Of Mice and Men was released in February 1937 at the moment of economic crisis, at the time john Steinbeck (1902-1968) began to have a fairly stable life after ~ the release of Tortilla flat (1935). That Mice and also Men speak the friendship and dreams that George and Lennie, two farming workers wandering around for a living.

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George is a way man, practical, discovering his strength, discovering what is possible, what is illusory, however he additionally has trivial hopes that lie, lie to himself, as most of them we all had actually it. George is a friend and protector of Lennie, a foolish and also innocent child, but of especially health. The friendship of George and Lennie contributes to strengthening both that their dreams of a pass out future, of the soil they will certainly buy to grow, advanced pigs or cows, chickens and also rabbits, to it is in collected. Plan what they maintain on their own, come escape native a lifetime to occupational as hired laborers everywhere. Yet like “the best attempts of mice and also humans,” George and Lennie failed.

Steinbeck created Of Mice and Menin the type of a multi-stage play. Opened each stage is a brief introduction of time and space, with the sunshine and sunset the California hills and mountains, then silence. Climate the characters come in, talk and monologue, progressively expressing their personalities and adding an ext about the social context, thereby bringing the illustration to the climax, and finally finishing with a tragedy. . The final scene return to the original scene as if close up door a life cycle: the is tho the afternoon the California, also the pink hills in the sun, the deep blue pond of the Salinas, with herons, the water snake, willow dust, rows that corn plants, a path, and also a pile of ashes of many fires in the past. That scene and also that time will witness a straightforward dream around to come true, but suddenly rotate out to it is in fleeting.

The story takes location in a land called Soledad, “lonely”. The key content that the job-related is the loneliness the people, the dream that those on the bottom the the society ladder. The dream of having actually a location for George and also Lennie, the dream of harvest what is made by our own hands and the dream of living peacefully in old age as well as die of Candy, desire to it is in treated together a male of the black color Crooks hunchback, and even the bad dreams that the foolish daughter every time they show up only bring unfortunate disaster to others.

And a typical dream, and also seemingly trivial, however impossible: dreams of having people talk, sharing joys and sorrows, the George, Lennie, Candy, Crooks and also girls Name. An individual names speak come the characters’ features or inside thoughts: tiny and Candy and also Curley and also Slim and Crooks, or a very common name like George, and even anonymous together the only female in the story. . They understand what they want, and they regularly fail, however they will confess to others to be shared. Candy desires to shooting his old dog by himself so the it doesn’t have to be miserable, rather of letting strangers shoot. That confided come George, from climate on instilling in the the idea that he must be definitive once it was vital to do a last decision so that others could not damage his friend. Financial circumstances and also social prejudice.

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Of Mice and Men to be rewritten together a screenplay through Steinbeck because that his first stage power in November 1937, ~ which that performed numerous shows and received the brand-new York Drama movie critics Award. The work has likewise been adjusted into feature films and TV collection several times.

With an extreme ending, this medium has actually been provided to teach in high institutions in the US, but at once was classified as a banned book, taken native the library. In the paper definition of the present turmoil everywhere, possibly Of Mice and Men must be read and also replayed come remind us that civilization often have simple dreams that carry out not come true, nevertheless of even if it is they are poor or rich, rude or complex, in your homeland or wandering in. Where. We are all George and Lennie, Candy and also Crooks and unnamed daughters practically a century ago. They space still current in the world, top top the landfill that civilization and prosperity close come the chaotic chaos at the start of this millennium. Are the points that happen to lock the same as the illusory, however not impossible, of ours mice and humans? might it it is in something else the can’t be helped?