The parent duty of the attributes of the kind f x = x − a + b is f x = x .


note that the domain the f x = x is x ≥ 0 and the selection is y ≥ 0 .

The graph of f x = x − a + b deserve to be obtained by translating the graph of f x = x to a devices to the right and then b devices up.


sketch the graph the y = x − 1 + 2 native its parent graph y = x .


step 1: attract the graph the y = x .


action 2: relocate the graph that y = x by 1 unit come the right to acquire the graph of y = x − 1 .


action 3: move the graph the y = x − 1 by 2 units up to attain the graph of y = x − 1 + 2 .


The domain the the role y = x − 1 + 2 is x ≥ 1 .

The selection of the function y = x − 1 + 2 is y ≥ 2 .

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