In The Pirates of Penzance W.S. Gilbert certainly thought there to be an onomatopoeic summary of a trumpet:

Sergeant. There is nothing brings it round like the trumpet’s martial sound, prefer the trumpet’s martial sound

Sergeant & Police.

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Tarantara! tarantara! Tarantara! tarantara! Tarantara! tarantara! Tarantara! tarantara! Tarantara! tarantara! Tarantara! tarantara! Tarantara, ra, ra, Tarantara! Ra, ra, ra, ra, Ra, ra, ra, ra, Ra, ra, ra, ra, Ra, ra, ra, ra, Ra, ra, ra, ra, Tarantara, ra, ra,

Your mileage might vary, and this is just one man"s consumption (though an important one). Ns think it"s safe to say that in this instance you"re entitled to use every little thing sounds appropriate to you.


I play trumpet. The way we often tend to tongue our note is v "dah" if that helps.

however, the "dah" doesn"t really come out. If you hear to a great brass player, it sounds brilliant, but the beginning isn"t very pronounced. A hard consonant can"t appropriately represent it. Also, the noise often tends to be very clean.

Try "Rhaaaa"


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