A grasp of restaurants and bars in the Wilmington area, prefer Hell’l Kitchen top top Princess Street, will remain open up on Christmas day. (Port City daily photo/Mark Darrough)

WILMINGTON — out of eggnog or have actually some cabin fever this Christmas day?

For those looking come hit the streets in search of something to eat or drink, and for others who forgot an ingredient for their Christmas feast, we’ve gathered a perform of restaurants, bars, and grocery stores open on Christmas job in the Wilmington area.

While many of the major supermarkets — Harris Teeter, Lowes, and Trader Joe’s — space shut under for the day, a few small specialty stores continue to be open.

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Below you’ll find information ~ above hours and locations of grocery stores, restaurants, and also bars that will certainly be open in the Wilmington area.

Restaurants and also bars

Big Thai Restaurant1319 military Cutoff Rd.5–9:30pm
Blue Asia Bistro341 S. College Rd. #5211am–10pm
China King845 S. 17th St.11am–5pm
Denny’s1201 university Rd.24 hours
Denny’s7245 industry St.24 hours
IHOP5628 Carolina beach Rd.6am–3pm
IHOP5355 market St.6am–3pm
Indochine7 Wayne Dr.5pm–10pm
Hell’s Kitchen118 Princess St.6pm–2am
Fox & HoundMayfair Center4pm–midnight
Jade Garden2601 castle Hayne Rd.10:30am–9pm
Jade Garden1735 Reed road (Leland)10:30am–9pm
Joe’s Oasis6400 Carolina coast Rd.4pm–11pm
The Harp1423 S. 3rd St.Noon–8pm
Hooters5112 industry St.4pm–Midnight
The Husk31 S. Prior St.3pm–2am
Lucky Star Chinese3926 sector St.11am–10:30pm
Lucky Star Chinese6002 Oleander Dr.11am–10:30pm
Nikki’s Hibachi Steakhouse1055 armed forces Cutoff Rd.4–10pm
Oceans at holiday Inn 1706 N. Lumina Ave.6:30am–11am
Peking Gourmet120 S. Prior St.11am–10:30pm
Sweet n Savory Cafe1611 Pavilion Pl.11am–6pm
Silver disagreement (Carolina Beach)3 Cape are afraid Blvd. 4pm–2am
Tavern 146309 market St.4pm–2am
Waffle HouseAll locations24 hours

Grocery Stores

Asian Life Market4302 market St.9:30am–5pm
Earth Fare943 military Cutoff Rd.Closed
Food LionAll area locationsClosed
The fresh MarketMayfaire town CenterClosed
Harris TeeterAll locationsClosed
La Huerta new Produce830 S Kerr Ave.8am–5pm
Lowes FoodsAll locationsClosed
Tidal Creek Co-Op5329 Oleander Dr.Closed
Trader Joe’s1437 university Rd.Closed
Sam’s Superette1023 S sixth St.7am–10pm
Sam’s Superette 21415 Dawson St.7:30am–8pm
Whole Foods3804 Oleander Dr.Closed
World MarketMayfaire town CenterClosed
Village market Grocery26 S 2nd St.8am–midnight


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