How to make Curious George Costume

1 infant Monkey SuitTransform your tiny baby right into George v this monkey suit.

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2 kids Monkey SuitTurn your kid right into playful George v this monkey suit.
3 females Monkey fit Make a sexy spin the end of George and wear this monkey suit.
4 men Monkey SuitGo bananas with this monkey suit.

How to do a The guy in the Yellow hat Costume

1 Yellow dress ShirtUse this yellow dress shirt as your very own The guy in the Yellow hat top.
2 Yellow dress PantsMatch your dress shirt v equally yellow pants.
3 black color BootsAdd contrast to her outfit by put on a pair of black color boots.
4 black color BeltMake sure to save your pants tight and secure v this black color belt.
5Yellow Necktie through Black Polkadots Don’t forget your yellow necktie v black polka dots to finish your look.
6 Yellow Cone HatOf course, girlfriend will require a yellow cone hat as well!
7 Costume SetIf you don’t desire to buy whatever individually, you can always buy this costume set.

Like what his name implies, Curious George is a really curious, tiny monkey. He’s innocent, playful, and constantly ready come learn. Through that comes a penchant because that mischief. That’s why Ted (he’s the man in the Yellow Hat), his human being owner, demands to keep watch.

For all of their daily troubles, George and Ted love every other very much and learn native each various other always. That’s why they’re together a favorite duo!

George is a little brown monkey that always has a smile on his face. The man in the Yellow cap obviously has a yellow hat, put on a yellow shirt, yellow pants, a black color belt, black color boots, and also a yellow necktie through black polka dots.

Here’s everything you should look choose Curious George and also the main in the Yellow Hat.

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About Curious George and The guy in the Yellow Hat

Curious George was voiced by grasp voice gibbs Frank Welker who has voiced favorites like Scooby Doo and also Megatron. The male in the Yellow cap was voiced by Jeff Bennett that is also known for his function in the Penguins the Madagascar and also Johnny Bravo.

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