Twelve Mile one likes to deal with the extremes in geography. So the existing topic proceeds with the theme, the national fundings that space closest come the north and also south poles.

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The title because that northernmost national resources goes come Reykjavík, Iceland, in ~ 64 levels north. That’s just a pair of degrees quick of the Arctic Circle!

Located ~ above Faxaflói Bay, Reykjavík is home to about a hundred thousand people. An additional hundred thousand or therefore live in its greater metropolitan area. That’s a remarkable accomplishment considering that there are only about three hundred thousand people in all of Iceland.


I take it this photograph at Tjörn (which method literally “the pond”) in main Reykjavík a couple of years ago. In spite of its size, the city is rather cosmopolitan with plentiful nightlife and activity. Tjörn gives a quiet respite in the middle of an city setting.

It straightforward to use Reykjavík as a launching suggest for experiencing lot of Iceland’s abundant herbal wonders. For example, the rainbows the Fjallabak Nature to make reservation or the rhyolite peaks, glacial rivers and geothermal hot streams that Landmannalaugar (in situation you desire so watch a pair more photos).

<EDITOR’S NOTE: v Greenland’s extr autonomy indigenous Denmark and also increasing me rule beginning in 2009, it’s capital city Nuuk is now considered by numerous to be the northernmost capital city (map)>



On the various other side that the world sits Wellington, the capital city of new Zealand in ~ 41 degrees south. It rests at the southern reminder of north Island along chef Strait, at around the country’s midpoint. It houses around two hundred thousand people and also about double that within its bigger metropolitan area.

New Zealand has actually a populace of about four million for this reason Wellington is vital city. However it doesn’t dominate the country as does Reykjavík for Iceland. In truth Wellington isn’t even new Zealand’s biggest city (that difference goes to Auckland).

Because Wellington is hemmed-in by its harbour and surrounding hills, that doesn’t have much room come expand. Therefore it renders up for the by having a greater population density than all over else in the country.

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I haven’t to be to new Zealand although maybe someday I’ll be able to make the journey. For now, you deserve to visit with the newest page in mine continuing collection on human being ferries: the interactive Map of brand-new Zealand Ferries.