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Together Songs

Music has a means of bringing people together. Even if it is it’s the Beyhive fans of Beyonce, the “Little Monsters” supporters of Lady Gaga, or even the Parrothead devotees that Jimmy Buffett, it’s fun to follow her favorite artists v others.

Here’s a team of 80 songs the possess a typical bond of having the native “together” in their titles. Perhaps they can help you in making an enjoyable playlist that you deserve to share with others.

1. “Love Will save Us Together” through Captain & Tennille

• Album: Love Will save Us Together

• Released: 1975

• Genre: Pop/Rock

Song Facts

Recorded by the husband and wife duo that “Captain” Daryl Dragon and also Toni Tennille, Love Will save Us Together to be the greatest selling U.S. Solitary in 1975. Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield composed the song, first heard on 1974’s Sedaka’s Back album. In fact, Tennille briefly sings “Sedaka is back” in ~ the finish of the tune.

A number one U.S. Hit, Love Will save Us Together likewise earned the Grammy for document of the Year in 1976. Captain & Tennille got to the peak of the U.S singles graph again in 1980 through Do the To Me One more Time. A trivia keep in mind is the Tennille was a background vocalist top top Pink Floyd’s album, The Wall.

2. “Together Forever” by stack Astley

Album: Whenever You require SomebodyReleased: 1987Genre: Pop/Rock

Song Facts

Without this artist, us wouldn’t have actually the phenomenon of Rickrolling. Together Forever to be Astley's American number one hit single from June 1988, adhering to the Rickroll number one, Never Gonna provide You Up.

Astley to be signed come a record contract by producer Pete Waterman in 1985. Waterman and also partners Mike Stock and Matt Aitken had tremendous success in the 1980s producing global hits by Kylie Minogue, Bananarama, Donna Summer, and Cliff Richard, and also Astley. Together Forever to be a track from Astley’s 1987 debut album, Whenever You require Somebody. The album topped the charts in England and Australia, and went platinum in the U.S., UK, and Canada. Astley received a Grammy nomination because that Best brand-new Artist in 1989, shedding out to Tracy Chapman.

3. “Let’s remain Together” through Al Green

Album: Let’s remain Together

Released: 1971

Genre: R&B

Song Facts

Initially, green was not happy with the sound the his falsetto vocal in Let’s stay Together, and didn’t think the tune would be a hit. Environment-friendly was wrong on that point, with the record topping the U.S. Billboard singles chart. Unusually, a team of winos, that were exterior the recording studio building, were carried inside for the Let's remain Together session. Producer and also co-writer Willie Mitchell felt green would acquire his ideal vocal performance v an audience in front of him.

Tina Turner’s 1983 covering of the song, produced by heaven 17's Martyn Ware and also Ian Craig Marsh, brought her earlier into the general public eye. The result was the Private Dancer album, complied with by Grammy, concert, and also movie success. Additionally, previous U.S. President Barack Obama got media attention in 2012, once he crooned a couple of lines the the track at a charity occasion held at new York’s renowned Apollo Theater.

4. “We belonging Together” through Mariah Carey

Album: The Emancipation that Mimi

Released: 2005

Genre: Pop/Rock

Song Facts

We belong Together came to be Mariah Carey’s 16th U.S. Number one fight in June 2005, the most ever before by a mrs artist. Due to the fact that then, she’s added to that note with three more chart-toppers. This song spent 14 non-consecutive weeks at number one, v a total chart run of 43 weeks. It’s likewise been her most successful American single of the 2000s. It reached number 2 in the U.K.

We belong Together's music video depicts Carey together a bride obtaining ready for her wedding day. Her character is set to get married an enlarge and an effective man, but decides to run away from the reception through the ex-lover she still has feelings for. Eric Roberts plays the jilted groom, through Wentworth Miller together her true love.

5. “Bad Together” through Dua Lipa

Album: Dua Lipa

Released: 2017

• Genre: Pop/Rock

Song Facts

Bad Together is a bonus track on Lipa’s debut album. She had been performing the track in concert prior to the track to be released.

The song’s narrator tells her lover that they both may have actually their separation, personal, instance problems, yet as a couple, they’re made for each other. Lipa sings, “Know you’re bad for me, but you understand I am too/Me and also you together favor a love up bruise/ I’ll do you an market you can’t refuse.”

