If you monitor me on Twitter, i beg your pardon a an excellent number that you most likely don’t, you know that for the last couple of weeks I’ve to be posting picture of old and also current ND football player in our countdown come the an initial game. Today we are officially 18 days away from kickoff in between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and also the Temple Owls, so here are your 18s.

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John Carney, Joey Getherall, Chinedum Ndukwe and also Troy proud days till kickoff... Pic.twitter.com/AlaAQuFx1t

— Bobby Norell (

Carney is probably the finest kicker ever before to role through southern Bend. He’s amongst the the leader in almost every kicking category. That was also clutch. During his time at Notre Dame, Carney is possibly most known for his game winning kick against USC in 1986.

Of food as most of girlfriend know, Carney went on to be one of the ideal kickers in NFL history. Carney played 24 seasons in the NFL. He is the fifth all-time leading scorer in organization history, just behind Morten Andersen, Gary Anderson, Adam Vinatieri and also Jason Hanson.

Joey Getherall - WR - 1997-2000

Getherall was one of my favourite players farming up. Most likely was since he to be a small guy, and also I’m not all that tall either. He additionally played the hero in one of the first games I checked out — Notre Dame vs. Air pressure in 2000. Glen Earl clogged a absent to send it to overtime. Climate Getherall scored the game winner in the extra period. The was likewise electrifying in the return game. Ns still mental his punting return versus Nebraska in 2000.

Getherall didn’t have much the a agree career, but he did go on to become a police officer through the LAPD.

Chinedum Ndukwe - FS - 2003-06

I had to put Ndukwe on below for one reason, and that to be the hit he placed on future NFL room of Famer Calvin Johnson in 2006. The was maybe the best hit in my years together a ND fan.

Ndukwe went on to have actually a reasonably successful NFL career. The played parts of 5 seasons through the Cincinnati Bengals and also Oakland Raiders. Probably the most impressive thing around Ndukwe was not his exploits on the field, yet the ones turn off it. He attended the Harvard organization School and also then the Wharton institution of service at Penn. He started the Chinedum Ndukwe Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to enriching the resides of today’s youth by giving solutions and also creating outlets to assist young human being overcome daily pressures.

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Troy proud Jr. - DB - 2016-Present

picture by Sam Greenwood/Getty photos pride was one of my favorite players in the 2016 class. He possesses great speed and moves well across the field. Unfortunately, the cornerback position is nice loaded. He should be a depth piece, a very good depth piece, in 2017.


I’ve to be away indigenous my computer for the past couple of days, so ns wasn’t able to gain a article out for 21, 20 and also 19, so without more ado below they are.


Javin Hunter - WR - 1998-2001Bobby Taylor - CB - 1992-94Maurice Stovall - WR - 2002-2005


Allen Pinkett - RB - 1982-85Luther Bradley - SS - 1973,1975-77Bob Gladieux - RB - 1966-68C.J. Prosise - RB - 2012-15Gerome Sapp - SS - 1999-2002


D.J. Fitzpatrick - K - 2002-2005Justin Yoon - K - 2015-PresentGlenn Earl - DB - 2000-03