The reserve fuel switch, also called fuel petcock valve, or simply fuel valve, is used to control the fuel flow from the tank to the engine.In this guide on motorcycle’s reserve fuel switch, we will understand:What the reserve fuel switch (fuel valve) is used for‘OFF’, ‘ON’, and ‘RES’ positions of the valveWhen these valve positions are usedHow to switch to reserve tank in a motorcycleWithout further ado, lets dive right in.

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Reserve Fuel Switch (Fuel Valve)

The reserve fuel switch, also called fuel valve, is a three way valve typically located on the left side of the motorcycle directly under the fuel tank and near the carburetor.The fuel valve has three switches, namely – ‘OFF’, ‘ON’, and ‘RES’.While OFF and ON directly refer to the fuel movement from the tank to the carburetor and engine, RES refers to switching to the reserve tank. The fuel flows from the reserve tank to the carburetor and then to the engine.
Once you have switched to the reserve position in the fuel valve, the fuel from the reserve tank will starting flowing into the engine to generate power.You can start the motorcycle now and ride to the nearest gas station to refill the main fuel tank.

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Can you run the motorcycle on reserve all the time? You can run the motorcycle on reserve all the time. However, once the fuel is emptied out you won’t have a safety net to fall back since the fuel in the reserve tank is also emptied out. You won’t get to know when the main fuel tank was emptied earlier.How much distance can you travel in reserve? Sincethe reserve tank is to be used only as a backup option to travel to the nearest gas station, the capacity of reserve tank will be low. Usually, the reserve tank can hold half to one litre of gasoline in most bikes. You can travel an approximate distance of 20 to 30 miles based on your motorcycle mileage.

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Do all motorcycles have reserve tank? Not all motorcycles have reserve tanks. Most modern motorcycles with fuel injection do not contain reserve tanks in them. However, all carburetted motorcycles have reserve tanks.
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