Lipa was named the best British mrs Solo Artist and also British Breakthrough Act in ~ the 2019 Brit Awards ceremony. Her track through Calvin Harris, One Kiss, won for British solitary of the Year. She also was poll the Best brand-new Artist at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Her first name means Love in Albanian.


6. “Let’s spend the Night Together” by The rojo Stones

Album: Through the Past, Darkly (Big hits Vol. 2)

Released: 1969

Genre: Pop/Rock

Song Facts

The Stones January 1967 twin A-sided solitary paired Let’s invest the Night Together through Ruby Tuesday. The BBC banned Let’s spend the Night together for promoting promiscuity. The group’s power of the song on America’s Ed Sullivan Show is a classic television minute in Stones history. Sullivan didn’t want the team to perform the tune on his show unless they sang the title as Let’s spend Some Time Together. That's what lock did, but lead singer Mick Jagger rolled his eyes together he sang the line, and also bassist invoice Wyman reacted the same way.

7. “We’ll it is in Together” by Sting

Album: Nothing like the Sun

Released: 1987

Genre: Pop/Rock

Song Facts

The initial single from Sting’s 2nd studio solo album has actually its background in a TV ad.

""We'll be Together” is funny since it was created as a beer commercial because that a Japanese company called Kirin” Sting said the british Independent top top Sunday newspaper in November 1994. “I prefer the idea of music gift a craft, I'm not precious around it. They want a song and the just prerequisite was words "together." I wrote the song in 3mins 49sec, i m sorry is exactly the length of the song."

The original recording featured Eric Clapton ~ above guitar, but the released version contained Brian Loren in his place. The version with “Slowhand” have the right to be found in Sting’s 1994 “Fields that Gold” best-of compilation.

The music video clip won the best Cinematography trophy in ~ the 1988 MTV video Music Awards ceremony.

8. “Get Together” by The Youngbloods

Album: The Youngbloods

Released: 1967

Genre: Pop/Rock

Song Facts

“Come on civilization now/Smile on your brother/Everybody obtain together/Try and love one another/right now.”

The Youngbloods didn’t have a hit solitary with this anthem to unity and peace once it was very first released in January 1967. Their version of the Dino Valenti penned tune reached just 62nd ar on the U.S. Billboard singles chart.

But two years later, the track to be re-released by the group’s label, RCA, throughout what was known as national Brotherhood week in the U.S. Native the 1930s v the 1980s, nationwide Brotherhood mainly was promoted by the nationwide Council of Christians and also Jews to oppose hatred and religious intolerance. In 1969, the organization provided the Youngbloods track in a radio public company announcement. As a result, the song received renewed interest and also was reissued, getting to the U.S. Top Five and also Top Twenty in Canada. “Get Together” has been videotaped by such diverse performers together The Kingston Trio, Jefferson Airplane, and huge Mountain.

9. “Together Again” through Janet Jackson

Album: The Velvet Rope

Released: 1997

Genre: R&B

Song Facts

Jackson created Together Again as a tribute to a friend who had passed far from AIDS as well as AIDS victims and their families worldwide. Initially a ballad, the track was adjusted to a house music dance track. Jackson called MTV’s man Norris in a 1997 interview the Together Again definitely has a disco vibe to it.

“It reminded me of being ten years old in Studio 54 in new York. That was the very first club that I went to in new York” she said. “And that song offered me this kind of new York feel of disco and I wanted to carry out something the made me feel like that inside.”

Together Again topped the singles charts in the U.S., the Netherlands, and Poland.

10. “Someday We’ll be Together” by Diana Ross and The Supremes

Album: Cream the the Crop

Released: 1969

• Genre: R&B

Song Facts

With 12 number one U.S. Singles, The Supremes were the greatest selling Motown act during the 1960s. By 1969, and also now called Diana Ross and The Supremes, Someday We’ll it is in Together would be the trio’s last release before Miss Ross left the group. Actually, Supremes mar Wilson and Cindy Birdsong don’t show up on the document at all. Maxine and also Julia Waters handle the backing vocals.

Ross, Wilson, and Birdsong did carry out the track on The Ed Sullivan Show in December of the year That would be their last appearance together, except for a brief reunion in the 1983 Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever TV special.

at some point We’ll be Together to be the final U.S. Number one hit of the decade.

