Was thinking of walk fr dragon claw, aerial ace, for having actually two STAB attacks, and also steel wing to respond to ice and fairy types. I watch a lot of of people teach theirs ice Beam? I’m simply going because that pve so i’m not too worried around coverage, more for just a sweeper, atm i would have 2 physical and also 1 one-of-a-kind move. Not sure if I require wing attack or outrage, what carry out you men think?


Clefairy/jigglypuff ns guess? yet steel wing much more for ice cream coverage i guess, due to the fact that I don’t have really any other Pokémon to usage that TM for

Also idk if you’re conscious but the physical/special split was in gen 4. So any dragon relocate or any type that one eevee can end up being are distinct moves.

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Fire, water, electric, grass, ice, dark, ghost, psychic, dragon, and also ground (maybe, no sure around ground) I believe are all special

Normal, fighting, flying, bug, steel, rock, and poison I believe are all physical

For in game my basic pattern is one or both STAB moves, one or 2 coverage moves, and a buff or status. Oh, and also I constantly play v Set, transition is for wimps.

So for FRLG Dragonite I would certainly do:

Aerial Ace. Paris is more powerful, however Aerial Ace win the common dual Team and Sand Attack.

Outrage. There's hardly any type of steel species in FRLG so being locked is no big deal.

Brick Break. To win steel and ice species and is a purchasable TM. Different options: Earthquake (strongest against steels), iron Tail (strongest versus ices yet inaccurate), Flamethrower/Fire Blast (decent for a special Nite).

Agility. Or Dragon run if i was reproduction the Dratini. Safeguard, Thunder Wave, or a weather relocate are also worth considering.

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For something much more unusual a collection of Surf, Thunder, Rain Dance, and a STAB might be fun.

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I’ll most likely go aerial ace, outrage, dragon claw, and also either brick break/steel wing. Largely bc I have no idea who else on my team would benefit from steel wing as I won’t have any kind of one with STAB and dragonite has good physical attack and also can use it together coverage


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