Anime series Like The duke of Death and also His Maid

In Ouran High School, the usual student is a member that the wealthy elite, but not Haruhi Fujioka. Embraced on a scholarship, Haruhi wants to protect against all the glitz and glamour in order to study hard and also become a lawyer. While in search of a rare quiet ar to execute so, Haruhi stumbles upon a organize club. Frantic to get away from these weird boys, Haruhi breaks a an useful vase. In order to pay back the debt, the club demands that Haruhi i do not care a host. There is only one problem, contradictory to what the boys believe, Haruhi is in reality a girl.

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There won’t ever before be an anime quite prefer Ouran High School host Club, yet you can shot to fill the Tamaki-shaped feet in your heart v these good anime recommendations.

For pan of reverse Harems


Fruits Basket

When Tooru Honda finds herself homeless, she decides come live in a tent in the wilderness. However, sooner or later she is found by a classmate, Yuki Souma, and also invited to come live in his house. From over there she gets to know countless members that the Souma family, no realizing the they all space inflicted by a curse. Once they hug opposing gender, they turn right into an animal from the Chinese zodiac.

Like Ouran High School organize Club, fruit Basket is a mix that romantic and also comedic moments together a singular girl tries come navigate an unlimited parade that handsome men. Due to the fact that Fruits Baskets has actually recently to be remade, you can also watch that in contemporary animation and also see the story told together it was meant to be told.


The Wallflower

Four guys are offered to live in a fantastic mansion cost-free of rent, yet on one condition. They have to make the girl the the house into a well young lady. Get in Nakahara Sunako. She loves horror movies, death, and also all things gloomy, stemming native a small high school trauma. Blinded by all things beautiful, these 4 handsome men have actually their work cut out for them.

While the is a fine reverse harem, the is more your standard one contrasted to Ouran high School hold Club. There is yes, really onyl one main love interest, and the main character isn’t rather as trope-breaking Haruhi.


Aoharu x machine Gun

Hotaru Tachibana has always had a habit of confronting evildoers, so when she hears her best friend was tricked by a local organize club, she disguises herself together a boy to walk punish them. However, she it s okay distracted by the leader Masamune Matsuoka when he obstacles her come a toy total battle. Hotaru loses and now must sign up with Masamune’s survival video game team in order to pay off the huge damages come the hold club.

Almost similar in plot, it is straightforward to see the similarities between these two anime series. The just real difference is in the little details. In Ouran, the organize club treats ladies prefer princesses, when in Aohara they play military-like survival games. Conversely, Haruhi dresses choose a boy since she yes, really doesn’t care, Hotaru likes dressing as a boy, however often corrects civilization of her true gender.


Boys end Flowers

Coming native a bad family, Makino Tsukushi is wildly the end of location at the glamorous Eitoku Academy. She wishes to finish her education quietly, yet crossed the F4, the 4 most powerful and famous boys in school. However, while castle have declared war top top her, she will not it is in beaten and also it is this heart that captured their leader’s eye.

Like Ouran, guys Over flower is around a girl that is surrounding by rich and also handsome men, coming to be increasingly linked in their lives. That is a solid rom-com drama, however if ns am gift honest, it hasn’t age well. The animation, anyway. As the animation is old (and wasn’t an excellent to begin with) and the manga is the older layout of shoujo art, I actually recommend recognize a live action drama for this series. It has been adjusted in nearly every eastern country at this point, and many actually are rather good.


My next Life together a Villainess – all Routes bring about Doom

At eight year old, Katarina Claes, the just daughter the a duke, hits she head and also suddenly remembers she was when a seventeen-year-old otaku that obtained isekai’d. She realizes the she is now in the world of happiness Lover, the otome game that she had been playing before her death. Unfortunately, she is not the heroine, yet rather the villainess who commonly ends up dead or exiled in ~ the end. As such, she endeavors to adjust her fate and also avoid all doom flags.

Both Ouran and My following Life as a Villainess are considered to be trope breakers. What makes My following Life together a Villainess so distinctive is that it is a turning back harem, but the key character likewise accidentally causes the female personalities to love her too. As well as that, that is an ext rom-com-ish antics of rich people at a an elaborate school like Ouran High School organize Club, however My following Life as a Villainess has actually much less emphasis on romance.


Kakuriyo – Bed and Breakfast because that Spirits

Since she to be a child, Aoi could see spirits. After sooner or later feeding a hungry spirit, she is whisked turn off to the hidden realm whereby an ogre states she will certainly be his bride. It appears her grand sold she off come marry the in stimulate to meet his debt. Instead, Aoi refuses and also works turn off the blame owed in a bed and also breakfast.

Both series feature down to planet girls that wind up through a rediculious quantity of debt, and start working in bespeak to pay it off. Kakuriyo is a much smaller harem, and they are all mythological creatures. Favor Ouran, it is a small low on the actual romance, however you do obtain to clock it grow.

For fans of cross Dressing


Maria Holic

In search of true love, Kanako Miyamae move to Ame no Kisaki Catholic School, inspired by how her parents fell in love v each other there. However, the school is currently split between the sexes, so every Kanako has to select from is women. Once she meets the beautiful Mariya Shidou, Kanako believes she has found that one-of-a-kind someone, except she is actually a he.

