Ouran High School organize Club: 15 Haruhi Fujioka Facts many Fans Don't know Haruhi is an interesting character, however a lot about her goes under the radar. Below are part things about her most fans simply don"t know.

though the entire actors of Ouran High School hold Club is colorful, quirky and creatively written, it"s hard to argue that any kind of character is an ext popular 보다 the titular host herself, Haruhi Fujioka There space some things that most world who are familiar with the series will instantly think of when they think that Haruhi: She"s blunt, a driven hard worker, and also a lot of the time she seems choose the only relatable person in the entire show, which makes sense offered how often the various other members get captured up in your upper-class delusions. However, there are fairly a couple of things even hardcore fans could have missed about everyone"s favourite gender-neutral host(ess?).

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Updated September 16th, 2021 by Bailey Jo Josie: Years ~ the manga, anime, and also live-action adaptations stole the understanding of shojo fans, Ouran High School host Club is still considered a popular and high-quality Japanese romantic-comedy. Because this list was composed in 2020, there room still much more interesting insights and facts around everyone"s favorite gradual host, Haruhi Fujimoto.

Ouran High School hold Club anime
In Japan, the institution year runs from the beginning of April to mid-March with a small break in between, therefore students who space born on or after April second are put in the same grade together someone born around 364 days later on April 1st. Because Haruhi to be born top top February 4th, this puts her in the youngest team of first-years students in ~ Ouran High. In the manga however, she 16-years-old which says that she joined the host Club in the direction of the end of the school year.

It"s common knowledge the the only method someone that Haruhi"s affluence to be able to gain into Ouran was v passing a rigorous enntrance gate exam, however there"s actually much more to her problems than that. In addition to having passed said exam, Haruhi has to stay at the very top of her class- number one, nothing less- in order to preserve her scholarship. Some may argue the this isn"t quite as daunting as that sounds, as not all students take it studying particularly seriously, yet top at an elite college is still very impressive an unified with the truth that she specifically handles most household duties, too.

in ~ the end of the anime, though Haruhi has actually dressed up in lengthy wigs numerous times, it"s not favor it"s unheard of for the other hosts to sometimes rock similar styles, for this reason this doesn"t give her gender away or anything. In the manga which proceeds the storyline previous this, however, once Haruhi walk to examine abroad, Tamaki offers her the push she needs to disclose to all her client over her time at the club the truth. While most are hesitant at first, she is accepted and also warmed up to relatively fast, which is quite heartwarming.

12 The reason For her Casual Feminine Fashion Tendencies

It"s no mystery that the other hosts shot at every possibility to get Haruhi to dress up in much more feminine attire, and also this is specifically true because that the King, who has actually the many say end the fashion selections the club ends increase making. However, she ends up sporting a same amount of beloved feminine wear external of these costumes, too, and also it isn"t exactly by choice.

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During their trip to the beach, top top sporting a frilly pink nightgown, Haruhi states that she father has actually a propensity to re-pack her bags to shot to get her right into cuter clothes.

Each host Club member has actually their own color of rose that is linked with them, and for good reason. In Haruhi"s case, that color would be red. In Japanese culture, the shade red is associated with life and also romance, which is exceptionally fitting because that Haruhi as she starts turn off someone that doesn"t seem really interested in these things and also yet they finish up ending up being an integral part of her character. In west culture, the red increased symbolizes beauty and also perfection which is an apt description of just how the various other hosts view her.

10 she Pairing with Tamaki becomes Canon

Fans that have likewise read the manga will currently be mindful of this, however due to just how sweet (and how amazing unknown) the is outside of that, we had to in ~ least include it. The ending of the anime left it pretty open as to who Haruhi ended up having actually feelings for, despite it was hinted at that she favored Tamaki. Well, pan of the pairing fear not, as the manga goes an ext in-depth into their relationship. The two even finish up getting married and also having a child together.

It"s declared throughout the series that Haruhi possesses the same drive and overall bright, propelled view on her future as her mother, and that she"s less comparable to she father. Seeing as she to be a extremely intelligent, an ext self-reliant boy to begin with, it renders sense then that she would naturally drift away from she father a bit, not sharing as much of her human being with him. While her father Ranka is rather dramatic, playful and also emotional, Haruhi is cold, distant and somewhat apathetic in ~ times. Regardless of this, lock love each various other dearly, however in your own methods that deserve to be difficult to connect at times.

