Escape the Fate’s Ronald Joseph Radke’s has been sentenced come 18-48 month in jail after a two-month run fromauthorities.

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It"s prefer something the end of your typical rock ’n’ role playbook, a rock star top top the lam because that jumping parole. However in the sad instance of 24-year-old Ronald “Ronnie” Radke, the previous lead singer of well-known local punk band Escape the Fate, substitute usual for tragic. The singer to be taken into custody Monday afternoon after ~ failing to examine in v his probation officer and ending his practically two-month operation from the law. Radke right now is in custody in ~ the Clark county Detention Center.

Calling that a "post-hardcore fugitive rocker," the U.S Marshals Fugitive Investigative to win Team apprehended Radke Monday night at the intersection that Arroyo Grande Drive and Sunset Road about 5 p.m. Follow to officer Debbie Lupe, a spokesperson because that the Nevada room of publicly Safety’s Parole and Probation division, a warrant because that the former singer’s arrest was issued April 23 after the failed to connect with the office since March 13. “We had been communicating with him, yet we lost repeated call shortly after,” Lupe said.

Law enforcement apparently had no leader on Radke’s whereabouts until his KVVU Channel 5 (Fox 5) broadcast his fugitive condition on that is 10 p.m. News routine on June 12. Follow to the U.S. Marshals push release, advice then started pouring in immediately. Much more than likely, Lupe says, Radke’s condition as a well-known former singer and his popularity permitted him to prevent arrest temporarily together he could hide with the aid of friends or fans.

Also, according to the release, Radke had actually been soliciting friends and fans because that money so he might apparently "re-form" his group after the band break-up with the singer in January. (Ex-blessthefall frontman Craig Mabbitt has because been set up as to escape the Fate’s new vocalist.)

The Marshals press release shown that authorities believe it is doubtful has actually been used to fuel any kind of musical endeavors for the previous singer, and instead has most likely been offered to fuel the singer"s recorded narcotics abuse problems. A representative through California-based Epitaph documents -- escape the Fate’s record label -- declined discuss the case.

A resource close to the case who wished to stay nameless says Radke"s problems with drug abuse are widely known and also problematic, especially leading as much as the days prior to his arrest. Radke has actually been arrested countless times because that narcotics possession due to the fact that 2006.

During his January sentencing because that his part in a may 2006 desert fight the left 18-year-old las Vegan Michael chef dead, district Court referee Donald Mosley compelled Radke to enroll in a medicine rehabilitation regimen as a condition of his probation. Mosley stated that any violation the Radke"s exposed 48-month sentence would result in Radke"s immediate incarceration.

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Radke began Escape the Fate with bassist Max green in 2005 and also released one EP, No Sympathy because that the Dead, in May, 2006 and one full-length album, Dying Is Your recent Fashion, in September 2006.