11. “We’re in This Love Together” through Al Jarreau

Album: Breakin’ Away

Released: 1981

Genre: Vocal, Jazz

Song Facts

Al Jarreau won Grammys in three various categories throughout his career: jazz, pop, and also R&B. One track from 1981’s Breakin’ Away album brought Jarreau mainstream popular music success, the U.S. Height 20 hit, We’re in This Love Together. His smooth vocal-based songs, consisting of 1983’s Mornin’ and also 1987’s theme track to the TV series Moonlighting, were a nice addition to the music step at the time.

However, as he said the L.A. Times in 1991, “I have had a little difficulty because the popular music stations think I’m a jazzer who doesn’t have actually a feeling for pop, therefore it’s hard to obtain my records played. Similarly, black urban radio doesn’t understand that v my R&B roots, i am much more than a jazz singer. For this reason I obtain pigeonholed.”

Jarreau was one of the attendees in the 1985 We are The World charity document for African famine relief.

12. “Better Together” by Luke Combs

Album: What You watch Is What friend GetReleased: 2019Genre: Country

Song Facts

U.S. Country radio loves Luke Combs. In January 2021, the north Carolina native accumulated his tenth continually Number 1 solitary on the U.S. Billboard nation Airplay chart v Better Together. A month later, the monitor peaked at the height spot of Billboard’s Hot country Songs chart.

Better Together is a love letter in track to his wife Nicole, through such lyrics as, "Some things just go much better together/And probably always will/Like a cup that coffee and also a sunrise/Sunday drives and also time to kill."

In November 2020, A reissued version of What You check out Is What You obtain debuted at number one ~ above the Billboard warm 200 Album Chart.

Song Facts

In 1969, psychology professor and also psychedelic drugs support Timothy Leary chose to go into the California gubernatorial race. Leary, who along with his wife participated in john Lennon and also Yoko Ono’s Montreal Bed In for Peace, inquiry the Beatle to write a song for his politics campaign. The an outcome was Come Together.

Leary’s project ended when he was imprisoned because that cannabis possession. Lennon feel the tune couldn’t have actually been provided anyway together he told Playboy’s David Sheff in 1980 the the song was “gobbledygook.”

Still, The Beatles studio variation of Come Together topped the U.S. Singles chart and went to 4th place in Britain together a dual A-side with Something. Come Together would certainly be spanned by Ike and Tina Turner, Aerosmith, and also even Paul McCartney join by Paul Weller and also Noel Gallagher together The Smokin’ Mojo Filters.


14. “Let’s rod Together” by Bryan Ferry

Album: Let’s rod Together

Released: 1976

Genre: Pop/Rock

Song Facts

The previous Roxy Music vocalist and also songwriter scored his biggest solo UK hit through this steering 1962 Wilbert Harrison tune. Harrison self reworked the track in 1970 as Let’s work-related Together, i beg your pardon was spanned by canned Heat. Your rendition was heard in commercials for Target Stores, Lloyds Bank, and more.

A remixed variation of Ferry’s recording to be released in 1988. Look because that Ferry’s then-girlfriend Jerry hall in his Let’s Stick together music video. Scotland’s KT Tunstall tape-recorded her version of the song for a 2007 album commemorating the 40th anniversary the BBC Radio 1.

15. “We go Together” by the actors of the Movie Grease

Album: Grease: initial Motion photo Soundtrack

Released: 1978

Genre: stage & Screen

Song Facts

“Grease is the word” together Frankie Valli sang in the Barry Gibb penned number. We walk Together is performed by man Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, and agency in the critical scene that the film, collection at a carnival. The sequence was shot ~ above the football field of man Marshall High college in the Los Feliz ar of Los Angeles. Other movies showing the school itself encompass Pretty in Pink, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and also A Nightmare top top Elm Street.

Grease, You're the One That i Want, Hopelessly committed to You, and Summer Nights, all native the movie, were U.S. Top 5 hit singles in 1978.

16. “Join Together” through The Who

Album: The can be fried Collection

Released: 2002

Genre: absent & Roll

Song Facts

Join Together, an initial titled Join in addition to The Band, dates earlier to the early on 1970s and also Pete Townshend’s aborted Lifehouse project. Lifehouse was to it is in a scientific research fiction rock opera follow-up come Tommy. After the plans were dropped, several of the song would end up on Who’s Next , who singles, or Townshend solo albums.

