single ladies

andy on snl:andy, justin timberlake and bobby moynihan space the dancers in the beyonce video. Also: paul rudd.

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34x08, november 2008

andy samberg justin timberlake boby moynihan beyonce paul rudd darrel hammond snl saturday night live andy top top snl single ladies
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scared right <2of 8>, v paul rudd

andy top top snl

34x8, november 2008

↳ asked for by cotton

andy samberg paul rudd jason sudeikis bill hader kenan thompson snl saturday night live andy ~ above snl scaredstraight


andy top top snl: paul rudd introduces andy to his very affectionate family

34x08, november 2008

andy samberg paul rudd fred armisen kristen wiig bill hader vogelchecks snl saturday night live andy top top snl

alvin and the chipmunks

andy top top snl: with JT. Andy is theodore, fred is simon, invoice is alvin

32x09, december 2006

he's so commited! andy samberg justin timberlake invoice hader fred armisen snl saturday night live andy ~ above snl alvin and also the chipmunks

dick in a box

andy on snl: i recognize everybody’s watched it, but since it’s no on the lonely island’s youtube page, i thought i’d upload it anyway.

32x09, december 2006

andy samberg justin timberlake maya rudolph kristen wiig digital short na snl digital short the lonely island snl saturday night live cock in a crate andy ~ above snl

a rom comfeaturing andy samberg and drew barrymore

andy on snl:i know this is currently on, yet i just love it too lot not to post.

32x12, february 2007

andy samberg drew barrymore kristen wiig amy poehler will certainly forte kenan thompson snl saturday night live molologue andy ~ above snl

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andy on snl <5/?>:
andy samberg, bill hader and jason sudeikis

31x02, october 2005

snl saturday night live taco city andy samberg bill hader jason sudeikis 2005 andy on snl

everyone’s a critic

andy top top snl:paul rudd and andy repaint each other naked

34x08, november 2008

↪ requested by anonymous

andy samberg paul rudd fred armisen bill hader kristen wiig casey wilson digital brief an snl digital short snl saturday the lonely island andy ~ above snl


andy ~ above snl <8/?>
:the an initial snl digital short

31x07, december 2005

andy samberg will certainly forte jorma taccone snl saturday night live one snl digital brief digital quick the lonely island andy on snl


andy on snl <15/?>: in this snl digital short, andy, serth and will discover each other’s dopplegangers

31x14, april 2006

how warm is andy leaning versus that wall? snl saturday night live digital short an snl digital brief andy samberg will certainly forte seth meyers horacio sanz the lonely island andy ~ above snl
so yeah. Mine dad passed away of a heart strike on the 22nd. He would be 62 ~ above the 29th. The took an excellent care that his health, he was well, he wasn’t feeling anything. That was working out (as the did at the very least 3 times a week) as soon as it happened.

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i went house for the funeral and also satyed v my mom and also my sister for a tiny over a week. I’m back to mine place and it’s only currently that i’m beginning to feel choose it’s real. It’s only now that the is yes, really hitting me.

i guess ns was as well worried around my mother (they love each other so much! they had actually their issues, however they we happily married because that 42 years) and my sister (who’s a lot an ext sensitive 보다 i am) and i hadn’t however looked in. Currently i to be looking in. And it hurts. A lot.

we’ve constantly had a bumpy relationship. Very similar personalities, but really different means of thinking, so we argued a lot. Yet we loved each various other a lot too, and also i don’t feel prefer we left any loosened ends. The conforts me.

he to be a no-bullshit, trustworthy, caring man, that lived a happy life and also was proud of his family. The was also a pains in my ass and also he hated (my) cats, but i can count on him whenever, for whatever. He died how he want to, just like his father, a quick, “easy” death. But he went too soon.

an individual grieving i just needed to write to get it turn off my chest idk ns don't also come below anymore but yep...
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