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every Reward Cars:At the options menu, host L + R, then push A, B, A, B.Fast Cars:At the options menu, host L + R, then press X, X, X, X.Invincible Car:At the choices menu, organize L + R, then push Y, A, Y, A.High Acceleration:At the choices menu, organize L + R, then press Y, Y, Y, Y.Jump car with Horn:At the alternatives menu, hold L + R, then push X, X, X, Y.One hit Kills:At the alternatives menu, host L + R, then press Y, Y, X, X.All Cameras:At the alternatives menu, host L + R, then push B, B, B, A.Show Credits:At the alternatives menu, organize L + R, then press A, X, X, Y.Show Speedometer:At the alternatives menu, host L + R, then press Y, Y, B, X.Turn mystery Car right into Red Brick Car:At the options menu, host L + R, then press B, B, Y, X.Grid Mode:At the choices menu, host L + R, then press B, A, B, Y.Trippy Mode:At the options menu, host L + R, then press Y, B, Y, B.Glitch:In level 4 drive any car friend want. Walk to the bridge and jump off, you have actually TO enable CAR JUMPING!. Jump off the side of the bridge in your car. Get as much away native the bridge as possible, you will be under water. Drive away native the bridge. If you do not do this the glitch will not work. You will not it is in on the floor you will be under it! carry out not ruin your car or you will not have the ability to get ago up! To get up acquire in her car and also press the d-pad in any direction to reset her car.(supplied by: tylorscool22)
There are 11 codes for this game.(m)RPYY-PCUR-R7MWNAAVX-06PM-JH01MInfinite CoinsK6ZF-VVXK-WM1X1AVA8-YQHC-JTC9JCar take away No DamageFRG4-1677-887GWERGH-J30E-B6P1RCharacter choose (Hold together + press B)W6W5-Z8Y3-EK15DF848-2V8D-T6435P0TV-DN14-DRVDR97N9-3AB8-Z52BUJumping auto (Press Z)XRTA-6RZ5-H30TBYVEC-TZE7-358E7Cars explode on ImpactT8G0-XGQG-7R2A4R784-0JX4-AZGD8Display SpeedGP5Z-GKCB-T7FKK2XGN-V84B-2QMX8Show GridUQTV-KZYM-MA96JJC5N-DUU4-XNKVN2N2F-NBF2-HKV83Slow motion Jumps8P23-Z8VR-GJP6EWMM3-WH3Z-6YB69Big very first Jump2JPB-6WM7-VG84XKEBM-D5JB-T1FN9Big 2nd Jump Velocity1TPQ-WZHY-C6BFA7KXC-5MFU-K4MR2

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There space 11 codes for this game. (m) 1 DQ7Q-MZE6-EV14P 2 EPCB-BUX9-UERQ2 Max/Infinite Coins 1 J7QU-Y560-A2BF5 2 ZM57-TUN2-9B91X never Wanted 1 4W3T-U519-13YV3 2 G4MX-5GC2-QCFM3 every Missions/Levels Unlocked 1 ZJUV-RJ91-HAJ2J 2 67P2-7V5E-Q8NHD 3 W0AG-ACFJ-4ZMQ6 all Cars Unlocked 1 WA4M-417X-J67R6 2 RNUT-ZN5C-6DQ65 3 HCB1-RKZC-E34X9 4 VQBT-QAUJ-P49CG 5 QE0Y-6PR5-96NRN use ONLY among THE following No peak Speed 1 UE8Y-WD43-QX01U 2 T4RT-V6ZT-TG7UK 1 fight Kills all Cars 1 H7X5-HZWU-6N71P 2 ZUKD-DW31-8DHVG Honk Horn To run 1 VYZF-RHHC-RQ59B 2 FX0H-7YQ0-8EC7M Infinite health and wellness 1 UVD2-N84E-84YE9 2 NDHC-MW74-NMNTA all Cheats energetic 1 RGT5-XMV7-U1433 2 QH5A-JT60-BXAHV get the best an option of Cheats, Codes, Walkthroughs/Guides/FAQs, Unlockables, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, and much more from Cheat password Central.The Genie has an ext Simpsons: struggle & operation Cheats in ~ CheatingDome.com.