Naruto: 10 time Sasuke Met His complement (But winner Anyway) Sasuke was thrust by revenge & his rivalry v Naruto. In stimulate to reach his goals, he had to overcome some hard opponents along the way.

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Sasuke Uchiha is just one of the the strongest ninja in Naruto. At least, it is what the series continuously speak viewers, with characters calling the a ninja genius and also pointing the end his lineage as a member that the renowned Uchiha clan. However Sasuke doesn’t actually win all that plenty of fights, and also he wins very few without some serious training in the process.

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Only after he leaves Konoha to train under Orochimaru walk he appear to it is in a truly an overwhelming person come defeat, and also even then, there room still world who provide him a operation for his money. Regardless, he does control to traction off some pretty impressive victories, especially versus some that the opponents who it seems to be ~ to it is in as an effective as he is.

Sasuke and also Naruto’s first major battle holds up as one of the best fights in Naruto, period. The fight is emotionally charged, and also it’s the very first time Sasuke’s Chidori is really put to the test against Naruto’s Rasengan, with Sasuke’s curse mark contending with Naruto’s Nine-Tails. Sasuke comes out the winner of this fight for one significant reason, and that’s the truth that he is ready to actually kill Naruto in order come succeed, whereas Naruto holds earlier even if it means dying self so he have the right to save his friend.

Sasuke vs Itachi
Sasuke’s entire reason for getting as strong as he does is so the he deserve to kill Itachi as vengeance because that Itachi murdering their whole clan. When he finally records up with Itachi, he already has a major advantage over him in that Itachi is enduring from a fatal disease. Still, the fight is evenly matched, and Sasuke go all out to loss his brother. It turns out afterwards, however, the Itachi let that win, therefore it’s hard to recognize if Sasuke would have come out on height if Itachi was able to give it his all.

that is clear from at an early stage in the collection that at some point, Sasuke and also Kabuto room going to have to fight every other. Kabuto is for sure resentful that the means Orochimaru feels about Sasuke and, if not for Kakashi’s intervention, that would have likely killed Sasuke throughout the Chunin Exams when he remained in the hospital. As soon as Sasuke go finally challenge Kabuto, the does so through Itachi’s help. Even with the aid of his brother, Sasuke has a tough time hold Kabuto off.

7 Sasuke Vs Danzo Shimura & His arm Of Sharingans

Sasuke vs Danzo
Danzo is actually the villain responsible because that the deaths of Sasuke’s clan, even an ext than Itachi that actually physically take it the stays of their family. So it renders sense that Sasuke absolutely desires to death him when he learn the truth behind Itachi’s actions.

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Danzo’s strength is pretty impressive, and also he provides Sasuke a quite hard-fought battle. But ultimately his arrogance, paired through Sasuke tricking him v the use of his genjutsu, end up being his downfall.

Yamato is among the teachers the helps Naruto really master the use of his Rasengan and also take it to new levels. So it’s no surprise that he is not exactly a slouch in battle. Plus, he’s one of the few people Sasuke encounters where Sasuke doesn’t have the benefit of a kekkei genkai, due to the fact that Yamato’s likewise has the wood Release kekkei genkai from Hashirama"s DNA. Still, despite Yamato gift a serious contender to success a fight, Sasuke still manages to take it him out as soon as they face off.

5 Sasuke Vs Orochimaru In Shippuden

Sasuke’s standoff with Orochimaru is both the very first step on his course to redemption and additionally the very first step he takes toward becoming an even an ext horrible villain. Despite Orochimaru no at his strongest as soon as Sasuke fights him, that is still a formidable opponent, and Sasuke’s rapid defeat of the is both startling and impressive, reflecting that that has clearly outgrown the teacher that betrays his girlfriend to seek.

Kaguya is the last boss in Naruto Shippuden and is conveniently the most powerful opponent that any type of member the Team 7 has ever before faced. She isn’t fairly human, and also she has the ability to warp reality about her.

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Sasuke no fight her alone, and even v his outstanding power, the wouldn’t have actually been may be to loss her if that did. However the merged strength of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura is sufficient to overpower her, hearkening ago to the teamwork Kakashi has tried to instill in them because the beginning.

3 Sasuke & Taka Vs Killer B In A battle To insurance claim The Eight-Tails

favor Naruto, Killer B is a jinchuriki, and he has the extr power the the Eight-Tails at his disposal, making the a formidable opponent. Sasuke has a very hard time dealing with off against him, and also Killer B really nearly kills him. If it wasn’t because that the fact that Sasuke’s team members are nearby to heal him top top the fly together the battle continues, he an extremely nearly would be dead. In the end, Killer B retreats in the confront of this uneven competition, technically making Sasuke the winner.

nevertheless of just how naturally talented Sasuke is and also how hard he’s been training with Orochimaru, the not easy to challenge off with a Kage of any kind of village. He finds this out an initial hand once he deals with off in fight with the 4th Raikage. It’s virtually unfair to say they’re evenly matched, due to the fact that the Raikage is clearly far more powerful, but Sasuke uses Amaterasu to transaction a the majority of fire damages to the Raikage’s arms. Prior to Sasuke could insurance claim victory, the battle is interrupted by Gaara.

1 Sasuke Versus Deidara

Deidara reflects himself to be a formidable foe from the minute viewers satisfy him in the early episodes that Naruto Shippuden, when he single-handedly take away out and kidnaps Gaara, who is the Kazekage of Sunagakure. Therefore it must be no surprised that he provides Sasuke a actual run for his money. Sasuke underestimates Deidara and also assumes he’s to be defeated before he has, which almost gets that killed, however he manages to succeed in the end.

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