Almond and also peach are two well-known tree species. Return the two trees it seems ~ different because of their products (fruit and also seed), both of them belong to the Prunus genus and also are gene very comparable that they can be crossed and fertile hybrids have the right to be derived from them. An global team led by researchers of the centre for study in farming Genomics (CRAG) in Spain has sequenced the genome of the ‘Texas" almond tree range and contrasted it to the peach tree genome.The comparison of the Texas almond and also peach genomes locations the divergence of both types six years million ago, regular with the theory that areas the presence of a usual ancestor that the two varieties in Asia and the succeeding separation the two populations that was brought around when the Himalayas massif to be lifted. The researchers found that the genomes that the almond and peach trees have a high degree of conservation, and they investigated the degree of the differences in between them and whether they could be accounted because that by the activity of the transposons.Most varieties from the Prunus family members bear bitter and also toxic seeds and also previous studies identified specific genes associated in the synthesis of amygdalin, the compound the confers bitterness and toxicity in the seeds. However, a team of almond varieties bear sweet almond. The CRAG team uncovered that in sweet almond tree crops, at least one that the genes associated in the synthesis of amygdalin is influenced by transposon insertions, arguing a crucial role not just in the diversification the the almond tree and the peach tree, but additionally in the hereditary variation occurring within the same species (bitter almond and also sweet almond).For much more details, check out the write-up in CRAG News.

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