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Does "allow" have to take a straight object? Is it acceptable to say e.g.: "This an innovation allows to avoid too much power usage etc."?SOURCE OF inquiry & day OF RESPONSE Cracow, Poland Thu, Nov 11, 1999GRAMMAR"S RESPONSENo, the verb "allow" does not always require an object; it deserve to act as an intransitive verb — however not specifically the means you"ve used it in her example. We could say something prefer "This an innovation allows for the avoidance of extreme power." OR "This technology does not enable for the use of extreme power." and also another combination is enable of: "Her attitude toward others does not permit of much interaction." (which is no a very great example). Ns don"t think we have the right to use that in combination with an prototype the means you have actually it.

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QUESTIONWhat is the correct way of composing Veterans Day--Veterans"Day,Veteran"s Day, or Veterans Day?SOURCE OF concern & day OF RESPONSE Norwood, Massachusetts Thu, Nov 11, 1999GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEThe dictionary lists it together Veterans Day, so the many "veterans" is acting as an attributive noun there. ~ above the various other hand, the same thesaurus lists Patriots" Day, so walk figure!
QUESTIONWhat is the dominion for reflecting possession in words ending in "x"? You cite the quiet "x" (i.e. Bordeaux would be Bourdeaux"). But, what about words choose Xerox, FedEx, Kleenex, or Medex (my company"s name)? need to it it is in Medex" or Medex"s? Or, is either OK?Thanks! SOURCE OF concern & day OF RESPONSE Baltimore, Maryland Thu, Nov 11, 1999GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEWhen the "x" is silent, you don"t include an "s" after the apostrophe. Once you do hear the "x," however, you include an apostrophe + "s" to type the possessive: Medex"s policies. . . .
QUESTIONRecently I had been inquiry a question about interrobangs. Together I have actually never heard of them before, i was nonplussed and unable to reply. What are they? as soon as were lock used? exactly how are lock used? And, why space they used?Thanks.SOURCE OF question & date OF RESPONSE Culver City, California Fri, Nov 12, 1999GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEI have no idea what one interrobang is an alleged to look like (never having seen one myself), however an interrobang is a punctuation device designed to end an exclamatory rhetorical concern — a concern that deserves, also, one exclamation mark. So, in the middle of one argument, you can ask, "What, room you nuts?!" and the interrobang would take the location of the "?!" (In typesetting, the exclamation mark is referred to as a "bang.") Interrobangs have no duty in academic text.
QUESTIONWould the following sentence be written as:The firm will certainly sponsor the men and women"s basketball tournament.or as:The firm will sponsor the mens and women"s basketball tournament.or as:The firm will certainly sponsor the men"s and women"s basketball tournament.SOURCE OF inquiry & day OF RESPONSE Dimondale, Michigan Fri, Nov 12, 1999GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEI i think you intended "tournamentS," as different events. If so, the answer would certainly be "men"s and also women"s basketball tournaments" due to the fact that they room "owned" independently by men and women.
QUESTIONIn a official essay is it it s okay to usage the words you or your? for example:The impacts of medicine in sports has actually a destructive effect on your organs.By being a peak athlete the neighborhood has respect because that you and young youngsters idealize her talents.SOURCE OF concern & date OF RESPONSE London, Ontario,Canada Sun, Nov 14, 1999GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEThe trouble with utilizing the second person pronouns is the you gain trapped right into using them all the time, and it"s not proper (because it"s confusing) to change from the much more formal and objective third-person to the less formal "you." In a keep in mind (like this one, for example), the "you" functions fine, but in an extensive formal essay, you more than likely ought to stop it. Although you didn"t ask me, your 2nd sentence also has a trouble with a dangling modifier: "the community" is not "being a top athlete." You could have written, "Being a height athlete, you must realize that. . . ."