Maria Holic and Ouran both focus on school life with characters that are cross dressing. However, when both space comedies, Maria Holic can be a little much more dramatic. Ultimately, the cross dressing in Maria Holic is on function while Haruhi walk so the end of circumstance, but both characters enjoy it.


Princess Jellyfish

Kurashita Tsukimi loves jellyfish, to the point of obsession. One day, when she sees a jellyfish being mistreated in a pet store, she tries come stick up for it, but her society awkwardness it s okay in the way. Thankfully, a sparklingly beautiful woman procedures in and also sparks the beginning of an unlikely friendship. While Tsukimi’s brand-new friend charm her and also her roommates, what lock don’t understand is the this princess is additionally a man.

In terms of plot and also characters, Princess Jellyfish doesn’t have actually much in common with Ouran. However, if girlfriend think of that in terms of if Ouran adhered to Ranka, Haruhi’s father, then it would certainly actually it is in pretty similar.


Mayo Chiki

Due to the females that his family’s love the wrestling, Kinjirou Sakamachi developed a solid body, yet a fear of women. After a odd conference in the bathroom, that discovers the the most well-known student in ~ his school and butler to the headmaster’s daughter is actually a girl. In bespeak to keep this secret, the girl states she will cure his phobia.

Both series feature girls that dress together boys and provide a service, though butlers and also hosts space a little different. However, unequal Ouran High School host Club, the cross dressing girl is no the main character in mei Chiki, she simply assists the main character.



Arikawa Hime is being gone after by loan sharks that are attempting to collection the debt the his parents left that with. However, the Shimoshina High institution student council has stepped in and offers to pay turn off his debt. Yet, these “kind” girls carry out not want to carry out so for free. They desire him to spend the remainder of the year together a member that the student council and dressed as a girl.

Himegoto is all around someone with a substantial debt essentially paying it turn off by promising to cross dress. The distinction is the Himegoto is ecchi, and also an ecchi very clearly aimed at a male audience. However, if you reap humor and also ecchi fairly than romance, climate it can be a fine way to happen the time.

For fans of Comedic Love Stories


Class president is a Maid!

Being the an initial female class president isn’t easy, especially when a school is still transitioning from being an all-boys institution to a co-ed one. However, Misaki Ayuzawa is approximately the task. If she keeps rowdy guys in line v her martial arts, she has actually an embarrassing mystery – she functions part-time at a maid café to aid her family. She regulated to keep her project a mystery until sooner or later the famous student Takumi Usui sees her at work. He could undo her reputation, or use her an enig to acquire closer to her.

Do you like love story about strong women grudgingly forced into cases they gradually learn to accept, or also love? Well, right here be one more story prefer that. Essentially the male and also female leader in both anime are the same in situation, despite Maid-sama is a little an ext “comedy through compelled humiliation”.


Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Chiyo Sakura has actually fallen head end heels for the handsome and also oblivious Umetarou Nozaki. However, as soon as she confesses she love, he provides her one autograph. It transforms out this stoic young is in reality a respected shoujo manga artist. ~ a collection of misunderstandings, Chiyo winds up no as his girlfriend, yet as his manga assistant.

Like Tamaki gathered a team of lovable (albeit it handsome) losers because that his organize club, so, too, did Nozaki do for his manga. Uneven Haruhi, a great deal of the comedy in this anime originates from Chiyo trying to gain her sempai to an alert her, and failing terribly. However, both anime collection have one interesting and hilarious supporting cast that bag perfectly through the key love story plot.


Special A

Introduced as children, Hikari Hanazono has constantly been second to Kei Takishima in everything from academics to pro-wrestling. Ever because the very first time that beat her, Hikari has actually been ~ above a vendetta to ultimately be number one, also going therefore far as to attend his prestigious institution where both are inserted in the unique A class for the most elite. However, for every Hikari’s mental and physical prowess, she doesn’t realize one point – that Kei is in love v her.

Like with Aoharu x an equipment Gun, Ouran High School organize Club and also Special A are virtually the same anime. Rather of a hold club, one-of-a-kind A concentrates on one elite class of students. Instead of a reverse harem, there is virtually an even split amongst the genders. However, both are funny, both have actually doki-doki-inspiring romances, and both feature virtually identical female and male leads in comparable circumstances.


Kamisama Kiss

Homeless and also in debt, high schooler Nanami Momozono thinks things room looking up when she rescues a man and also he supplies to allow her continue to be at his home. She shortly discovers that his residence is a summary shrine. Trying come leave, she is mistaken because that the man she saved – the guy that is additionally the soil god the the shrine, Mikage. Finding out she was tricked into being a god and not wanting to it is in homeless, Nanami do the efforts to take on her brand-new divine duties, but has to attend to a hot-headed fox familiar to save things running smoothly.

While Kamisama Kiss takes its plot in a much more supernatural direction. If you enjoyed Ouran High School host Club’s distinctive mix the comedy, romance, and occasional drama, climate Kamisama Kiss will certainly hit simply right. Prefer Haruhi, Nanami an ext your earnest shoujo lead, yet she has actually that same method of making human being fall in love through her after meeting her.

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Do friend have much more anime recommendations choose Ouran High School host Club? allow fans know in the comments section below.