will certainly $ceNaH2PO4$ react together as an acid or a base if you do it react v water?

I got stuck here. I can number out the reaction:

$$ceNaH2PO4 + H2O -> Na^+ + H2PO4^- + H2O$$

But as soon as I look at $ceH2PO4^-$ up, it claims that it have the right to both it is in an acid and a base. Any ideas?



Monosodium dihydrogen phosphate, $ceH2PO4^-$, is one amphoteric varieties and it will act together both one acid and also a base. These space the connected chemical equations:

eginalign ceH2PO4- + H2O & HPO4^2- + H3O+ & mathrmpK_mathrma &= 7.21\ ceH2PO4- + H2O & H3PO4 + OH- & mathrmpK_mathrmb &= 11.88endalign

As an example, $pu0.1 M$ equipment of such a salt will have actually a pH of about $4.7$.In other words, the acidic plot dominates over the alkaline one. This is because of the worth of $mathrmpK_mathrma=7.21$ (related to the acidic behaviour) compared to the $mathrmpK_mathrmb=11.88$ (related come the alkaline behaviour).

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