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During the application, girlfriend may discover some inquiries that are daunting to answer. Before you near out and also give up, consider the complying with tips to aid you endure them.Be Honest and also Answer Clearly
When you need to answer the registration inquiries that require you to get in depth around yourself, simply be honest.For instance, when you are challenged with the question, “How long do you arrangement to work-related at hot Topic,” be truthful. If you arrangement to stay for a while, let them know.You can say something such as, “I arrangement to job-related at hot Topic for years to come. I desire to begin out in one entry-level position and eventually relocate up to a manager position.”Your access MattersSit down and think around how plenty of hours every week you can work and also then advice your existing schedule.For instance, if you graduated high school, you may have all job availability, whereas, if you space still in school, you might only have actually afternoon, night, and weekend availability.The much more open friend are, the much more likely you will certainly be hired. Hot Topic is trying to find employees who are flexible and also able to occupational on a versatile shift.E-Verify FormThe E-Verify details is important and also when prompted, you will have to fill the end the information. E-Verify is a safe and secure system that checks her social protection number and personal information in a database to verify her identity.Skipping this section might be refusal of your application. Always answer truthfully and carry out all required documents.

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Should You follow Up?You deserve to follow up on a position that you applied to by logging right into the career page with the credentials you set during the registration process.Once logged in, you will be able to view the status of her application in addition to the day you it is registered it, and also other open positions.If you applied in person, you can speak to the hiring manager in ~ the store where you it is registered the application. You should ask to speak v the manager directly. If the manager is unavailable, ask as soon as a far better time because that you to call back would be.

Positions and Salary Information

Hot Topic started its journey in 1988 as soon as it saw a require for hip, cool, music-inspired apparel for teens and young adults. The company has grown exceptionally over the years and now offers some of the top comic, music, movie, and television characters on clothing.
Hot topic has roughly 600 stores throughout the US and each one is proud to administer quality fashion apparel and also accessories.Hot topic employs both entry-level and also management positions from functioning as a sales associate to save manager.Sales Associate – The Sales associate is responsible because that helping client shop for your favorite brands while delivering remarkable customer service. The Sales associate will aid meet the store’s financial goals. Together a Sales Associate, you can expect to make in between $7 and $10 per hour.Assistant Manager – The Assistant Manager is responsible for recruitment and also training of brand-new employees. The Assistant store Manager will also set goals and assist the team achieve them. As an Assistant keep Manager, you can expect come make between $10 and $16 every hour.Store Manager – The store Manager is responsible for overseeing the Assistant store Manager and also Sales Associates. He or she will produce schedules, handle payroll, and ensure firm policies room followed. As a save Manager, you can expect come make between $14 and $23 per hour.

Best Entry-Level Positions

Hot Topic hires employees to occupational entry-level positions throughout their stores in the US. Every entry-level place is a stepping-stone that deserve to lead come a manage position in ~ the company.Employees who work here enjoy the benefits they receive and being surrounded by the latest in music fashion.Sales AssociateThe Sales Associate position at warm Topic is one entry-level position. The person in this role is responsible because that ensuring that customers room satisfied and that customers can find every one of the items the or she is spring for.The Sales associate will help sell items to fulfill the this firm financial objectives while lowering costs throughout the store as well.In addition, the sales combine should have a great understanding that music. He or she will operate the cash register, assist with was presentation, and also perform every assigned duties.

Hot object Careers in Management

Hot Topic supplies a couple of various management positions. This positions are open to in-house and brand-new employees.The administration positions readily available through hot Topic are the perfect opportunity for employees who want to advancement in the company.Assistant Manager
The Assistant Manager helps lug fun to the work setting by leading as an example and encouraging every employees to meet goals that have actually been set.In this role, you will ensure the there is always a smiling challenge to greet and assist customers top top entrance right into the store. You will certainly also assist grow the firm and the team members under you.The Assistant Manager will certainly track all day-to-day tasks including financial purposes to make certain the keep is meeting them.Store ManagerThe save Manager will help provide an exceptional customer endure so the customers proceed coming earlier to the store. That or she will certainly oversee all day-to-day tasks including those that the Assistant keep Manager and also Sales Associates.In this role, the store Manager will help create jae won goals and also enforce all agency policies. He or she will also be responsible for creatively displaying merchandise and promoting sales.

Interview Questions and also Tips

Hot object is devoted to providing the ideal service to each one of their customers. During the interview process, you may be asked some inquiries that you room unsure of just how to answer.Never panic and also think each question through thoroughly. Consider some of the concerns you might encounter below.How would certainly You Upsell a Customer?Upselling is an essential part of any type of retail business and also knowing just how to perform so will help you make more sales and sometimes, earn bonuses.During your interview, you may be asked how you would certainly upsell a customer. First, take into consideration ways girlfriend could. Because that instance, if a customer is purchase a shirt and you know there are matching socks, you might recommend the socks and also upsell castle on those.What type of Music execute You Like?Since warm Topic is focused on music-related fashion, it is crucial that you have actually some knowledge of music.The interviewer may ask girlfriend what form of music you listen to or the or she might ask you around some renowned bands. Carry out your research beforehand and gather part information about different music category so that you have the right to be prepared.How Well carry out You recognize the warm Topic Product Lineup?You cannot offer a brand if you recognize nothing about it. You should take some time to study the product lineups at hot Topic so that if friend are challenged with a question around their brand, you deserve to answer it.

Helpful study for Your warm Topic Interview

Hot subject was very first started in 1988 together a fashion accessory store. Together the need for music-related fashion and also accessories rose, hot Topic seized the opportunity and started rolling the end apparel.The agency creates music influenced clothing and also accessories that incorporate popular bands, tv shows, comic books, and also more.Hot topic has roughly 600+ stores throughout the united state to date.

What employee Say around Working Here

Employees who work at hot Topic are happy through their positions there. Numerous of them enjoy the atmosphere and also enjoy being able to express your love because that music.Other employees say that working for warm Topic is fun and the benefits you get make the job even better.

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