QUESTIONMy boss has dictated a sentence that contains this statement: "...may be discussed as lengthy as these boundsare no exceeded."I believe "as lengthy as" must be changed with "so lengthy as," yet I can"t find any type of authority in the Greggreference hand-operated or ~ above your website to substantiate mine belief. I think "as lengthy as" means a measurement,while "so long as" shows a condition being attached come something.Your help would it is in appreciated.SOURCE OF concern & date OF RESPONSE Minneapolis, Minnesota Sun, Nov 14, 1999GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEYou"re right. "As lengthy as" means "during the whole time that" and also "so long as" means "provided that" or "only if," i beg your pardon is clearly what your boss wants to say. Therefore as lengthy as she or that is your boss, i don"t know if it"s wise to speak anything, but "so lengthy as" would certainly be correct.Authority: The brand-new Fowler"s modern English intake edited by R.W. Burchfield. Clarendon Press: Oxford, England. 1996. Supplied with the permission that Oxford university Press.
QUESTIONIn what instance should one usage OF rather of indigenous whenrefering to causes of death? though it can sound morbid, I assist write obituaries for ourlocal paper and often come across this question. An instance of my question would be: "She died OF/FROM complications endured in XXXX." mine co-worker and also I really evaluate your help!SOURCE OF question & day OF RESPONSE Orlando, Florida Sun, Nov 14, 1999GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEAccording come Burchfield, the Oxford English dictionary abounds with examples using both prepositions, "of" and "from" (along with "with," weird enough). I guess that way it"s as much as you to decide what sounds much better in each case.Authority: The new Fowler"s modern English consumption edited by R.W. Burchfield. Clarendon Press: Oxford, England. 1996. (looking increase "die") used with the permission that Oxford college Press.
QUESTIONMy question stems from months of hearne to website traffic reports onthe radio every monring. The tv consistently describe traffic problems in thepossessive (i.e. Your, yours) quite than making use of an short article (i.e. A, an, or the). Some examples:"Your southbound ramp is congested.""Your intersection in ~ Maple and also Grove has an accident"Each time i hear this reports, I believe that they are not using correct grammar. I alsorealize the grammar rules adjust over time — frequently to the hinderance of the Englishlanguage, in my opinion. Thank you for your responseSOURCE OF inquiry & day OF RESPONSE Auburn Hill, Michigan Mon, Nov 15, 1999GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEI mean this building and construction is one earnest effort to personalize the report, but it doesn"t make a most sense and also it definitely doesn"t have anything to execute with a change in grammar rules. It"s no exactly bad grammar for the matter, yet we are left wondering what "you" they have actually in mind. Mine impression is the these folks that fly over urban at rush hour room hired because that their ability to fly and talk quick at the very same time quite than for their ability to speak v clarity or precision.

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QUESTIONI to be contstantly baffled by the method certain holidays room spelled.For example, Mother"s day seems prefer it should be Mothers" Day, since it is the work tocelebrate all mothers! The exact same for Father"s Day, Veteran"s Day, etc. Ns feel that every one of the advertisements, greeting cards, and commercials are wrongly writing thenames of this holidays. I have asked numerous grammar teachers, however still obtain no satisfyinganswer. Ns would substantially appreciate response to my question. Many thanks so much!SOURCE OF concern & day OF RESPONSE Ferdinand, Indiana Tue, Nov 16, 1999GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEThe reason you haven"t gotten a satisfying price is the there isn"t one. Convention, usage, custom, greeting card suppliers — whatever — establishes such spelling, and also that"s that. To do matters worse for you, I have actually to allude out the the correct spelling of "Veterans Day" is without an apostrophe at all and also that "Patriots" Day" (in Massachusetts, in ~ least, wherein it"s commemorated with a job off) puts the apostrophe after a plural form, which would certainly make sense to you. There provided to be a day referred to as "Children"s Day" (a own plural), however it never made the big time, i guess, due to the fact that parents couldn"t it is in talked right into buying greeting cards for their kids. Probably we can say that "Mother"s Day" concentrates the energies and also attention of the day ~ above a single mom — yours.
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