Shopping Mexican children Sizes online deserve to be challenging. To ease the process, we ready a selection of Mexican youngsters Size conversion Charts for clothes and Children’s Shoe dimension Mexico US simply for you. Now you have the right to shop online concern free. So relax and enjoy, have actually fun shopping!

At a Glance

Clothing for kids in Mexico are generally based upon the period of the child. Shirts are usually labelled S-XL with age equivalent because that each size, pants room tagged indigenous 4-16 because that kids based on their age, while dresses for the girls are likewise sized based on age, usually 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14.Mexico children shoe sizing is different from US, UK and also Euro due to the fact that Mexicans usually have smaller sized feet. Pair of shoes in Mexico are generally sized in centimeters and also are comparable to the basic measurement provided in Japan.There is no one perfect conversion because that Mexican sizes due to the fact that every manufacturer could be making use of a various sizing depending on the brand. Children’s Shoe dimension Mexico US periodically come abbreviated, i.e. A 4.5 can be a 14.5.

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Mexican children Clothing size Conversion Chart

43-43-498-104 cm1051007
54-54-5104-110 cm1151109
65-65-6110-116 cm1151109
77-86-7116-122 cm12512011
88-107-8122-128 cm12512013
1010-128-9128-134 cm13513013
1210-129-10134-140 cm14514015
1414-1610-11140-146 cm15515017
1614-1611-12146-152 cm16516017

Children’s Shoe size Mexico US

The Children’s shoe size mexico united state chart below will aid you to convert your US youngsters Shoe dimension to the Mexico youngsters Shoe size.

11.54C11.6 centimeter (4.56 in)5.38 in
12.55C12.4 centimeter (4.88 in)5.5 in
136C13.3 cm (5.23 in)5.75 in
147C14.1 centimeter (5.55 in)5.87 in
158C15 centimeter (5.90 in)6.01 in
169C15.8 cm (6.22 in)6.25 in
1710C16.7 cm (6.57 in)6.50 in
17.510.5C17.1 centimeter (6.73 in)6.62 in
1811C17.5 centimeter (6.89 in)6.63 in
18.511.5C18 cm (7.08 in)6.75 in
1912C18.4 cm (7.24 in)6.87 in
19.512.5C18.8 centimeter (7.40 in)7.12 in
201319.2 centimeter (7.56 in)7.25 in
2113.5C19.7 cm (7.76 in)7.37 in

What come know about Mexican youngsters Sizes

Finding the ideal size that clothes and also shoes for her child can be very confusing, ~ all, sizes offered from each country and every brand might vary. When buying from physical stores could still be the finest option to check the perfect fit, the convenience of virtual shopping provides it worth it for plenty of parents.


Plus, wanting our boy to wear fashion fads from Asia, Europe, US and other parts of the people is now possible. We come up v this Child garments Size conversion charts to assist ease the burden of converting your child’s clothes and also shoe size from mexico to us to EU, UK and even eastern Sizes. Usage this as guide yet it is always far better to ask for the size used by virtual shops to be sure.

Mexican children Dresses size Chart

6640 centimeter (16 in)57 cm (22.5 in)26 cm (10 in)
6-7642 cm (16.5 in)60 centimeter (23.5 in)28 cm (11 in)
7-8844 cm (17.5 in)63 cm (25 in)30 cm (12 in)
9-101046 centimeter (18 in)66 cm (26 in)32 cm (12.5 in)
111248 cm (19 in)69 centimeter (27 in)34 cm (13.5 in)
12-141450 centimeter (20 in)72 cm (28 in)35 cm (14 in)

Mexican children Pants Sizes and also Jeans dimension Chart

XS/246-742 cm (16.5 in)68 cm (27 in)120-130 centimeter (47-51 in)
S/267-846 centimeter (18 in)72 cm (28 in)130-140 cm (51-55 in)
M/289-1050 cm (20 in)76 centimeter (30 in)140-150 cm (55-59 in)
L/3011-1254 cm (21 in)80 centimeter (31.5 in)140-150 cm (55-59 in)

Tip: clothing sizes in Mexico indigenous shirts, dresses and pants space usually based on the age of the child. You might still desire to inspect the specific brand sizing but to make sure that you room looking in ~ the appropriate conversion.

How to Take your Kid’s clothes Measurements

The best method to uncover the most accurate fit because that your boy is to measure it properly. Having actually your child’s dimensions will be an extremely helpful afterwards in recognize the best fit of garments an shoes for them whether you are buying in-store or online.

While we recommend having actually your boy fit the garments item to understand the finest size, some constraints like digital shopping will certainly make the difficult, so the next best thing is to measure her child and find the ideal size for them utilizing the conversion chart we provided above. For more details ~ above other nations conversions, you may refer come our eastern Kids sizes or ours European kids Sizes.

To take her child’s measurements, monitor these straightforward steps:

With a pen, ice cream measure and a piece of document ready, questioning your son to stand upright v feet closed together behind a wall.To find the chest measurement, put the measure tape around the fullest next of her child’s chest.For the waist, measure roughly the smallest section of her child’s waist but put a slight allowance for breathing.To measure up the hips dimension of her child, placed the measuring tape around the fullest section of the hips, then measure up from there, giving enough allowance depending on the type of to the right (loose or tight) preferred.

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Mexican shoes Size children Conversion


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Interesting facts around Mexican kids Shoe Sizes

Shoe sizes in basic differ depending on the country of manufacturing and brand. Some carriers follow general country sizing measurements, while others follow your own internal sizes resulting in confusion in conversions many of the time. The most generally used children shoe size are adjusted from the US, UK and also Euro sizing standards.You might refer come the Mexican youngsters shoe dimension conversion chart listed below to assist you discover the suitable conversions however this need to be used as a guide only together sizes might still vary relying on the brand. If possible, the is still best to asking your child to right the shoe prior to buying it, or asked the shop – even online shop – for their size conversion.