What vehicles modifications are versus Texas Law?

I was wondering that myself. After part research, i compiled a list of adjustments that are against the Texas transportation Code and made them straightforward to understand.

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Texas has a pro-freedom stance when it concerns you what you deserve to do through your ride. You’ll see listed below that the borders to personalizing your drive aren’t too bad. Especially if you’ve moved to Austin area favor me indigenous a an ext restrictive state(Washington).

Illegal tint

Texas law prohibits the front driver and passenger window from gift tinted in a means that doesn’t let in 25% of light. It likewise prohibits tint of the former windshield above the ASC1 heat which is commonly the height 5 inches. You might use any level of color on the rear window as lengthy as you have actually working next mirrors. Girlfriend may obtain a medical exemption by perfect this type and sending it come the DPS.

Cellphone or general practitioners Windshield Mount

The Texas law regarding blocking your front windshield has no point out of the dimension of what is impede it. Definition it will certainly be up to the officer’s discretion whether they desire to create a ticket because that affixing her cell phone, GPS, or any other item that might impair your check out of the road.

Retractable patent plates

It is versus the regulation to journey without your license plate visible in the front and also rear, together I’ve covered before. It is even illegal to possess, buy, or sell these gadgets per Texas Law. If your patent plate is retracted as soon as driving you hazard a ticket. Therefore if you own something favor a display N go or Flipper USA maker to hide your patent plate once on the road you room breaking the law.

License key Covers

Those license plate covers, sprays, and flashing lamp designed to make your patent plate invisible to red-light cams, speed camera, and toll tags are illegal and pretty obvious. Plus, everything however the more basic plastic covers just don’t work-related anymore.

Overly loud stereo sound system and also PA system

A bumpin stereo device is no illegal to own, however the usage of one can get girlfriend a ticket. Texas allows local federal government to collection noise ordinances. In Austin, it is illegal come “operate sound tools in a automobile audible or resulting in a vibration 30 feet from the equipment”. My interpretation of this is it would be a violation if utilizing a PA mechanism to scream at human being from her car.

Click below for Austin Noise Ordinance.

For other cities in Texas or across the US examine out the list created by the Noise contamination Clearinghouse.

Uncovered lights bars

Light bars or any kind of lights that are marketed because that off-road or display use have to be cover when on the road. Girlfriend are enabled 2 auxiliary light on your car that requirements to it is in positioned listed below the headlights(think foglights). Any other light on the former of your automobile needs to be 300 candlepower or below. 300 candlepower is 12.5 lumens. Even the cheapest light bars blow that out of the water. So, if you have a irradiate bar or any light above the headlights they should be covered when on the public roads.


Smoked tail lights and factory tail lights on a Nissan Murano

HID headlights

Aftermarket HID light bulbs room illegal in the US once not install from the manufacturer or properly installed. There is no mention of this in Texas law. This is a grey area and you could find yourself much more likely to get pulled end if installed. If you choose to download or have actually professionally set up HID bulbs you re welcome make sure you take the moment to get a appropriate mounting kit for anyone else’s sake. If not mounted and calibrated effectively you walk to end up blinding world on the road. A Texas police officer make this abundantly clear on the Tacoma civilization forum.

Red lamp in front

Red is minimal from being supplied in any vehicles various other than police, ems, fire, and also school buses according to Texas transport Code §547.305. If any kind of red irradiate is visible from the former of your car you would be in violations. This contains accents to your headlights, irradiate bars, fog lights, or underglow lights.

Some underglow lights and accessory lights

If the lamp flash, rotate, or oscillate they would be thought about illegal. There can also be no red visible from the front of the car. I recommend continuing to be away indigenous red underglow lamp altogether.

GPS, Radar/Lidar detectors, or Dash cams on the windshield

If the an equipment is placed on her windshield or dash in a method that obscures the motorists view it is considered illegal. The legislation makes no specific mentions of what is consider blocking, therefore it will be approximately the law enforcement officer’s discretion. Read an ext about dash electronic came laws in Texas.

Laser jammers (Lidar jammers)

Laser jammers room illegal in Texas. LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) is the primary way police enforce speed limit regulations as the is much an ext accurate and also can work at distances of 2,000+ feet. You can legally very own a LIDAR detector or Radar detector and have lock on display screen in your vehicle. If the officer determines the device is prevent your watch by placing it on your front windshield they can write a ticket because that that.

Commercial driver drops under different restrictions and are prohibited indigenous using any type of of these devices on a car over 10,000 lbs.

Removed muffler or muffler with a cutout or bypass

Your muffler can not be removed and also must prevent too much noise. You also can’t produce a bypass or cutout. The emissions should pass through the earlier or the peak of your vehicle.

“A motor vehicle shall be equipped through a muffler in good working problem that continually operates come prevent excessive or inexplicable noise.”

Removing catalytic converters or tampering v emissions controls

It is a federal law that you deserve to not eliminate or tamper v any part of the emission controls consisting of the catalytic converters, ERG valve, or wait intake. If you remove or modify any of these piece without the brand-new part being equally as reliable it would certainly make it illegal in the state of Texas. It would protect against your automobile from happen a Texas safety inspection (if they actually check). It is additionally illegal to offer a automobile like this in Texas.

For specifics visit Texas commission on ecological Quality page about Tampering of auto Emission Controls.

Lifted Trucks, Jeeps, and Cars

Texas has very loosened restrictions for lifting your truck or jeep. They encompass that your automobile can’t be lifted to do it above 14 feet high (include your load). Regardless of the elevation of the vehicle, the headlights should be no greater than 54 inches turn off the ground and the tail lights have to be no higher than 72 inches. Otherwise no limitations on lifted vehicles in Texas.


I can’t find any type of restrictions ~ above the use of hydraulic or borders on lowering her vehicles. The just restriction needs to do with the height of headlights. Headlights need to be a minimum the 24 inches off the ground.

Length and Width Extensions

Motor vehicles other than semi-trucks can’t be over 45 feet lengthy on Texas roads. This does not incorporate a trailer. With a trailer, your auto can expand to 65 feet.

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If your vehicle is broader than 102 inches it is illegal. This could be native a van bed camper or those rims the stick out too far.