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I to be wondering what some world have payment to get their top modified at a an excellent machine shop. The heads i am talking around are the 96-98 vortec heads from a 350. I realize the I might buy the tools and do it myself but I dont desire to screw it up and also have come buy an additional set.
Good news. Conserve your money. The Vortec heads carry out well together cast, porting will not carry worthwhile inmpovements, IMHO. Search approximately Chevy hot Rod forums, if girlfriend want much better heads sell the Vortecs and buy part AFR Aluminum heads. I"m not certain what the manufacturing facility valve job is top top Vortecs, but if its not a 3 edge job, you could do that, polish the chambers and the exhaust ports and also make slim improvements. Any maker shop should have the ability to do that for you.Also, those motors had actually leaky entry manifolds. Lock make hefty duty replacements the wont warp and leak, a an excellent idea if youre utilizing those heads on a 350 Vortec motor.
ok possibly i wasnt clear around what i am doing. I have a set of vortec heads turn off a 97 chevy tahoe through a 350. I am walking to put them on mine gen i sbc. The trouble is the stock valve springs, i beg your pardon is what the heads are now - stock, will certainly not allow you to run a electronic came bigger climate .420 or rather the valves float. Ns wasnt to plan on porting or any an intricate valve back cut. All i desire to know is how much human being have invested at a an equipment shop to have actually the heads machined for bigger valve spings and also retainers.I could buy a collection of AFR or Trick flow sbc heads that would occupational great, however the vortecs room cheap and they flow great, in reality they are just under the trick circulation heads for power potential. That is simple to gain 400hp the end of a sbc through a set of vortecs and not security a lot of money.
I thought it was .480 border stock... And the concern is hitting the valve guides, not float. Any an equipment shop should be able to modify the top to accept a little bit much more lift. If youre running lot over .500, I"d go for more powerful valve springs and rockers as well. This is wherein Vortec heads begin to shed their appeal, now you"ll have more $ right into the Vortecs than other comparable iron heads, and also have to usage a Vortec style intake manifold. Vortecs are an excellent if youre to run a milder cam, other heads are far better for high lift applications.

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I have actually read just around every good tech article around vortecs on the internet. I know what castle are qualified of and also how they stack up versus other heads. In fact they flow better then almost all compareable, i.e. Input volume and exhaust volume, valve size, combustion chamber, etc., iron heads on the market.I emailed the Summit racing technology line and also the tech there suggessted no an ext then .420 of lift or rather the valve will float, no contact. I realize that bigger solid valves room in order, such as a 1.25 or 1.47 spring, yet I really just want to know the quantity of actual machine work that civilization have put into their vortec heads to do them job-related with a enlarge cam. Ns can obtain a collection of amendment vortecs to take it a .525 video camer from scoggin dickey for roughly $650, but i currently have a set so ns would like to go from there instead of starting again.