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McDonald’s is the biggest restaurant chain through revenue, specializing in fast-food options. What started out as a hamburger was standing is now a franchised chain the operates in over 100 countries and serves millions of customers a day.

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Some of McDonald’s most popular items encompass its hamburgers, cheeseburgers and fries, which have been honed native the start of that days. McDonald’s also expanded its food selection to include products like chicken nuggets, breakfast sandwiches, milkshakes, wraps, apologize pie and also more. More recently, as result of the demand of healthier food options, it began offering salads, fish, fruit and other lighter options.



Number that employees

McDonald’s has actually an astounding number of employees, being named the second largest exclusive employer (only behind Walmart) with 1.7 million employees.

Date founded

McDonald’s started out together a tiny restaurant run by Dick and Mac McDonald that sold only hamburgers, fries and also drinks, which permitted them to focus on quickly providing high-quality food. In 1955, ray Kroc, who had been helping Dick and Mac McDonald franchise your restaurant, established McDonald’s System, Inc. And bought the rights to the McDonald’s name and also system in 1961. The company had currently sold 100 million hamburgers by 1958.

Ray Kroc thrived the organization by convincing franchisees that they would have the ability to build a company with the support of the McDonald’s system. His vision to be to construct a restaurant that can create uniform food in multiple places by making use of the exact same preparation system. His franchises depended upon the separation, personal, instance franchises, suppliers and also employees all following through with the system. Plenty of of the partnerships in between McDonald’s and also suppliers to be originally produced by ray Kroc, mirroring their appointment to producing a system that can thrive.

Kroc passed far on January 14, 1984, but his heritage still stays on in McDonald’s today, whereby the firm continues come use and also improve the solution that he put in place.

Company mission statement

McDonald’s has implemented both a corporate mission statement and also a this firm vision statement. The mission statement is “to be our customers’ favorite location and means to eat and drink.” with this mission declare in mind, McDonald’s supplies its customers’ preferences to determine how the agency does business. The McDonald’s menu, service, places and more combine to produce a company that is focused on do its client happy.

The firm vision explain (as the 2017) is “to relocate with velocity to drive rewarding growth and also become an even much better McDonald’s serving an ext customers delicious food each day roughly the world.” This vision statement reflects that the firm plans on expanding and also improving its service to offer even an ext customers in more locations.

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McDonald’s is put in the restaurant industry, with a sub-industry the fast-food restaurant.