Louis Tomlinson is a musician who has made quite a name for self over the previous decade or so. Countless of Tomlinson’s fans and followers recognize him as one of the singers indigenous the famous group One Direction, yet there is much an ext to the star that increased to fame through the young band. Take a look earlier at Tomlinson’s journey and find out who his hit song ‘Miss You’ is about. 

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What happened to luigi Tomlinson’s mom and sister?

Tomlinson, 29 at the moment, was born in Doncaster in 1991. At just a couple of days old Tomlinson’s parents, Johannah Poulston and Troy Austin decided to split. Later down the line, his mom remarried note Tomlinson and the future star determined to take on the family members name. 

Tomlinson’s interests in phase life in reality stemmed indigenous his small sister who was cast in a comedy dubbed Fat Friends. Together a result, in ~ the period of 11, Tomlinson started taking exhilaration classes and accepting little roles on television. The Famous human being documented his journey from early noting his absence of interest in student and solid passion for the arts. Luckily, despite he didn’t even realize it, Tomlinson’s big break to be right roughly the corner. 

Sadly, luigi Tomlinson’s mother passed away from leukemia in 2016, and also two years later on his sister, Félicité Tomlinson, died at the period of 18 indigenous an accidental medicine overdose, The Guardian reports.

How did Louis Tomlinson satisfy Harry Styles?

Tomlinson’s story is a pretty inspiring one. After adhering to his heart and also a lot of work and dedication, Tomlinson make the decision to audition for The X Factor in 2010. As the story goes, the made a great an initial impression but, unfortunately, didn’t make it past the last round the eliminations. As lucky would have actually it, Simon Cowell, among the show’s renowned judges, had various plans.

Recognizing Tomlinson’s talent, Cowell couldn’t let that walk away and, instead, offered Tomlinson a spot on the series. That course, the record was that Tomlinson wouldn’t it is in featured on The X Factor alone but as a team with 4 other young talented men: Niall Horan, Liam Payne, take care of Styles, and Zayn Malik. Although these gentlemen auditioned individually, because of Cowell, they ended up being One Direction and fan-favorites the season seven of The X Factor

Louis Tomlinson’s many memorable moments in the spotlight

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Unfortunately, together their die-hard fans already know, One Direction has been top top hiatus. It all started as soon as Malik, among the five band members, decided to leave the group ago in 2015. Despite the remaining 4 artists have dropped some hints around possibly reuniting and performing, nothing has actually yet to it is in confirmed.

With that being said, over the last few years Tomlinson has had the possibility to work-related on his solo career. In 2017, he debuted his very very first single, ‘Back to You’. The tune was a large hit and landed a top 10 clues in the UK. ‘Just prefer You’ was an additional one of the star’s solo songs the embodied his skills for creating lyrics. However, over there is one track specifically that has plenty of of his fans wanting an ext details.

Who is louis Tomlinson’s track ‘Miss You’ about?

Tomlinson’s WIRED Autocomplete Interview didn’t disappoint. Indigenous the joint of his surname to his zodiac sign, Tomlinson filled his fans in on the all. One of the many searched questions that Tomlinson handle was, “Who is louis Tomlinson’s track ‘Miss You’ about?”

Well, just put, plenty of viewers and listeners were most likely surprised at what they heard. As Tomlinson explained, the track isn’t actually about anyone at every but much more so one experience. While continuing to be in LA and indulging in the rich and also lavish nightlife that comes with being a celebrity, Tomlinson uncovered himself going with the motions and also not actually enjoying his life in those moments. Looking earlier at the song’s lyrics, Tomlinson’s explanation certainly rings true.

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