8 She took The an initial Step with Tamaki

just as the truth that her and Tamaki"s relationship is much further developed in the manga isn"t something every fans know, the more intricate details the just how their connection truly started to bloom aren"t also known, either. Walking to display just how much Haruhi had emerged since the beginning of the series, she is in reality the one who confesses she feelings that love to Tamaki who automatically accepts them.

The only thing that’s known about Haruhi’s mother’s fatality is that it was from condition when Haruhi to be five. In the 2012 live-action, Haruhi has a recall to she mother, Kotoko.

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Kotoko is leave the apartment to go to work-related as Haruhi and also her father space waving good-bye however then she collapses in the middle of the street. Later on, Haruhi talks through her father about Kotoko still working her an overwhelming job even though she to be ill and had been because that a lengthy time.

6 her Name"s Meaning

Haruhi is a typical gender-neutral Japanese name, and that alone would certainly suit Haruhi fairly well, yet the definition goes a bit further than that. Back it deserve to have a lot of of interpretations depending top top just exactly how it is spelled, Haruhi"s order in specific equates come "spring day." To add to this spring-centered fact, her birthday is ~ above February 4th, i m sorry is stated to it is in the an initial day of feather in Japan together well.

while horoscopes and MBTI tests space the traditional for figuring the end your personality traits, Japan has actually an interesting way to categorize people: blood types! Haruhi’s blood form is O which means that she determined, resilient, optimistic, and an extremely easy to acquire along with. O varieties are often taken into consideration visionaries and an excellent leaders due to their capacity to offer their opinions, characteristics that explain Haruhi’s attitude towards gender stereotypes and the shenanigans the the hold Club. She blood type also defines her ambitions to execute well at Ouran High.

4 she Innovative perspective On sex Makes her An evident Aquarius

since Haruhi’s date of birth is February 4th, that method her zodiac authorize is Aquarius the Water-Bearer, which is probably on purpose because a water-bearing vase is the factor she’s in the host Club in the very first place! Haruhi being an Aquarius additionally overlaps well with her blood-type personality as O blood species and Aquarians are supposed to be eccentric and forward-thinking. Aquarius is likewise known for being a revolutionary sign, which mirrors Haruhi’s gradual views and also seeing previous what sex a person may pick to present.

It"s commonly known to fans of the collection that Haruhi has actually a most potential romantic partners, at least in the eye of the fandom. Almost every organize is provided at the very least a small moment that can be taken together romantic through Haruhi, however one in details seems prefer he was the planned companion for her, at least in the early episodes- and also that"s Mori.

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As quickly as the an initial episode, the springs to help her there is no question as soon as she calls because that him, and also she"s happy once he addresses her by her first name because that the first time, something i m sorry signifies an ext intimacy overseas than in the West. The creator self has evidenced that that was an initial love interest for her, as well!

2 Her date of birth Was The focus Of A Live-Action TV Spin-Off Drama

In 2011, a live-action adaptation of the manga and also anime premiered ~ above TBS in Japan and also a spin-off drama was released in early on 2012 to assist promote the then-upcoming movie. Title Ouran High School host Club: Haruhi no Happy birthday Daisakusen, the spin-off comprised of four five-minute episodes neighboring Haruhi’s 16th birthday and her fellow hosts making she angry enough to quite the club. The episodes to be only available via LISMO Drama, a an exclusive video service listed by au, a Japanese cellphone carrier.

It"s constantly interesting once characters" relationships and also the relationships of their voice actors differ, which is a rather common occurrence as romantic functions aren"t written and also cast based off real-life relationships. In the anime, Hikaru ends up being tricked through Kaoru right into taking Haruhi top top a day after the 2 of them had actually a disagreement- and also though Hikaru"s feel are further explored in the manga, their relationship eventually doesn"t come to be. However, what fans can not understand is that the Japanese voices because that Haruhi and also Hikaru are actually married in actual life!