Hello, I"m in the planning process of removing mine Tub"s north Trap and replacing it with a suitable P-Trap and also an wait Admittance Valve.

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The bathtub is plumbed as complies with in PVC:

1-1/2" trap Adapter, drum Trap v Cleanout, 4 feet of 1-1/2" PVC (slope = 1/2" every ft), 90 level elbow to go vertical, 1" that 1-1/2" pipe, tee native lavitory drain, 5" 1-1/2" pipe right into a 3" restroom tee at the main drain.

The closest location to put the vent line would certainly be ideal after the P-trap, v a wye, walk backwards in ~ an angle, and up into the wall surface cavity behind the tub, which is accessable indigenous a closet.

I could also put the vent at the optimal of the vertical drain from the tub, but I don"t have actually much space to acquire me the 4" distance from the trap to the AAV. I"d have to drop the P-trap a couple of inches, or boost the steep of the 4" trap arm.

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I do a tiny picture to define my present setup and also options. Which method can ns go?



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9 years ago

How much away is the bath tub from the main drain? If you"re in ~ 6" girlfriend don"t require a AAV unless you have actually 2 fixtures behind a vent. The best means to explain that to you is...if you to fill up the tub and drainpipe it, go the sink or toilet in that room do a suck sound?

By code, AAV"s or ago vents are an alleged to terminate 6" over the highest possible fixtures overwhelming rim on that line.


9 year ago

Under the IPC & IRC the maximum length of a fixture arm can be computed by separating the diameter the the drain by the pitch. If one 1-1/2" heat is installed with the code traditional 1/4" every foot pitch the preferably lenght would certainly be 1.5 / .25 = 6ft but in this instance the line has a 1/2" key so the preferably allowable length would be 1.5 / .5 = 3". (The bottom of the drain line in ~ the catch weir might not be higher than the height of the heat at the vent opening).

Both the configurations illustrated above would not pass password for a number of reasons.

The basic solution would be to remove the drum trap & prolong the size of the bathtub drain tailpiece. Code will enable up to 24" upright drop indigenous the tub drain opened to the water level in the trap.

Attach a P-trap and run the line with a 1/4" per foot pitch.

A wye have the right to be installed on the drainpipe line through the next input angling downstream. You deserve to then placed a street 1/8bend on the wye side opened input, i beg your pardon would revolve the side opening vertical and also attach one AAV wherein the base of the AAV is 4" above the drain line.

REF-IPC917.4 Location. The waiting admittance valve chandelier be situated aminimum that 4 inch (102 mm) above the horizontal branchdrain or fixture drainpipe being vented The air admittance valve shall be situated within the maximum arisen length permitted for the vent. The waiting admittance valve candlestick be installed a minimum that 6 inches (152 mm) above insulation materials.