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Osan Air base (AB) is one of two major airfields operated by the U.S. In Korea and the only USAF basic in the Republic that Korea (ROK) completely planned and also built through the U.S. Indigenous scratch throughout the korean War. The basic is located 4.7 mile southwest of the city of Osan, for which it is named, and also 40 miles south of Seoul, the funding city. Before the invasion of the Republic the Korea through the North korean communists in 1950, the area included several small farming villages near the hillsides and a big number that rice paddie locations where the runway currently lies. A huge ginko tree significant the village square of among these villages and also still stands on a hill in the basic golf course.

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Established in November 1951, the base was originally named Osan-ni Air base (but an ext often referred to by its “K-55” airfield designation) in November 1951. The very first base commander determined the name “Osan-ni” for useful reasons, together it was the only village shown on army maps in the region and that was simple to pronounce. In 1952 the ROK government allowed the U.S. To obtain 1,250 acre for the air base. Transparent 1952, a aviation engineers created a 9,000-foot runway and also base support framework were constructed. ~ above 26 December 1952, the Osan-ni’s an initial operational flying unit and also support elements of the 18th Fighter-Bomber soup (FBW) came down on the base, including advanced elements of the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing. The 18 FBW performed combat waiting operations from Osan-ni Air base in support of United countries ground pressures throughout the oriental War, and listed post-war tactical wait power till October 1954. Please visit the Osan Air basic homepage for much more information.

Meanwhile, the 58th Fighter-Bomber Wing changed the 18th FBW in in march 1955, and assumed the wait defense role with the F-86F. The wing stayed the just permanently-based USAF tactical soup in Korea until July 1958. From the time, Pacific Air forces rotated tactical fighter units into Osan ab over the following 13 years until the 36th Tactical Fighter Squadron to be permanently assigned to Osan abdominal muscle in November 1971 (Harrumph!). The 51st Fighter soup (FW) was originally activated in ~ Osan ab on 1 November 1971 together the 51st Air basic Wing. The “51st” designation has actually remained in ~ Osan ab ever since. Osan transitioned to standby status and also hosted just temporary duty or transient units involved in Pacific Air forces tactical operations. The base became a long-term peacetime installation. Osan has hosted many species of fighter aircraft in its history. Today, the hold 51st Fighter Wing flies the A-10 (Pilsung!) and F-16 fighter (Harrumph!) aircraft.


Team Osan and Why We’re below — Osan waiting Base, located just 48 miles south of the korean DMZ, is residence to the “Mustangs” of the 51st Fighter Wing and also 24 tenant units, including Seventh wait Force. As the most forward deployed permanently-based wing in the waiting Force, the 51st Fighter soup is fee with giving mission-ready Airmen come execute combat operations and receive follow-on forces. Our wing through its 24 PAA, F-16 and A-10 squadrons, in addition to a C-12 airlift flight and a myriad that base support agencies conducts the full spectrum that missions providing for the defense that the Republic of Korea. Every member the the Osan team is critical in maintaining stability in Northeast Asia.

Population Served

51 FW (Military in ~ Osan AB) – 3,597Tenant units (Military in ~ Osan AB) – 1,999Family Members – 1,500U.S. DoD and also USAF Civilians – 150Korean nationwide Employees – 500Geographically Separated devices (GSU) Personnel – 250Retirees and also Family Members – 500Total populace Serviced through Osan ab – 8,406

Base Transportation

The Osan Base shuttle Bus runs every hour. Express Buses are easily accessible during “rush hour” for energetic duty in uniform only.A spaceship bus between Yongsan military Garrison (Seoul)and Osan abdominal muscle runs around every hour between around 0600 to 2130 top top weekdays and also approximately every hour between about 0700 and also 2130 on weekends and holidays. The price is $5.60 each way.

On base taxi fare starts in ~ $2.30 for the first mile or 5 minutes. Each extr 22.5 percent of a mile or 90 seconds (whichever come first) will cost an additional 30 cents.


There room command sponsored and noncommand sponsored billets at Osan AB. Please visit the Osan homepage, view the Newcomer’s info for details information regarding PCSing to Osan AB. Girlfriend will find Incheon arrival procedures and also in-processing information. Anyone needing Sponsorship Training have the right to sign up with the Airman and also Family Readiness Center.

Temporary Quarters

Pet Boarding

If you space PCS’ing in, the Osan Boarding Kennels can give you piece of psychic by acquisition loving care of your dog or cat. All pets must have actually a present copy the vaccination records upon registration. Dog inoculations must likewise include kennel cough. Just puppies under 4 months of age are not enabled to remain at the kennel. Pet owners should supply food, bedding and leashes and the caring kennel staff will carry out the companionship and love. The kennel is open 7 days a mainly year round. Reservations deserve to be do by phone call DSN 315-784-4314.

Relocation Assistance

The Combat In-processing mechanism is draft to have you with Wing in-processing within a week of her arrival. You should visit the military personnel trip (MPF), Bldg 936, to sign in on in between 7:00 a.m. And 9:00 a.m. ~ above the duty day following your arrival. Friend will also need to it is registered in the D-BIDS system within 72 hrs on terminal at the pass & id Office, Bldg 765.

For Personnel return from Overseas

Outbound come the U.S — Those return to the united state from overseas assignments should check out, a DoD web site and also program providing links come the gaining ar housing office, rental listings, and also real estate aid to military and DoD civilians. Though no all bases right now have the rental assistance component of AHRN, brand-new installations space being activated in AHRN every month. Examine the net site to watch if your next assignment is a base wherein the rental aid program has been activated. If that is an AHRN base, you will have the ability to see available rentals on-line before you leave.

Real Estate help — return personnel interested in learning an ext about to buy or marketing a home can discover real legacy advice, education and advocacy is provided through the AHRN partner moving Station (MS). MS real estate services administer assistance come military, civilians and also family members who want to purchase a residence or market their home (even if it is a “for revenue by owner” or FSBO). MS will assign a an individual independent actual estate counselor (not one agent) who will walk you through the entire procedure from offering the existing home come finding the new home in the new community. MS will make referrals to carefully screened, extremely qualified genuine estate partners. This may include brokers, agents, and also lenders yet referrals space made only at the organization member or family members member’s request. Also, Osan Airman & family members Readiness facility has a Certified real estate Counselor (CHC) available for one-on-one meeting for any certain housing needs and consultations.

Critical environment Information

North Korea and South Korea are currently in a ceasefire status. The Osan ab mission is “Ready to Fight Tonight”. The basic is on clock 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Over there is awareness and education for the feasible evacuation that non-combatants.

Passports and Visas

Ensure member and/or dependents have the compelled passports and/or visa prior to last out-processing. Member and/or dependents room not permitted to final out-process there is no the required passports/visas in hand because that themselves (if applicable) and/or dependents. Members electing the add tour will certainly not be allowed to out-process without having actually the required passports/visas in hand for themselves (if applicable) and/or dependents.

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These actions are vital to protect against unforeseen hardships come the military members and also their families. Therefore, together a critical reiteration, it is essential, members do not out-process without having actually the ideal passports/visas because that themselves (if applicable) and/or dependents.