Finding the ideal website because that your real estate needs deserve to be overwhelming. Even if it is you"re trying to find your next house or selling a property, there room dozens of actual estate websites the can obtain the project done. Rather of having actually to filter with the results, us break it down for girlfriend -- we"ve compiled a list of the most famous real heritage sites based on the total number of page listings ~ above Google, through every website having more than 1 million indexing pages.We break-up the list in two categories: search engines and also agency-specific sites. Real estate find engines display properties placed up for sale and rental through owners and brokers, often likewise including assorted tools and also resources to assist potential buyers make educated decisions. Agency-specific websites hold a database of real estate listings and also connect users through the company"s very own realtors or companion agents.

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Most renowned Real heritage Listing Sites:

Real estate search websites are considerable and detailed, frequently featuring find filters beyond pricing and home amenities. The find engines we"ve provided here are some of the most famous on the web based upon how plenty of pages Google has actually indexed on each site.

Top 12 real Estate search Engine Sites:


Realtor is the main website of the national Association that Realtors and also hosts listings because that homes, lands and also rentals. Favor Zillow and also Trulia, gathers its details from multiple-listing services (MLSs) -- databases that listings compiled by actual estate professionals. Released in 1994, the website is among the an initial real estate suppliers to run in a digital space.Why you have to use The company website provides it straightforward to find and connect come local and also trusted realtors; realtors ~ above the site are members the the national Association the Realtors, who commit to complying with NAR"s moral code. provides thorough overviews the the local real estate market, categorized by market trends, college ratings, current accessible homes and also rentals and also top-rated local agents.

2. Trulia

Trulia is a genuine estate property and rental find website that offers various information, including just how to calculation mortgage rate and also find local agents. The website especially incorporates lifestyle components as filters right into the search process, consisting of school ratings, crime data, proximity come restaurants and also shops, and more. Why you must use through sorting v a mix of thorough demographic data and also affordability price-points top top a viewable map, potential buyers can be laser-focused when looking for the ideal home. Choose Zillow, Trulia"s app is very user-friendly and permits consumers to search as easily as they would certainly on the desktop website.

3. Zillow

Zillow is among the leading actual estate marketplace find engines. Through its living database that millions of homes up because that sale and also rental, the website provides users the relevant information and resources to obtain started. Zillow coined the hatchet "Zestimate" -- the company"s estimate of a house value, calculated using a proprietary formula.Why you must use While not an main appraisal, the Zestimate is a popular beginning point for real estate specialists to recognize the sector value the a residence -- Zillow recommends incorporating various other research, like a compare market analysis (CMA). Detailed for its good user experience, Zillow"s mobile and tablet app syncs searches and also notifications throughout devices, making it convenient for prospective buyers to stay updated on their favorite listings.

4. LoopNet

As among the biggest commercial real estate search engines, LoopNet connects buyers come commercial properties for sale and for lease. The search function can filter by property types including office, industrial, retail, among others. Follow to the company"s site, the website database has over 25 million residential property records. Why you must use LoopNet: The site hosts much more than 800,000 advertising listings and lets sellers promote their write-ups with numerous listing exposure options: Diamond, Platinum, Gold and also Premium. LoopNet users have the right to filter through property types including office, industrial and also retail. To be much more geographically specific, prospective buyers can attract a radius or freehand attract their wanted area top top the map.

5. RealtyTrac

RealtyTrac is a genuine estate building search engine generally for foreclosure listings and bank-owned homes, while also providing access to ar data, real estate tendency reports and also house auctions. Why you must use RealtyTrac: RealtyTrac appeals to consumers who space looking to do a acquisition for an investment or cheap -- with over 120 million listings, the site has detailed review reports for each result. The website has vibrant graphs and also charts to break down data around lifestyle considerations, including crime, schools and unemployment rate.

6. screens homes, apartments, condos and also townhomes because that rent in several major markets. The digital database is specialized to connecting rental seekers come rental property owners. Why you need to use The site functions the useful "Polygon" tool that allows users attract their very own search parameters on the map, making it a simple procedure for prospective buyers to define their exact and also ideal location. Additionally, the "Plan my Commute" filter enables users to uncover rentals close to a specific address or suggest of interest, adjusting by kind of transportation, travel time and time the day. These beneficial filters offer prospective renters a glimpse the what it would be choose to live in a specific area.


From townhouses come condos, gives users with advantageous information around property listings consisting of HD photos, certified user reviews and virtual tours. The site lists categorized ratings because that apartment complexes, including ratings for location, maintenance, office staff, landscaping and also parking. Why you should use Not just does the website hold a search engine with specific property type and amenities filters,"s "Moving Center" ar connects new renters with qualified movers to acquire a totally free moving quote based on the move size and destination. Apartment listing results display the floor plans, number of available units and leasing state -- prospective renters can quickly reach the end to the properties learning which certain unit they room interested in.

8. Movoto

Movoto is a actual estate website with an online marketplace that nationwide listings. Consumers can search for houses for sale, attach with a Movoto or partner agent, view summaries of real estate statistics because that a offered area, amongst other tools.Why you should use every listing enables users to view similar properties side-by-side to compare details including prices, square footage and construction date. Movoto find results likewise lets prospective buyers take into consideration factors external of home features and also pricing, including the distance from lifestyle points of interest like groceries, gas stations and also bars.

9. HotPads

HotPads is a database the residential properties for sale and for rent. The site lets users search by many filters including house features, listing freshness and also photo count.Why you need to use HotPads lists outcomes with not just property details, but likewise the variety of times the property was viewed and contacted in the previous week. Potential buyers deserve to see exactly how much more or less the listing is priced to similar listings. The website has actually a "Dashboard" ar for registered individuals that compiles their favorite listings right into one page.

