Lynyrd Skynyrd"s 1977 album Street Survivors was, on all accounts, an alleged to solidify the band together rock stars in the mainstream. Adhering to their top 10 fight "Sweet residence Alabama" in 1974, the followup record was made through the intention of sealing the group"s legacy. Three days after the fifth studio album was released on Oct. 17, 1977, the band"s tour plane crashed, death singer Ronnie valve Zant; guitarist Steve Gaines; Cassie Gaines, that was Steve"s sister and also backup singer; assistant roadway manager Dean Kilpatrick; and both the pilot and also co-pilot. Lynyrd Skynyrd"s legacy was indeed sealed, albeit not the method members intended.

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Per examine Six, the same aircraft had been inspected by members indigenous Aerosmith"s trip crew for feasible use, however was rejected because neither the plane nor the crew were approximately that band"s standards.

Following the crash and the subsequent press coverage, the album came to be the band"s second platinum record and also reached number 5 on the U.S. Album chart. The single "What"s her Name?" got to number 13 on the solitary airplay charts in January 1978. But given the increased focus on the band, some spooky details bordering Street Survivors surfaced in the media, sparking controversy and also odd rumors.

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According come Ultimate standard Rock, after ~ the plane crash, the album cover became highly controversial: The initial cover sleeve because that Street Survivors featured a photograph of the southerly rock group standing on a city street through all its buildings engulfed in flames. Some near the center virtually covered Steve Gaines"s face altogether. The album likewise included an order kind for a "Lynyrd Skynyrd survival Kit," per inspect Six.

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Out of respect because that those who passed away in the crash (particularly in ~ the request of Teresa Gaines, Steve"s widow), MCA documents pulled the initial cover and replaced it through a similar image of the band versus a black color background. Conspiracy thinkers have since claimed that just those tape members touched by flames in the original album covering were eliminated in the crash, however that theory has been dismantled, as flames touch almost all tape members. Thirty year later, in 2008, the original "flames" cover was restored for the deluxe CD variation of Street Survivors.