If you can not be in the stands at the world’s best sporting events, the town hall on TV is the next finest thing. Making to plan to watch the big game (or match/fight/tournament/race) is a tradition that is mutual by cultures about the world. In fact, sporting events make up the bulk of the most famous TV broadcasts. Wonder which room the many watched sporting events in the world?

1. Tourism de France – 3.5 billion Viewers

The preeminent occasion in to ride bicycle takes location each summer in France. In addition to being among the many prestigious competitions in the sport, that is likewise one of the most difficult with a course the winds through the country’s scenic hill roads. The race consists of 21 step totaling approximately 2,200 miles, raced over 23 days. Competitors race as part of an 8-person team, working together to achieve the fastest cumulative time.

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Dating means back come 1903, the tour de France has come to be one of the biggest events in the sporting world. A recent post estimates that 3.5 exchange rate viewers global tune in to clock the tourism de France every year.

Next tourism de France: July 1-24, 2022 in France

2. Civilization Cup of soccer – 3.3 exchange rate Viewers


In the same agency as the Summer Games, the human being Cup is ideal up there at the optimal in regards to popularity. This 32-team tournament (which will be increased to 48 teams in 2026) attributes national soccer teams from roughly the globe completing until eventually one team is crowned champion. Held quadrennially, the world Cup is the pinnacle occasion in the sport and also boasts huge attendance number every year. The 1950 final game stop the document for attendance at a sporting event in an fastened stadium through a whopping 199,854 spectators.

In terms of TV viewership, the people Cup number are consistently in the billions, with 3.262 billion (that’s half the world population!) tuning in in 2018.

Next people Cup: November 21 – December 18, 2022 in Qatar


3. Cricket human being Cup – 2.6 billion Viewers

North Americans might be surprised to discover cricket on a perform of most watched sporting events, but fans of the sport are well conscious of how hugely renowned cricket is in numerous parts that the world. The Cricket people Cup is the international championship because that One Day worldwide cricket. The challenge features ten teams and lasts simply over six weeks. Prefer the soccer human being Cup, the tournament takes place every 4 years, through the following Cricket world Cup reserved for 2023 in India.

The 2019 Cricket world Cup, held by England and also Wales, set a brand-new record because that viewership. An tremendous 2.6 billion human being tuned in, making that the many watched cricket occasion of every time.

Next Cricket world Cup: February 9 – in march 26, 2023 in India

4. Summer gamings – 2 billion Viewers

Without a doubt, the Summer gamings are one of the many anticipated sporting occasions in the world. The gamings not only offer a selection of various sports to watch, they likewise feature incredible personal triumphs, underdog stories, record-breaking tasks of strength and endurance, and the chance to showcase national pride. V people approximately the people eager to cheer ~ above their house country, that is no wonder billions of people want come spectate.

Every 4 years, the Summer gamings are organized in one of the world’s many attractive destinations, contributing come it being among the highest possible attended sporting events. V a global average with of 2 billion viewers, it’s also one of the most watched top top TV.

Next Summer Games: July 26 – august 11, 2024 in Paris, France

5. Winter gamings – 2 exchange rate Viewers


Though it may not tempt the same amount of fist as the Summer Games, the Winter gamings are quiet a hugely popular occasion that draws interest from around the globe. With famous sports including figure skating, alpine skiing, ice hockey, and snowboarding, the games reaches a wide audience. The Winter games take place over a 17-day duration every four years. The next edition of the Winter gamings will take ar in 2022 in Beijing, China, i beg your pardon will become the an initial destination to organize both a Summer and Winter Games.

A 4 minutes 1 of the world’s populace (1.92 billion people) tuned in to clock a part of the 2018 Winter Games, under slightly native the previous event in 2014, which attracted 2.06 billion.

Next Winter Games: February 4-20, 2022 in Beijing, China


6. Women’s people Cup – 1.12 billion Viewers


Women’s football is becoming much more and an ext popular and also as a result, the 2019 Women’s civilization Cup in France attracted a most interest. Following a comparable format as the men’s tournament, national teams contend in a month-long competition that starts with group-stage matches and also ends v a knockout phase (playoff rounds).

With a hugely famous Team USA playing for an initial place, it provides sense the so many Americans wanted to watch the matches. But it wasn’t just Americans tuning in. The 2019 tournament smashed previous the town hall records, through an remarkable 1.12 billion watching worldwide. It will certainly be interesting to view if the number are even bigger at the next tournament in 2023.

Next Women’s human being Cup: July 20 – respectable 20, 2023 in Australia and brand-new Zealand

7. Boxing – 1 exchange rate Viewers

Boxing is a fascinating sport. Casual observers may not listen much about the sports from day come day however the moment a significant match is announced that draws huge attention from about the globe. Viewership is frequently measured by pay-per-view buys and these big-name bouts placed up large numbers.

Muhammad Ali, recognized as “The Greatest”, was among boxing’s most renowned fighters ever and also was even named “Sportsman the the Century.” His fights received large attention and were some of the many watched sporting events of every time, v numbers as high as one billion.

8. UEFA Champions league – 380 Million Viewers

Soccer is the most famous sport in the world and also the UEFA champions League last is among its greatest events. The peak teams in Europe fight all season come be among two teams in this prestigious championship match. This year’s Champions League last will play out in Ataturk Olympic stadion in Istanbul, Turkey, giving travelers v the perfect factor to visit this renowned travel destination.

