Everynatural number is a rational number yet a rational number require not it is in a naturalnumber.

We understand that, 1 = 1/1, 2 = 2/1, 3 = 3/1 and also so ~ above ……. .

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In other words, every organic number can be written as = n/1, i beg your pardon is the quotient of two integers. Thus, every organic number is a reasonable number.

Clearly, 3/2, 2/5, 1/7, 15/20, etc. Space rational numbers yet they are not natural numbers.

Hence, every herbal number is a reasonable number however a reasonable number need not be a organic number.

Let us determine whether the complying with rational number are natural numbers or not:

(i) 4/2

4/2 is a organic number. Due to the fact that if we simplify 4/2 to its shortest term we gain 2/1 = 2 which is a herbal number.

(ii) 5/7

5/7 is no a natural number.

(iii) -15/5

-15/5 is not a herbal number. Since if we simplify -15/5 toits lowest term we get -3/1 = -3 i m sorry is an integer however not a herbal number.

(iv) -8/-4

-8/-4 is a herbal number. Because if we leveling -8/-4 to itslowest ax we get 2/1 = 2 i m sorry is a natural number.

(v) 1/10

1/10 is not a natural number.

(vi) 0/1

0/1 is no a herbal number. Due to the fact that 0/1 = 0 i m sorry is not anatural number.

(vii) 10/10

10/10 is a organic number. Because if we simplify 10/10 to itslowest hatchet we obtain 1/1 = 1 i beg your pardon is a herbal number.

(viii) 81/36

81/36 is no a organic number. Since, if we leveling 81/36to its lowest term we gain 9/4 which is a rational number but not a naturalnumber.

So, native the over explanation we conclude the everyrational number is no a natural number.

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