10. Apartment Guide

Based on sector data and also resources, Apartment Guide posts listings for apartments that are up because that rent. The site allows users to find by apartment types, consisting of college, military, corporate, senior and luxury. Why you must use Apartment management reviews room written through certified residents and are sorted through reviews for the present management and also previous management. The website"s find engine has certain filters because that apartment features, including accessible outdoor activities, leasing choices and transportation. To preserve the verity of the listings and also reviews, the mobile app oversees a reputation guide for both renters and also property owners.


With end 3 million listings, allows consumers to find for home properties because that sale and for rent, sorted with categories favor foreclosed homes, resales and brand-new homes. The website lists assorted considerations including house details, estimated mortgage prices from different sources and home purchase resources. Why you must use From substantial list that Q&A travel guide to referrals for professionals like local residence builders and also insurance agents, the website provides potential buyers a selection of resources to make the appropriate purchasing decision. Each listing on displays the rating and distance from regional schools, estimated property values and a virtual tour option.


ForRent is a rental building listings website that allows users find by straightforward home features and also community amenities. The results display screen user ratings, residential or commercial property highlights and also pricing promotions. Why you must use ForRent: in addition to general rental properties, the site has categories for off-campus housing for students, senior housing and also corporate housing. Within each category, the find engine operates based on the particular group"s understand -- students deserve to filter by safety and also privacy determinants at, seniors can search by independent and assisted living houses on, and also professionals have the right to search for short-lived rentals based on arrival and also departure days on

7 Most popular Real heritage Agency details Listing Sites:

Agency-specific genuine estate web page emphasize helping individuals find and contact the ideal real estate agent within your firm to fit their needs. These seven genuine estate firm websites run within a network that talented agents that work to fulfill their customers" expectations and each website ranked through over 1 million or more Google indexed pages.

1. Redfin

Redfin, a residential brokerage company, helps individuals on their search for a new home with filtering searches by property types and connecting through top-rated agents. The website master an affordability calculator, residence buying guides, and referrals to handymen and also stagers. Why you should use Redfin: Prospective buyers deserve to search by not only straightforward home specificities, but additionally properties detailed as fixer-uppers and waterfront homes. They can easily communicate with your favorite properties by scheduling a tour v an agent, the town hall open residence information and also exploring the house through a digital tour. Redfin also promotes client transparency -- the company surveys every customer around their endure with Redfin and also partner agents, displaying every reviews on certified dealer profiles.

2. Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker is among the oldest real legacy franchises in north America, through operations in end 40 countries worldwide. The firm website allows prospective buyers find for properties, agents and also offices based upon their location. Why you should use Coldwell Banker: Users deserve to search for agents based upon special markets and also languages spoken; the outcomes list the professional"s qualifications, credentials and social media profiles. Residential property search results deserve to be filtered by specific points including open houses, distinct markets and also protection plans.

3. Sotheby"s Realty

Sotheby"s international Realty specialization in selling luxury properties global and connecting interested buyers to agents in regional markets. Founded in 1976, the agency has a global network of realtors to assist users uncover their dream home. Why you should use Sotheby"s: Sotheby"s permits users to filter results by dozens of species of architecture and amenities. V over 18,800 sales associates approximately the world, prospective buyers have the right to easily find an agent through the regional expertise and community background to overview their high-quality purchasing decision.

4. Century21

Century21 is a genuine estate company operating worldwide, with more than 6,000 independently-run brokerage offices throughout the globe. The Century21 website lists building results with acquisition or lease opportunities, demographic data, commuter statistics, among other information. The site offers users through tools and also resources come buy and sell a home, discover a Century21 agent and handle home mortgage. Why you need to use Century21: The listings top top Century21 are several of the most in-depth on the net -- each result includes details on neighborhood weather, school ratings, occupancy types, and also more. The company"s riches of details on neighborhood features and also demographics helps interested buyers do an educated decision.


With an ext than 100,000 agents worldwide, RE/MAX is one of the largest worldwide real heritage companies. Native price-cut to deluxe homes, prospective buyers can search the RE/MAX residential real estate website by property and listing types. Why you should use RE/MAX: In addition to listing straightforward home information, the residential or commercial property results encompass earthquake probability data, financial statistics and also unemployment rates. Potential homeowners have the right to search because that RE/MAX agents and also find your relevant complement by choosing from details languages and 24 specialties, including historical properties and also farm land.

6. ZipRealty

ZipRealty lets consumers find MLS listings, get a house value estimate, view college ratings, and read other beneficial home-buying tips. The website residential or commercial property search results come through a perform of neighborhood agents and ratings, making it practically to connect to top-rated realtors. Why you should use ZipRealty: similar to Zillow and Trulia"s, ZipRealty"s mobile app is very rated amongst users -- the app is cleanly organized and also syncs throughout devices. The company works towards transparency by letting potential buyers compare the site"s own residence value estimate, SmartZip, to other real estate site estimates, favor Zillow"s Zestimate.

7. Compass

Launched in 2013, Compass is a family member newcomer to the genuine estate space but has actually quickly carved a niche for itself as a technology-focused genuine estate platform. Why you must use Compass: The company"s website is sleek and informative, giving both homeseekers and agents the an innovation to get the most up-to-date home and also market information. The company"s core emphasis has been its popular and also intuitive cell phone apps, Compass Homes and Compass Markets, which target to do the home search procedure as systematized as possible.

Start your search engines...

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Search engines and firm-specific websites have actually their own unique strengths to offer prospective buyers, but both species of web page are devoted to helping consumers achieve their genuine estate associated goals. Through these websites having over 1 million page listings online, this sites have developed themselves together leaders in the genuine estate industry.