Whether or not the Pharisees heeded Jesus’ teaching, we today can take to heart these 5 lessons from the renowned parable.

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Whether or no the Pharisees heeded Jesus’ teaching, we today can take to heart these 5 lessons from the famous parable.

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Then Jesus told them this parable: “Suppose among you has actually a hundred sheep and loses among them. Doesn’t he leaving the ninety-nine in the open up country and go after the shed sheep till he finds it? and also when he find it, that joyfully puts the on his shoulders and goes home. Then he calls his friends and also neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice v me; ns have discovered my lost sheep.’ i tell you the in the same way there will be more rejoicing in sky over one sinner who repents 보다 over ninety-nine righteous persons who carry out not have to repent. (Luke 15:3-7)

The an ext I research the life the Jesus, and the stories he told, the much more I admire just how countercultural and also outspoken he was throughout his life. Whereby Jesus witnessed a need, that met it. Whereby there necessary to be reform, he changed it. Luke 15 introduces 3 teachings of Jesus that capitulate his mission and also ministry. The gospel that Luke centers on a society gospel. Jesus is the Savior for the rich and poor, the Jew and Gentile, the clean and unclean.

There room a variety of amazing lessons we can learn from the Parable of the lost Sheep and apply to our lives today. However first, we must know why Jesus want this story to it is in told.

Why walk Jesus call the Parable that the shed Sheep?

As the step rises in the chapter, Jesus is not just dining with taxation collectors and other notorious “sinners,” yet he shows hospitality to together socio-religious short lives. The warmth and also kindness Jesus proved to those of reduced status increased them to a level i can not accept to the Jewish religious elite, because of this leading come their judgment of Jesus. In response, he tells the Pharisees and teachers that the legislation the 3 parables of Luke 15, come which the Parable the the shed Sheep is included.

In the story, a shepherd of one hundred sheep loses one in the wilderness. Out of worry for the lost sheep, he pipeline the rather to find for the one. As soon as he finds the sheep, that carries it back to the herd and also celebrates v his friends.

Whether or no the Pharisees heeded Jesus’ teaching, we today have the right to take to love these 5 lessons indigenous the famed parable.


1. God Pursues the Lost

In the parable, the shepherd represents God. Transparent Scripture, the mr is compared to a Shepherd (Psalm 23; Psalm 80:1; Psalm 95:7; Ezekiel 34:31; Luke 12:32). Jesus likewise calls self the an excellent Shepherd in john 10. In this parable, the shepherd pursues the shed sheep. The method Jesus frames the inquiry to the leader in Luke 15:4 renders it obvious for them to watch that the shepherd have to go ~ the sheep. The cannot no wait for the sheep to come wandering to the fold or to hear his call. Rather, that searches because that his lamb. The hope in this article is overwhelming! even when us are much away from God, completely unaware the his presence, he actively pursues us, calling united state to Himself. Possibly you have a family member or a friend whose salvation you have actually prayed for. Store praying! The great Shepherd is out there searching!

2. God’s economic situation Differs native Man’s

In the story, the shepherd temporarily pipeline the ninety-nine lamb to go after the lost one. A herd that one hundred would certainly be a modest flock in the day. Risking the resides of number of sheep for one would certainly not do economical sense. Yet, Jesus illustrates the God’s kingdom and economy operates outside the realm of man’s understanding. If we weigh risks and also rewards by what us will shed or gain, Jesus asks his disciples to be ready to shed it every for his sake. The ones that humble themselves are the greatest in the kingdom (Matthew 18:4). Jesus illustrates this by showing hospitality to the spiritual paupers. How can our daily schedules look different if we decided God’s economic situation over the world’s? would certainly we exchange a couple of clubs or tasks for outreach opportunities?

3. The Shepherd dead the shed Sheep

After the lost sheep is found, the shepherd does not punish the sheep. Nor does the shepherd also make the lamb walk earlier to the herd. Rather, he places the lamb upon his shoulders and carries him back to the flock. Some suggest this is due to the fact that the sheep is scared or disoriented. In spite of the reason, the shepherd tote the burden of restoration also after the sheep is found. In times of weariness in the journey, we have the right to trust Jesus to help us carry our burdens (Psalm 55:22; Matthew 11:28-29). What burden do you should lay in the Shepherd’s arms?


4. Redemption is a Communal Event

When the shepherd returns v the sheep, the celebrates with his friends. The pleasure is shared amongst the community. This represents exactly how God feels about those who come to him. Each redeemed spirit elicits a solemn event in sky that have to be reflect on earth. The religious elite determined to condemn fairly than celebrate. As soon as was the critical time you commemorated a spirituality milestone with a friend? perform you need to share her story v anyone?

5. Religious Pride reasons Spiritual Blindness

The Pharisees and teachers of the legislation were therefore preoccupied evaluate others, they missed Jesus’ message consisted of within the parable. Their religious pride hindered them from ever acknowledging Christ as Messiah. Arrogance regularly blinds united state from reality. Proverbs 11:2 states, once pride comes, climate comes disgrace, however with the humble is wisdom. The contrasting characters and how Jesus responds to them in this scene illustrates just how God responds come the prideful and to the humble. When have you let go an possibility God had for you since of spiritual pride?

For a straightforward story, the parable the the lost sheep imparts wealth of wisdom that can proceed to be applied today. These lessons of hope, redemption, and community have the right to inspire united state to re-publishing the love the Christ to those who must hear it most. The challenge is to open our hearts and also homes to make room and also time for Christ come use us to with the lost.

Cortney Whiting is a wife and also mom of two preteens. She obtained her grasp of Theology level from Dallas Theological Seminary. After serving in the church for almost 15 years, Cortney at this time teaches in ~ a Christian school and writes for various Christian ministries. You can find her at her blog, https://recapturefaith.com.

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