Wheel that Fortune co-hosts play Sajak and also Vanna White have worked together for a staggering forty years, longer than many marriages survive.

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‘Wheel that Fortune’ hosts Vanna White and Pat Sajak | Paul Warner/WireImage

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They’ve been v a lot with each other as a team, and also with so lot time spent in each other’s company over the years, numerous wonder even if it is or no the two ever before dated along the way.

Vanna White’s previous marriage and also her existing relationship

The letter-turning host of the classic game present was involved to actor man Gibson in the 1980s, but before they might marry, Gibson passed away in a aircraft crash in 1986.

The south Carolina-born White was married come restaurateur George Santo Pietro in 1990. After twelve years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2002. They have actually two children, Gigi, 23, and also Niko, 25.

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(left come right): Gigi Santo Pietro, Vanna White, man Donaldson, and Niko Santo Pietro

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The 63-year-old was engaged to, yet never wed, business man Michael Kaye for two years, native 2004 to 2006.

Opening up to civilization in 2019 about the support she obtained from viewers after her boyfriend’s death, she described how fans’ messages of quality helped carry her v her incredible grief.

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“I heard from so many human being who had shared the same experience of shedding someone soon in an accident, and also that really assisted me. I didn’t feel choose I to be alone. Due to the fact that when something prefer that happens, you automatically think she the only one.”

Most recently, White has been seeing structure developer man Donaldson since 2012.

Pat Sajak has been married twice

The 73-year-old hold of Wheel of Fortune married because that the first time in 1979 come Sherrill Sajak and also the two were married until 1986.

His second, and present, marriage was come Lesly Brown, who he met in 1988. By 1989, the two wed and also eventually had actually two children: Patrick, 29, and also Maggie, 25. A previous model, Brown has studied law and also is a effective photographer.