Join Together finished up as a non-album track solitary in 1972, backed by a live covering of Marvin Gaye’s Baby Don’t You execute It. In October of the year, Join Together was liked as the main song the the United states Council For human being Affairs.

Released: 2012

Genre: Pop/Rock, Country

Song Facts

When you’re a successful songwriter, girlfriend can often air your grievances over a failed connection via music. Together is the case with Taylor Swift’s We room Never ever Getting back Together. Together Swift called USA Today’s Brian Mansfield in an October 2012 interview, the song is “a critical portrait of just how I felt once I lastly stopped caring what mine ex thought of me. The made me feel like I wasn't as an excellent or as appropriate as these hipster bands the listened to. So i made a tune that i knew would absolutely drive him crazy as soon as he heard it on the radio."

The split tune to be Swift’s first U.S. Number one struggle on the Billboard hot 100 and Hot country Songs charts. It likewise reached the top spot top top the Canadian and new Zealand singles charts. The sweden duo of Max Martin and also Shellback (Karl Johan Schuster) co-wrote the track with Swift.

Released: 1979

Genre: R&B, Pop/Rock

Song Facts

There’s a Diana Ross high quality to Kinney’s singing in this disco track. The Mississippi native’s cover of Ken LeRay’s Together We room Beautiful didn’t chart in the U.S., yet was a UK number one hit in march 1980. In fact, it knocked off Blondie’s Atomic indigenous the optimal spot.

Brotherhood the Man and Martine McCutcheon of brothers soap EastEnders and Love Actually fame have covered Together We are Beautiful, too. Kinney’s rendition was provided in a 1999 ad for Physio sport deodorant and also a 2013 UK EDF power commercial.

19. “Together In electric Dreams” by Philip Oakey and also Giorgio Moroder

Album: Electric desires Original Soundtrack

Released: 1984

Genre: Pop/Rock

Song Facts

Famed disco and also movie music composer Giorgio Moroder (Midnight Express, American Gigolo, Flashdance, Top Gun) unified with human being League’s lead singer Philip Oakey to carry out this song for the Electric Dreams soundtrack. It’s a nice slice of 1980s synth-pop.

Moroder had an excellent music creating success in the ’80s, v such film songs together Blondie’s Call Me, Irene Cara’s Flashdance (What a Feeling), and Berlin’s Take mine Breath Away. Electric Dreams director Steve Barron, who functioned on several human being League videos, argued Moroder team through Oakey because that Together In electric Dreams.

It’s said that the tune was videotaped in simply ten minutes. Oakey and Moroder would certainly go top top to relax a whole album with each other in 1985.

The electric Dreams movie was collection in san Francisco, and also dealt v a love triangle between a man, woman, and an individual computer. Moroder provides a cameo appearance in ~ the finish of the movie, playing a radio executive.

20. “All together Now” by The Farm

Album: Spartacus

Released: 1990

Genre: Pop/Rock

Song Facts

Not The Beatles' Yellow Submarine song, yet the monitor does re-superstructure a common link v a Paul McCartney video. And like The Fab Four, The farm were from Liverpool.

The Farm’s singer-songwriter Peter Hooton an initial penned a Jam influenced tune titled No Man’s Land in 1981, and two year later, the band performed it for a john Peel BBC Radio 1 recording session. Quick forward come 1990, and Hooton supplied the verses the No Man’s Land to create a brand-new song, the dance rock-oriented All with each other Now. Graham “Suggs” McPherson, command singer because that the tape Madness, developed The Farm’s track.

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“I composed All together Now around the extraordinary events on Christmas work 1914 once British and also German troops took part in an unofficialize truce, singing Christmas carols, exchanging gifts and even play football.” Hooton called the Liverpool Echo in 2014. "It was a spontaneous plot of humanity that transcended the horrors and also barbarity of human being War One and also is a story which tho resonates 100 year on. The is a story of hope and peace which have to be called over and over again.”

The Christmas Truce unofficial cease-fire to be recreated in McCartney’s 1983 music video clip for his UK number one single, Pipes that Peace. McCartney play both a British and also German soldier in the video.

Even an ext Songs through Together in the Title

SongArtistYear Released

21. All with each other Now