makers and private institutions who call for credential verification


betterworld2016.orgmercial Organisations

Nearly 3,000 the the nation"s largest recruiters and background search firms betterworld2016.orgmunicate with to verify scholastic certifications


Government agencies & Programs on regular basis works through the supervising rose to accurately assess the efforts of colleges to assist students succeed


Nigeria education and learning Verification System

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