I understand that we females are used to law a thousand things at once. We space able to do a thousand things at the same time. We space able to prepare a meal and also at the exact same time us talk with a friend on the food and aid our kids with homework.

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But once it involves hair matters, things room different. There space limits: time and space. And there room treatments that space incompatible with each other.

Today in my salon, a client came in that wanted to dye she hair, and likewise do a perm.

Are girlfriend in the same instance as my client?

Then, avoid for a minute. Due to the fact that you can not dye your hair and do a perm in the same day.

These to processes are certain incompatible through each other and also can’t be excellent on the very same day.

What you have the right to do, is first do a perm and also after fifteen days, apply the dye to her hair.

I understand that friend are more than likely thinking, “One of my friends walk the two things at the exact same time.” of course, for every rip over there is a patch.

But, have actually you stopped to thing about the consequences your friend endured in she hair because of her decision?

Because I’m certain you don’t recognize that after ~ doing it, she started to lose a many hair, her frizz to be uncontrollable, and also her end were more open the Christ’s eight on the cross.

If you desire to do both points the very same day for kicks, friend can, however afterwards, don’t say ns didn’t warn you.

Your hair will certainly be in great danger.

Do you desire to understand why?

Why is it no a an excellent idea to color and do a perm ~ above the very same day


Do you remember that ns told you that a customer wanted to carry out both at the exact same time?

Of course, my answer to be no.

And i don’t treatment that she begged me for all the saints, that she remained in a rush since she had actually a party, and that she told me she would certainly take responsibility for the any consequences.

When I have clients that tell me the they aren’t afraid the anything, ns shake. I shake because I know that lock are really brave when they have actually hair on your head, but when that hair is destroyed and they room left with tatters, the braveness is erased quickly.

And the stylist’s head is what rolls.

With this client, I suffered a many to it is in honest. Due to the fact that it took me two hrs to convince her that an initial we had to perform the perm and after 2 weeks we could dye her hair.

I explained that both processes use chemicals. Very solid chemicals, produced to change the internal structure the the hair, in the case of the perm.

And in the situation of the dye, the chemicals erase the organic pigment that the hair, so the other shade molecules provide new pigment.

When you perform either of these two processes, the hair come a higher or lesser level suffers. It loser its natural moisture.

That’s why the is vital to permit the hair rest for fifteen work so the it deserve to recover.

But over there is an additional even much more important reason.


When you carry out the perm, and once you wash and rinse out the liquids provided in the process, residue that the perm and neutralizing liquid remain in the hair.

And these liquids deserve to interfere with the dye.

So what wake up then?

Well, shot to guess. I’ll provide you 2 options.

The dye doesn’t acquire deposited right into the cuticle.The shade does rotate out just how you hoped.

In reality, both answers are correct due to the fact that the dye doesn’t get deposited correctly in the hair, therefore, friend don’t gain the color that friend want.

Now, if girlfriend wait fifteen days after curling your hair through a perm, the shade will it is in deposited there is no problems, since at that point, you will have completely eliminated the residue.

Also, if you shade you hair befre law the perm, due to the fact that the perm equipment is a reducer, neutralizer, and oxidizer, it will eliminate the shade of the dye efficiently.

Do you want an additional piece of advice?


When possible, shot to usage a semi-permanent dye, due to the fact that it doesn’t contain ammonia, and therefore, isn’t together aggressive because that hair v a perm.

Now the we recognize that you need to do the perm first, stop see how you must prepare her hair to have actually perfect, healthy and balanced curls.

How come prepare your hair for a perm


Once I persuaded my customer that the ideal thing would be to perform the perm very first and the shade after fifteen days, us started analyzing her hair.

Luckily, she hair was in perfect condition.


If her hair is incredibly dry, the best thing to execute is a deep-conditioning treatment before doing the perm.

Is the size of your hair essential for a perm?

If girlfriend have quick hair or layered hair, it’s feasible that you won’t get the an outcome you want because the perm can end increase looking favor a poodle.

Luckily for my client, her hair wasn’t cut in layers, and length to be long enough to have a smooth perm.


Because this is also important when it come time to carry out the perm, due to the fact that there are different species of curls.

The curly will constantly depend top top the thickness of rollers the you use. The smaller they are, the tighter the curl, choose corkscrew curls.

Even in mine salon, I have actually done perms using various sized barrels to give the curls a more natural look, and also my client have ended up super happy.

After two hrs of work, my client was really happy with her perm.

And that was the moment that i took advantage of to provide her part recommendations.


If friend don’t desire your perm to be a loss of time and money, stick to this.

If you can’t uncover them, friend can always use assets for curly hair, which because that the most component contain oils, choose argan for example, that store your curls healthy.

After fifteen days, my client came back to the salon to carry out her color. She was really happy since at the party, she got a most compliments on her brand-new look. And also she hadn’t even adjusted the color yet!


As our grandmothers say, “patience is bitter, however its fruits room sweet.” and also in she case, law the perm very first and 15 days later the color, she had her prize.

Because she to be able to acquire the look the she wanted in she hair, there is no seriously damaging it.

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And currently you know.

Perm and also color in the same day: NO. Perm very first and fifteen days later color: correct
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