Engage college student in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) together they learn around a tree’s lifecycle. The suggestions listed below are enrichments because that Project finding out Tree’s Tree Lifecycle activity, uncovered in betterworld2016.org’s PreK-8 eco-friendly Education activity Guide. Be sure to examine out the full lesson! 

Getting Started: aid students check out the stages of a tree’s lifecycle by mirroring the Tree Lifecycle video, which coincides with this Tree Lifecycle diagram. You can additionally share time slide out photography that the Life bicycle of a jaw Tree and also watch the video clip How does a Tree grow in Nature.

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Essential Question(s): What alters occur in a tree and also how does it interact with its setting as it moves from one phase in the lifecycle to the next?

Task: an obstacle students to observe and synthesize the lifecycle of a tree by producing a 3-D lifecycle version or a timeline model. Compare growth throughout each lifecycle stage, and design a protective machine for a sapling.

NGSS Connections:

Lifecycle Models


Review the lifecycle that a tree, then have actually students create a 3-D model that reflects each stage. This task can be done as a class, in small groups, or individually. Carry out materials such as: large record plates or large circles cut out the poster board, tree seed (e.g., pine tree nuts), yarn, pipeline cleaners, building paper, glue, tape, markers. Tell students that there is no best or wrong means to do their models, however that they have to plan and also design your model prior to they begin assembling it.

Middle and High School

Using the internet for research, collect images or graphic of a specific species of tree in all different stages the its life cycle. Produce a timeline design using a tool choose this complimentary Microsoft PowerPoint timeline template.

STEM Strategies


Seedling experiment

Conduct a seeds germination experiment so students watch up close what would actually be happening underground.

Materials: seed (e.g., bean, squash); potting soil; paper towels; cups/containers.

Ask student what seeds need to germinate (moisture and warmth) and also grow (water, correct temperature, light, and also a great location such as in soil).Provide every student with the materials above.Discuss the terms control (what will continue to be the very same in your experiment) and also variables (what conditions will vary).Challenge student to style experiments ~ above the determinants that impact seed germination and growth. Have them hypothesize what will happen in their experiment.For one to three weeks, have students monitor their experiments, recording dates, observations, and also measurements.Analyze and also discuss findings.


Identify tree

Have students discover the school grounds or nearby natural area to look because that trees in every the different stages the a tree’s lifecycle.

Challenge students to make their own tree identification overview for several types of tree on the college grounds.


Design a Protective device for a Sapling

Saplings often do not make it through to come to be a tires tree because they room trampled, consumed by wildlife, freeze, or endure from drought. An obstacle students to map out designs of just how they would defend saplings from this scenarios:

Protect sapling native being eaten by deer and rabbitsProtect sapling from gift trampledProtect sapling native droughtProtect sapling from freeze temperatures

Materials: Use common items such as burlap, aluminum foil, rubber bands, zip ties, cable mesh, stakes, string, scissors, and also plastic tubing or north plastic soda bottles.

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If feasible, develop the devices and use castle to defend saplings on the college grounds or nearby area.Check the complying with links for inspiration:


What’s the value of that Tree?

Calculate the dissension value and also ecosystem solutions of a tree during the following life stages: sapling, young tree, and also mature tree.

Materials: big tape measure, calculator, computer and internet access. 

For one types of tree, find a sapling, young tree, and mature tree.Measure the circumference of the trees at 4.5 feet over the ground; then calculation the diameter.Record and graph the results.Discuss: were you surprised how the dollar worth of the trees differed by that is lifecycle stage? Did you realize all the ecosystem solutions trees provide? Why is it necessary to treatment for trees during each phase of that lifecycle?

Additional Resources

Don’t have actually betterworld2016.org’s PreK-8 environmental Education activity Guide?