Our math Dictionary words that begin with R has actually the math terms that start with the letter R.

Start below with Math definitions that we have actually gathered native a fifty percent dozen mathematics books, including a really old one.

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Math indigenous That begin With R: Supplement your math glossary with the math thesaurus that you deserve to print below.

List Of Words That start With R

Math indigenous That begin With Rad-

Radian - a one-of-a-kind unit of measure up that steps things that room circular.

Radical - a source of a number.

Radical Axis - the locus of points of same power through respect to 2 circles.

Radical Center - the radical facility of three circles is the common suggest of intersection the the radical axes of every pair of circles.

Radicand - the number within the radical sign.

Radii - plural of radius.

Radius - the length of a right line drown from the facility of a circle come a point on its circumference.

Radius of a Circle - a heat segment beginning at the center and going come the external edge that the circle. The radius is fifty percent of the diameter.

Radix Point - the generalization of decimal point to bases that numeration other than basic 10.

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More math Words That start With R

Rationalize the Denominator - a process that gets rid that the radical in the denominator.

Ray - a directly line that begins at a suggest and continues outward in one direction.

Random Number Generators - a maker used to create a selection of number in a fair manner, in no particular order and with no donate being provided to any numbers.

Range - the variety of a collection of numbers is the biggest value in the collection minus the smallest worth in the set. Keep in mind that the range is a solitary number, not numerous numbers.

Range of the duty F - the set of every the number f(x) because that x in the domain of f.

Rate - a details percent that the principal which suggests the attention on one dollar because that one year; the number denoting how countless hundredths that the base are to be taken.

Ratio - a rational variety of the form a/b where a is called the numerator and also b is referred to as the denominator, a comparison of numbers, the quotient or result of one quantity split by another (fraction).

Rational Number - a number that deserve to be composed as a fraction with integers as the numerator and denominator.

Words That begin With Re-

Real Axis - the x-axis of an Argand diagram.

Real Numbers - covers both the rational and also irrational numbers.

Real Part - the genuine number x is called the real part of the facility number x+iy whereby x and y space real and i=sqrt(-1).

Real Variable - a variable who value arrays over the actual numbers.

Reciprocal that a Number - the number must multiply to obtain 1 as the answer.

Rectangle - a parallel with 4 right angles and also four sides.

Rectangular coordinate System - a aircraft made up of an x axis (the horizontal line) and also a y axis (the upright line).

Rectangular Solid - a volume bounded through rectangle faces.

Recursion - given some beginning information and a preeminence for exactly how to use it come get new information, the ascendancy is then recurring using the new information.

Reduce - come rewrite a portion in shortest terms.

Reflect - come repeat picture by flipping it throughout a heat so it appears as it would certainly in a mirror.

Reflex Angle - an angle between 180º and 360º.

Regrouping - come rearrange amounts in place values that numbers during calculations.

Regular Polygon - a polygon whose next lengths room all the same and whose internal angle measures are all the same.

Relation - bespeak pair in the form: (x, y)

Relative Frequency - the number of items that a certain form divided through the number of all the numbers being considered.

Relatively Prime - two numbers that have no common factors various other than the number 1.

Remainder - quantity left the is left after division.

Remainder - the dividend remaining as soon as the quotient is not equally divisible by the divisor, likewise the name of the answer in a subtraction.

Repdigit - one integer every one of whose digits room the same, 11, 222, 333.

Repeating Decimal - a decimal who digits ultimately repeat; .3333.

Repunit - an creature consisting just of 1’s.

Residual - the observed value minus the predicted value. The is the distinction of the results derived by observation, and also by computation from a formula.

More R Words because that Math

Rhomboid - a parallelogram having actually its angles oblique, and also its nearby sides unequal.

Rhombus - a square whose sides are all the same length (congruent) and also whose opposite internal angles are the exact same size (congruent.)

Right Angle - an edge of 90°, one side of the angle is perpendicular come the other side.

Right Triangle - a triangle containing an edge of 90 degrees.

Roman Numerals - a mechanism of numeration supplied by the ancient Romans, 7 letters of the roman Alphabet: I, 1; V, 5; X, 10; L, 50; C, 100; D, 500; M, 1000.

Root - one of the equal determinants that will produce it.

Root that a Polynomial - solutions as soon as the polynomial is set equal come zero.

Root of Unity - a equipment of the equation xn=1, whereby n is a optimistic integer.

Rotate - to rotate an item in a tessellation means to repeat the object by spinning it on a point a particular angle.

Round-off Error - the error accumulated during a calculation because of rounding intermediate results.

Rounding - the process of approximating a number come a surrounding number.

Ruled Surface - a surface developed by moving a right line (called the generator).

Rusty Compass - a pair the compasses that are fixed open up in a given position. 

I hope that you"ve delighted in this perform of indigenous that start with R. If you"d like a complete math glossary, print our free Math thesaurus to put in her binder or store at her desk.

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