Flow restrictors, likewise known together water restrictors, space designed to reduce water flow during your shower head time.

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The united States environmental Protection agency reports that showering is responsible because that 17% of complete water intake of an median American family.

In 1992, the United states passed an energy Policy Act, and since then, adding a circulation restrictor in the shower head has come to be a commonwealth law. This law allows using no more than 2.5 gallons per minute.

It controls extreme water usage as well as helps to conserve water.This selection is even lower because that California, Colorado, and brand-new York City.It is definitely an green solution come a deadly problem.

But, besides saving your water, it may reduce her water flow as low together you can barely bath. In this scenario, an informative guideline around how to remove the circulation restrictor native a Delta shower head can save her day.


How to remove Water Restrictor indigenous Delta shower Head

Removing the flow restrictor from the Delta shower head is a basic procedure. You can conveniently do it you yourself by making use of some simple plumbing tools. It’ll take much less than 15 minutes to carry out this job.

At first, let’s have a look at the perform of required tools to eliminate a Delta showerhead flow restrictor.

Tools you will do it Need:

Teflon plumbers tapeAdjustable wrenchNeedle-nose pliersPaper clipBrushTowel

Step-by-Step Process

If friend have every one of these devices at hand, you’re all set to initiate the removed process. Let’s obtain started.


step 1

At first, wrap the pipeline or the connector by making use of a fiber cloth. Girlfriend can likewise use the rag to perform this job. This rag protects your pipe native tool scratch marks.

step 2

Check the shower head head connection. If over there is any type of nut or any type of other protector, remove that first. Numerous Delta shower head head has a shower display screen attached through the head. If your model additionally has one, eliminate that firmly. In situation you are not sure around the added screen, read the user manual before proceeding come the nextstep.

action 3

Now, eliminate the showerhead from her shower panel. If that is linked with the hose, disconnect the from the tube.

You may need an adjustable wrench come unscrew the shower head head. Furthermore, use secondary wrench to save the wrapped fabric in place. Otherwise, the pipe might leak water drips on her bathroom floor. It will certainly be far better if you ar a water bowl under the shower head together it reduces the possibility of getting a wet floor.

action 4

Now, take a look in ~ the within of her shower head. Yes sir a slight possibility that you can an alert the gasket or the black color O-ring. Many of the cases, this ring no visible properly.

If girlfriend can’t locate the ring, the time to use the paperclip. Get a paperclip and unbend the end of it. Use this device pry increase the black color O-ring and also locate the restrictor within the shower head.

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action 5

It’s time to eliminate that O-ring. The circulation restrictor will be beside the O-ring. And also the resistor looks prefer a plastic disk, and it is located behind a star-shaped metal.

Usually, the circulation restrictor come in a brighter shade than any type of other ingredient of her shower panel. The is the most straightforward way to determine the resistor. However, if there space no brighter components there, look for something else which blocks the water flow.

Then hook the file clip under the restrictor and twist it. Therefore you have the right to remove the circulation restrictor. Friend can also use a needle-nose plier to perform this task.


Caution: Perform this step with more discretion. In instance you space not sure around how to execute this step, get assist from the user manual detailed by the manufacturer. Over there is nothing to problem even if you shed that manual. Friend will find an virtual copy in ~ the manufacturer’s website.

step 6

If you have an old shower head head, it’s not a negative idea to clean that in this step. A thorough cleaning will rise your shower head water pressure and make her shower more satisfactory. It’s an optional task. You can skip this step if girlfriend want.

step 7

Now remove the old Teflon tape native the hose and also wrap that by making use of a new Teflon tape. The keeps the showerhead in place.

step 8

It’s time to insert the O-ring into the showerhead. You have the right to put that in ar by utilizing your thumb. When it seems to fit in place, slide it back firmly right into its sit.

action 9

Place the shower screen again ~ above the shower head.

step 10

Screw the Delta clockwise by hand. You may use the flexible wrench if girlfriend can’t execute it through hand. Use that wrench through caution. If you put much more pressure 보다 needed, the will damage the shower head head. Then use a channel wrench to tighten the head.

step 11

Finally, this is the end of her journey on removing the flow restrictor from the Delta shower head.Your shower panel is prepared for performance checking!

Before check the water flow, make certain that every one of the water-consuming gadgets of her apartment room turned off. Then examine the main shut turn off valve. Make sure that the main valve is in full speed mode. Otherwise, you will not gain the whole water speed.

Then turn on the shower head at full speed. I hope that currently you obtain an sufficient water flow!


Keep the restrictor valve in place. In situation you want or require to add again, you have the right to use this one there is no buying a new one.


Remove the gasket with extra care.If you are not confident sufficient to remove the restrictor, acquire some skilled help. Otherwise, girlfriend may ruin your showerhead.

Final Verdict

Most that the shower head heads have water restrictor functions to reduce water wastage and save her water utility bill. Though it saves your money, that may result in low water push in your shower.

If you room in the 2nd category, our step-by-step reminder might help you to get a perfect shower by clarifying this problem.

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I hope this overview will work with many of the Delta showerheads available in the industry. However, if girlfriend have any questions or inquiries around the remove process, feel cost-free to leave those in the comment crate below.

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