L> Children"s folk Games -English Tongue TwistersGames | Rhymes| customizeds | TongueTwisters | modern-day Games | Gamesand adult | entrants | HomeEnglishTongue TwistersI slit a sheetOne clever fellowPeter PiperSally sellsHow much woodThe FishA SailorRobert RollyA huge blackbugIf a whitechalk chalksShe saw a fishSwan swan over the seaTwo FellowChitterabobI cleft a sheet, a sheetI slit.And ~ above a slitted sheet ns sit.I cleft a sheet, a sheet ns slit.The sheet i slit, the sheet to be it.One smart fellow, hefelt smart.Two smart fellows, they felt smart.Three smart fellows, they every felt smart.Peter Piperpicked a peck that pickled peppers.A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.If Peter Piper choose a peck that pickled peppers,where"s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?Sally sell seashellsby the seashore.The shells Sally sells room surely indigenous the sea.- just how much timber would a woodchuckchuck if a woodchuck can chuck wood?- If a woodchuck could chuck wood, a woodchuck would certainly chuck as muchwood together awoodchuck can chuck.Selected through students indigenous Scuolaelementare "Bruno Ciari"Cocomaro Di Cona Fe, ItalyTeacher coordinator MauroPresiniRobert Rolly rolled a round.If Robert Rolly rolling a round role round.Where is the round roll, Robert Rolly rolled around?A large blackbug little bit a huge black bear, climate a bigBlack bear bit the huge black bug.And when the large black bear little the huge black bug,Then the huge black bug bit the big black bear.If a whitechalk chalks ~ above a black color blackboard,Will a black chalk chalk on a white blackboard?She witnessed afish ~ above the seashore and also I"m sureThe fish she saw on the seashore to be a saw-fish.Swan swan over the sea,Swim, swan, swim;Swan swam earlier again,Well swum, swan.Two FellowOnce a other met a fellowIn a field of beans.Said a other to a fellow,"If a other asks a fellow,Can a other tell a fellowWhat a fellow means?"The FishThe fishy fishWent swishy swish swishAs it swam follow me the shoreIt had actually two infant fishes,That would fit in two dishesAnd who can ask for more?ChitterabobThere was a man, and also his name was Dob,And he had a wife, and also her surname was Mob,And he had actually a dog, and he referred to as it Cob,And he had a cat dubbed Chitterabob."Cob", says Dob,"Chitterabob" states Mob.Cob to be Dob"s dog,Chitterabob Mob"s cat.A SailorA seafarer went to seaTo see, what he can see.And all he might seeWas sea, sea, sea.Selected by Maria Dumitru"Duiliu Zamfirescu" School, Focsani, RomaniaGames | Rhymes | Customs| Tongue Twisters | ModernGames | Games and also Adults | Participants| Home