The champions League last is consistently among the world’s most watched sporting events. For the 2018 Champion’s League last in Kiev, 380 million human being tuned in come watch approximately the globe. In the USA, the 2021 edition to be the most-watched champion League last in 6 years.

Next Champions organization Final: may 28, 2022 in St. Petersburg, Russia


9. Super bowl – 96.4 Million Viewers


Every year, American football fans count down the days till the huge game: The at sight Bowl. The national Football League’s championship game consistently top the list as soon as it comes to sporting events in the US. Even presidential discussions can’t compete with the super Bowl. While millions of world are tuned in for the game itself, the A-list halftime act and even the commercials entice viewers as well.

The most recent super Bowl, i beg your pardon featured the Tampa only Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs, drew 96.4 million viewers, down from 102 million the year prior.

Next Super Bowl: February 13, 2022 in Los Angeles, California


10. World series – 14.35 Million Viewers

This beloved occasion is among America’s favorite loss traditions. Every October, the major League Baseball (MLB) season culminates with the world Series. The champion native the American League deals with the champion indigenous the National organization in a ideal of seven collection to come to be World collection champs. The 2020 World series was the 116th execution of the event, and also was won by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

While it may not draw the vast numbers it as soon as did, the is still among the superstars as soon as it pertains to most watched sporting events. The 2020 World collection TV viewing peaked for video game six through 14.35 million civilization tuning in.

Next world Series: October 2021


11. NCAA final Four – 16.9 Million Viewers

Before basketball stars bright in the NBA, castle hone their an abilities in college. The NCAA last Four is not only a showcase of the top collegiate talent, the the culmination of their basketball season. Each year, the semi-finals and also the finals are held in one of America’s an excellent basketball cities and the excitement is big. Fans are currently ramped up by march Madness and also everyone wants to clock to find out exactly how it all ends.

The 2021 championship game averaged a TV city hall audience the 16.9 million, that watched as Baylor topped Gonzaga.

Next NCAA last Four: April 2 & 4, 2022 in new Orleans, Louisiana


12. NBA Finals – 16.54 Million Viewers

Basketball pan follow their team for 82 games of the constant season yet the actual fun starts when the playoffs start. Through 30 teams fighting because that 16 playoff spots, just two of which will certainly make the NBA Finals, it’s type of a huge deal. The NBA Finals function incredible basketball, an superior celebrity presence, and a fun atmosphere…it’s no wonder for this reason many civilization want to watch.

The 2021 NBA Finals featured the Milwaukee Bucks acquisition on the Phoenix Suns. TV viewership peaked at 16.54 million human being in video game six, to witness the Bucks insurance claim their first championship in 50 years.

Next NBA Finals: June 2022

13. The masters – 9.45 Million Viewers


The many prestigious competition in the sport, the master takes location every feather in Augusta, Georgia. Attracting the ideal golfers from about the world, the Masters always boasts large names and also a big crowd. Playing 4 rounds over four days, the optimal pros fight to come to be Masters Champion and also don the elusive environment-friendly jacket.

In 2021 the TV viewership number were lower than usual, but still a big draw v an typical of 9.45 million viewers tuning in.

Next Masters: April 4-10, 2022


14. Kentucky Derby – 14.5 Million Viewers

Dubbed “the fastest two minutes in sports,” the Kentucky Derby is not simply the most well-known horse race in the joined States, it’s likewise one that the premier equine races internationally. When Derby weekend is filled with plenty of different races, the to mark is the grand finale, which attributes three-year-old thoroughbreds gyeongju one and one 4 minutes 1 miles approximately the historic Churchill Downs track.

The most recent Kentucky Derby, i m sorry took location on might 1, 2021, was won through Medina Spirit. A complete of 51,838 spectators watched within Churchill Downs if 14.5 million watched on residential TV network NBC.

Next Kentucky Derby: may 7, 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky


15. Civilization Cup of Rugby- 12.8 Million Viewers

Rugby’s premier event is the people Cup that Rugby, and like many huge events is organized every 4 years. Twenty that the best international teams contend in a six-week tournament until ultimately one team remains.

The many recent human being Cup the Rugby was hosted by twelve Japanese urban in 2019. Millions watched about the human being including a optimal audience for the last of 12.8 million in the UK, who watched England fall to southern Africa.

Next Rugby human being Cup: September 8 – October 21, 2023 in France

16. Wimbledon – 2.6 Million Viewers


It is the most renowned tennis competition in the civilization so the is no surprise that it’s one of the most watched sporting events, and also the most attended. Every year, hundreds of fans converge in ~ the every England club for two weeks that spectacular tennis. There were 500,397 fans watching on at the 2019 Wimbledon Championships (the last tournament pre-COVID), the second-highest attendance in history.

In regards to TV viewership, the most recent Wimbledon Championships in 2021 attractive 2.6 million viewers at its peak during the Men’s singles Final.

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Next Wimbledon: June 27 – July 10, 2022 in London, England


If you are worn down of the town hall the world’s greatest sporting occasions on television and also want to finally experience your dream event live, us can aid you out. Contact us to start planning her ultimate sports travel endure to among the world’s most watched sporting events.