Anyone that was about in the 1990s knew the Boyz II Men. One the the most successful contemporary celebrity R&B teams this next of Motown’s prime, the group debuted beforehand in the decade and has to be going strong ever since.

The band was the brainchild of Nathan Morris, Michael McCary, Shawn Stockman, and also Wanya Morris, who blended their vocal stylings to dominate the charts. In spite of the mutual name between two members, however, the band’s family connection has nothing to carry out with blood. 

The boys of Boyz II Men

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The members that the team all prospered up about each various other in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They met at the Philadelphia High School for the Performing Arts, wherein they all studied classic music and also vocal art together. They got their band name from a lyric by the popular music band brand-new Edition, and also it stuck to them ever before since. After ~ meeting new Edition’s Michael Bivins, the popular music star agreed to be their manager and also help collection up their image. 

The group signed through Motown and released the debut albumCooleyhighharmonyin 1991. The album won a Grammy award, and life was never ever the very same for the Philadelphia songsters. They had original hits choose “I’ll do Love to You” and also developed a reputation as some of the best cover artists in the industry.

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While the band dominated the 1990s, they’ve remained a steady presence on the R&B charts in the almost thirty years since. As much as 1990s R&B goes, one would be hard-pressed to find a much more successful group exterior of Destiny’s Child.

As a result of their success, however, the tape became much more than friends and also bandmates. They became a family. 

How Boyz II Men got famous


Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris and Shawn Stockman that Boyz II males | Kevin Mazur/Getty photos for CMT

Like numerous groups of the nature, many presumed Boyz II males to be blood-related. However, regardless of a shared name between Wanya Morris and also Nathan Morris, over there is no blood connection. The team was merely formed due to a shared love of music and the desire come hit it huge with your smooth vocal stylings. That doesn’t median that castle don’t act choose family.

The tape members have spent thirty years together touring the world and also performing on several of the biggest stages the the industry has to offer. With all of this time together, many bands would have damaged up. Boyz II Men, however, has actually remained strong through everything. Going back to their high college days, the men created a familial link that, while not blood, has lugged them because their faster days.

Now grown men with households of their own, the talent is not minimal to what they execute on stage with each other.Wanya Morris’s sonshave acquired into the music industry, and they describe the various other bandmates together their uncles. As they shot to do their name in the industry, they have actually a team of unofficially uncles cheering them along every step of the way.

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Wanya’s five sons, all the them called Wanya, are now trying to make it independently. They developed the quintet WanMor and tried to an outbreak on America’s gained Talent but never ever made it previous the early rounds.

However, the team got one more chance top top Nickelodeon’s America’s most Musical Family, wherein they not only showcased their talent but gave your uncles miscellaneous to it is in proud of. 

Being in a tape can regularly feel like being in a family. You travel together, occupational together, and also even, sometimes, live together. Because of this, it’s straightforward to assume that the member of Boyz II guys are blood-related. They aren’t, however that doesn’t do them much less of a family, regardless. Through the following generation currently trying to proceed what castle started, Wanya, Nathan, Michael, and Shawn have actually a whole lot to be proud of as they continue toward the future.