1 You might not run a car unless all boy passengers __________ are securely fastened into an approved son restraint device.

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(A) 4 year of age and also under

(B) 50-100 lbs.

(C)5-8 years of period

(D) 60-100 lbs.

2 location or secure large items and loose objects in the __________ because that safety and to deter theft.

(A) center of the vehicle

(B) ago seat

(C) tribe

(D) rear window

3 Motor vehicle crashes space the number __________ reason of death for human being ages 3 come 33.

(A) one

(B) four

(C) three

(D) two

4 most hazards or obstacles will certainly be detected __________ of your vehicle.

(A) in front

(B) come the left next

(C) come the behind

(D) come the ideal side

5 numerous collisions become much more serious when drivers __________.

(A) don"t contact 911

(B) panic

(C) forget their skills

(D) honk

6 To reduce injury in the event your air bag deploys, position your human body at least __________ native the steering wheel.

(A) one customs

(B) 10 inches

(C) 40 inch

(D) six inches

7 travel at high speeds __________.

(A) requires less vehicle maintenance

(B) requires much more steering input

(C) requires greater stopping ranges

(D) creates diminished following distances

8 If the oil push light illuminates if you are driving, you must __________.

(A) rest assured the the oil pump is functioning

(B) madness the gauge to see if it transforms off

(C) pull turn off the roadway as quickly as feasible

(D) be on the alert because that a fire

9 Locked doors are much less likely to open up in a crash, __________.

(A) producing easier rescue and also recovery because that emergency responders

(B) boosting the likelihood the theft on the step

(C) i m sorry ensures effective air bag deployment

(D) to decrease the possibility of the occupants being ejected

10 Several factors can cause tire failure including under inflation, tough braking, and also __________.

(A) control on expressways

(B) bad wheel alignment

(C) properly well balanced wheels

(D) misplaced sphere joints

5 Answers

I carry out not specifically *like* protective driving. It is really tiresome.

Your only question that affiliated *defensive driving* is #4.

The bulk of collisions take place in the city, where civilization do the majority of your driving. The majority of collisions occur at intersections -- v the hazard approaching from the side.

And I"ll bet her stupid book/course or every little thing you lifted these concerns from has that answer wrong! It will say the dangers are forward.

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Question 1: You may not run a automobile unless all boy passengers __________ space securely fastened into an approved kid restraint device.

Correct: Under 8 years of period or much less than 4 feet, 9 inch in height

Question 2: The best method to attend to a tailgater is come __________.

Correct: allow them get in prior of you

Question 3: many hazards or obstacles will be recognize __________ of her vehicle.

Correct: in front

Question 4: A created report must be sent to the Texas department of Public security within 10 job of a collision that:

Correct: outcomes in death, injury, or an ext than $1,000 damages to property

Question 5: The proper use that safety devices in your automobile has the potential to __________.

Correct: reduce feasible injuries

Question 6: travel at high speed __________.

Correct: requires better stopping distances

Question 7: come regain control of a automobile in a skid, __________.

Correct: do smooth steering corrections

Question 8: To lower the danger of a collision, you have to keep at the very least __________ of room to one next of your automobile at all times.

Correct: one vehicle width

Question 9: Locked doors are much less likely to open in a crash, __________.

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Correct: to decrease the opportunity of the occupants being ejected

Question 10: __________ skids happen when the brakes are used so tough that the front or behind wheels shed traction.