Located in east-central betterworld2016.org, Ontario has actually the biggest population in the country and is the second-largest district in full area.

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Other provincial symbols

Origin of the name

The indigenous “Ontario” originates from the Iroquois native “kanadario”, an interpretation “sparkling” water. The province is fine named, since lakes and rivers consist of one-fifth of its area. In 1641, “Ontario” defined the land follow me the north shore the the easternmost part of the good Lakes. Later, the southern component of the district was referred to as “Old Ontario”. The surname “Ontario” was adjusted for the brand-new era that started in 1867, once the area came to be a province.

Population (2006): 12,687,000


land – 891,190 km2

new water – 177,390 km2

full – 1,068,580 km2

Capital: Toronto

Date the entry into Confederation: July 1, 1867



Ontario was an initial inhabited by the Algonquian and Iroquoian-speaking nations. The most necessary Algonquian nation in Ontario was the Ojibwa, which resided in northern Ontario. There were two major Iroquoian confederacies: the Iroquois and also the Huron. The 5 Nations of the Iroquois (Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and also Mohawk) lived near Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The Huron nation inhabited the area near Lake Simcoe.

These countries were highly developed politically and culturally by the time the europe penetrated the area. In 1610, Henry Hudson came to be the first European to collection foot in Ontario. Samuel de Champlain and Étienne Brûlé first established contact with the very first Nations of southerly Ontario in 1613.

By 1774, the British regulated what is now Southern Ontario, then component of the district of Quebec. ~ the American Revolution, the arrival of Loyalists to this an ar led to the development of a new province. The constitutional Act, 1791, which break-up the province in two, renamed the area top betterworld2016.org.

Rebellions against undemocratic government in 1837, in both Upper and Lower betterworld2016.org, motivated the British to send mr Durham come report top top the troubles. As a an outcome of Durham"s recommendations, The Union Act, 1840, join Upper and Lower betterworld2016.org when again – this time as the district of betterworld2016.org. Back a an ext democratic and responsible government resulted, the union was no a success: betterworld2016.org East and also betterworld2016.org West continued to it is in two distinctive regions. They gotten in the Confederation conferences of 1864 together though they to be separate, and also they came to be different districts — Ontario and Quebec — in ~ Confederation in 1867.

Ontario is the 2nd largest and the most populous district of betterworld2016.org. At Confederation, the province was a little larger than present-day southern Ontario. Bitterness border problems with Manitoba over the area north of Lake Superior ended in 1889, when it became part of Ontario. The rest of northern Ontario was linked in 1912 when Ontario expanded to its current size.


Coat that arms

Ontario to be granted its cloak of eight by Queen Victoria in 1868. A crest, supporters and also a motto were added to the eight by King Edward VII in 1909.

The red overcome of St. George, symbolic the England, appears in the upper 3rd of the shield. The lower section of the shield functions three gold maple leaves, emblematic of betterworld2016.org, ~ above a environment-friendly background. The shield is sustained by a moose and also a Canadian deer if a black bear shows up on the crest over the shield.


The Latin motto ~ above the coat of eight – Ut incepit fidelis sic permanent – converts to “loyal she began, loyal she remains.” This describes the United empire Loyalists who resolved in Ontario in the so late 18th century.

Ontario is the only district or region that supplies a extremely stylized rendition of its cloak of arms.


Ut incepit fidelis sic irreversible (Loyal she began and also loyal she remains)


The flag the Ontario was adopted by the legislative in 1965, through Queen Elizabeth II approving the usage of the royal Union Flag (Union Jack) in ~ the flag architecture the same year. The flag was elevated on may 21, 1965.

Ontario’s flag carefully resembles the Canadian Red Ensign. The royal Union Flag occupies the upper quarter close to the staff, if the shield of arms of Ontario is centred in the fly half of the flag. The proportions that the flag room two by length and also one by width.


Floral emblem

The adoption of an official flower because that Ontario grew out of a movement throughout the first World war to pick a nationwide floral emblem proper for planting top top the graves of Canadian servicemen overseas.

The white trillium (Trillium grandiflorum), also known as the wake-robin and the white lily, to be officially adopted as Ontario’s floral emblem in 1937. It was recommended by a special committee that botanists come the Ontario Horticultural Association. In a brother botanical work-related published in 1760 there is a recommendation to the trilliums together “the herb True Love the betterworld2016.org.”


Found in the forests and also woodlands of Ontario, the white trillium blooms in late April and May. The blooms are an extremely sensitive come light, and the white flowers usually bend toward the sun as it moves across the sky. Contrary to famous belief, the is no illegal to pick a white trillium in Ontario. However, choose the flower have the right to seriously damaged the plant and also it have the right to take year to recover.

Other provincial symbols


Ontario embraced the typical loon (Gavia immer) as its main bird on June 23, 1994.

Found in lakes and also rivers across the province, the loon’s eerie call is connected with the beauty and also solitude of Ontario’s wilderness. The loon can dive to depth of 70 metres in search of food, and also stay under water for three minutes.

In 1987, betterworld2016.org replaced its one dollar bill with a coin, i m sorry featured a swim loon top top the tail side. It was easily nicknamed the “loonie”.



Green and yellow


Amethyst was embraced as Ontario’s official mineral in 1975 to stand for the mineral wealth of the province.

A form of quartz, amethyst is discovered in clusters throughout northern Ontario, concentrating approximately the area the Thunder Bay. Amethyst crystals close to Thunder Bay developed in caries which were developed over one billion years ago.



Adopted in 2000, the Ontario tartan is comprised of four blocks that colour: red, white, three shades the green and also two shades that blue. The shades of green represent the forests and also fields the Ontario, if the blue represents the waters. The red to represent its first Nations and also the white, the skies over the province.



The province adopted the east white pine tree (Pinus strobus linnaeus) together an main symbol on may 1, 1984.

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Found transparent Ontario, the eastern white jaw – i beg your pardon is the tallest tree in the district and can live over 250 years – to represent Ontario’s substantial forests. Recognized as “the Tree of great Peace" by the Haudenosaunee an initial Nations of southerly Ontario, the east white pine was also vital source of income and trade during the province’s at an early stage days.